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How to Get the Most Out of Your Searches:
Use this section to quickly find a particular scholarship or group of scholarships whose descriptions contain a specific keyword.  For example, if you want to find scholarships whose descriptions contain 'soccer' use 'soccer' as your keyword.  When more than one scholarship description matches the keyword you enter, Mach25 will list all matches.  It's OK to use more than one word as your keyword (e.g., "San Francisco").

Matching is always done exactly on whichever keyword you enter.  So if you misspell the word or enter a partial word, you may get no results. For example, entering 'hoops' will probably not find any basketball scholarships.

How can I save my work for later?

You may bookmark individual scholarship descriptions and come back to them later. You may also copy scholarships obtained from several different searches into a single temporary list ("MY LIST") for later review. By default, your personal profile and temporary scholarship list will only be retained until you quit your browser. However, if you have cookies enabled, you may save the contents of your personal profile and saved scholarship list permanently, and they will be automatically restored when you return to this site.