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Series25 Scheduling and Modeling Facilities for Social Distancing


  • "The optimizer has been a phenomenal help. I’ve been able to run scenarios for leadership and am able to inform them on what will and won’t work. We never could have done that before!"
    -Michael Gable, The Ohio State University

  • “This is superb! I am sending out my results to some of the areas that have been asking for data to get some feedback. To me this is pretty magical and finally gives us an idea of building traffic. I am beyond excited. Thank you!!!”
    -Lynne Chin, Stony Brook University

  • “25Live and LYNX have been great during our reschedule of Fall classes for Covid… it definitely has provided a speedy option for updating our entire fall schedule.”
    -Kerrin Hoff, Middlebury College

  • "CollegNET Series25 products have helped unify our campus scheduling needs. By having a flexible and adaptable software, our campus policies and procedures regarding reservations can be communicated through our reservation process. This is especially needed now while we have adapted to social distancing on our campus."
    -Leonard Bretton, University of Hartford

  • "Please pass on my thanks to everyone at CollegeNET for the fantastic response you are having to Covid planning. It's been really impressive and I am grateful for how quickly your company is moving to address all the various concerns we all have."
    -Lynne Chin, Stony Brook University

Powering Through the Pandemic

Series25 Facilities Scheduling and Resource Management helps you power through Covid discovering the best possible alternative scheduling plans for your campus. Use the Schedule25® Optimizer to optimize room capacity, model scenarios for physical distancing, and minimize hallway congestion. Then integrate your plans in minutes with LYNX — the world's fastest SIS data interface.

  • Stress test “what-if” scenarios to optimize your campus distancing plans
  • Experiment and optimize room capacity adjustments in bulk
  • Create alternative schedules to minimize transition congestion
  • Integrate changes in minutes with the superfast LYNX SIS interface
  • Learn best practices via our social distancing consulting services

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