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How It Works is where you earn scholarship money by creating forums, giving your opinion on other students' forum topics, and voting for candidates whose points of view you like. It's interesting and fun to earn a scholarship on

Who is eligible to win scholarships

Any student currently attending or planning to enroll in college, or any graduate who is paying a current (not defaulted) student loan from a qualified lender. See the Official Rules for more details.

Who is allowed to vote for scholarship winners

Anyone can read and post to forums and vote for candidates, but only students and graduates as defined above can receive votes and earn scholarship money.

How to get started

Click Sign Up here or on the home page, and fill out our short registration form to set your username and password. We'll text your account activation code to the cell phone number you list on your registration form. Once you enter your account activation code on the registration form, just click the Sign In button and follow the steps to read or join a forum.

How to reply to a forum or create one

Click on one of the "Hottest Topics" on the home page or click Explore More Topics. Once you've read a post you can click to Reply or Vote for that candidate. You can choose to respond to any forum by text or by video (if your computer has a webcam). Start a forum of your own by clicking "Create a Forum." Click here for more information.

How to earn a scholarship

Scholarships are awarded based on points you earn for your participation during any one-week scholarship period. You earn points each time you vote for one of your fellow scholarship candidates and each time someone votes for you. The voting system is weighted based on participation and communication skills -- the more forums and comments you post, the better your chances of increasing the point value of your votes. Check the Official Rules for details.

How to vote for a candidate

Once you've read a post you like, you can vote for that candidate by clicking on "Vote for Candidate." You may not vote for yourself. Click here for more details about voting.

How the scholarship amount is determined

The weekly scholarship award ranges from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the total number of participants and the total points earned by all participants. The more activity, the higher the scholarship, so participate as much as you can and encourage your friends to join. Click here for more information about scholarship awards.

For more information

Try our Help Center.