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Troops on the Border: Good Idea?

If the U.S. was threatened by a military invasion, every American citizen would expect President Trump to send our own military out to stop it. What about an invasion of men, women and children fleeing oppressive conditions in their home countries and... Read More

Challenge Forum

What do you like on your baked potato?

Good Evening CNET! I had baked potato bar for dinner tonight put on by the parent teacher council at school. They set out chili, ham, cheese sauce, broccoli, cheese, sour cream, chives, salsa and butter. I choose to have butter and sour cream on mine.... Read More

Hot or Cold weather?

Hello Cnet community! It's starting to get a little colder now, but what is the weather like where you live? Do you prefer hot or cold weather? I've only really lived in desert states so I prefer hot weather, but whenever we go visit the snow it's always... Read More

Do you still have your tonsils?

Good morning, CNetters! Tis' the season for flu and cold season! Hey I was wondering, along these lines, how many of us on here still have their tonsils? Your tonsils are part of your body’s immune system. They’re oval-shaped, pink lumps... Read More

Plans for the weekend??

Hello All, Happy Friday everyone! It is always a refreshing feeling reaching the end of the week, especially after yesterday. The snow was falling hard, but I thought I should be fine, I only live 15 minutes away from my home.. I was wrong.. what usually... Read More

When does time pass the fastest and slowest?

Hey everyone, When does time pass fastest for you and when does it pass the slowest? Time passes by fast when I’m studying just because I lose track of time. I get so invested in it when I’m going over my school assignments and notes. Time... Read More

I Graduated!!!

Good morning, CNET! Last night, I graduated just two days shy of my one year anniversary on here! When a friend first told me about CollegeNet, I didn’t believe her and thought it was a scam lol THANKFULLY I was incredibly wrong! CNET came in Read More

Name Something With Lines On It!

Good Friday CNet Fam! Quick and Easy today as I had a long work night. Name something with lines on it! " Hands " Have a safe and blessed day everyone! Thankful Read More

Farewell for now. ;)

Hey, CNet. Happy Friday! School got cancelled for today because of the snow. I was pumped when I found out! I went snowboarding with my sister a little while ago, and it was fun. Now we're going to make some hot cocoa. I don't think I payed close attention... Read More


Hello CNET. The holidays are approaching fast. Thanksgiving is next week. Then Christmas cheer will fill our homes. So do you feel obligated to give coworkers , friends and family gifts ? Do you ever feel you do not have the money or that you over... Read More

What are great/useful skills to have?

Good morning, CNET! What are great/useful/handy skills to have (in work, school, and/or life)? --- I'm pretty crafty, so if it comes to a painting, drawing, sculpture, shirt, sign, etc. I can make or replicate a nice present for someone, and I have... Read More

Toxic= Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year

Hi CNet, Oxford Dictionary defined it's 2018 word of the year as "Toxic". They define toxic as poisonous. According to the research recently conducted, an overwhelming number of people used toxic to describe their current situations, schools,... Read More

Kitchen cabinets color

There seems to be this new trend of having 2 different colors of kitchen cabinets in one's kitchen. This is something I would do when painting my really old cabinets, got tired, and then couldn't paint the rest for a couple weeks, so there were half one... Read More

What do you call your parents' parents?

Good morning, and happy Friday! Well, that was a lot of snow! We got hit with quite the winter storm last night. Some schools in the next county over were closed, and several are on a delay. If you're in an area that is getting hammered with Old Man Read More

Best places to meet people

Good morning, everyone! My brother graduated high school in 2016, and he had a pretty busy social life there, but now his friends have scattered to various colleges, and they really don't have the same experiences to bond over anymore. Once the "do... Read More

Opinions On the Government/Not Voting

Good morning, Even though election day (not Collegenet but the US Election) is behind us, people are still always bringing up politics, especially those who don't agree with who won or which laws were/weren't passed that were up for a vote. I see a... Read More

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?

So, If you are from my corner of the country, you got a little snow last night--and way more than we expected! How do you feel when it snows? I know that some people get really excited and love it, and others really hate it. In my life, I have been both... Read More

What is your favorite cereal!

Hello! My question for today is what is your favorite cereal? Mines would definitely have to be Oreo-s! I’m so glad they brought this cereal back even though when i was younger the cereal had marshmallows lol Read More

Annoying everyday occurrences

You ever encounter people doing the same annoying thing everyday that you just don't understand why they haven't adapted a different way or how they really don't care about the people around them they are affecting? Everyday I drop my kids off at their... Read More

TV shows binge watching

Happy Friday, yayyy sometimes, it's hard to find the time to sit down and enjoy our fave TV's shows. Thank goodness for binge-watching we can watch a whole season in a few days What show are you currently binge-watching Read More

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