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Are You Stuck In Any Area Of Your Life?

Are You Stuck In Any Area Of Your Life? Have you ever felt like you are drowning in mud and you can’t get out? You want to move. You know you should move, but you just can’t. Has the feeling of being stuck ever caused you anxiety or fear? Read More

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What do you do when you have nothing to do?

Hey! What do you do when you have nothing to do? Do you sleep, go out, stay home etc.? Thanks you! Have a wonderful day!! ♥️ Read More

What Do You Dread Most Seeing in a Syllabus?

Good morning, CNET! My fall semester has officially started today. I just pulled the syllabus and saw the dread "g" word....group work. I personally do not like group work, especially for online classes. It's always incredibly hard to try and... Read More

Are you your own worst critic?

Good morning, CNetters! I am really hard on myself. I am always seeking to be perfect or at least to excel in whatever it is that I am doing and I expect a lot of myself. I get disappointed if I don't do well, maybe because I fear letting others down.... Read More

Restricted letter (game)

Good morning, CNET! In this game,1. you answer the question asked while not using the restricted letter2. then, you ask another question, and restrict another letter (of your choosing) for the next person to answer For example:Poster 1: "What... Read More

Where Do You Sit In Class?

Good Morning Cnet, Since today most of you guys are back to school, I decided to make a forum relating to school :) In class, where do you guys usually sit? Are you the one who have to sit in the front to see the board better, do you sit in the back,... Read More

Letting Go

Hey CNet, Do you have a hard time letting go? Whether it's people, possessions, feelings, etc. Or are you the type that lets things roll right off of your back? -Jess Read More

How many pillows do you sleep with?

Hi guys! How many pillows do you sleep with? I sleep with 3-4 pillows every night. I enjoy having the extra support in every possible area near me, plus extra comfort is always a plus. I usually have neck problems so I definitely need pillows that... Read More

Going to the bank....

Good morning, cnet! Do you do your banking online or do you actually go to a bank and interact with a teller? Do you use an ATM? I always go into the bank and interact with a teller. I used to use an ATM, but one time I made a deposit and it took... Read More

Where have you volunteered?

Hi CNet, I always tell my students to volunteer, it gives you good work experience and hopefully will help you get a job. I was wondering what all your volunteer experiences have been? Mahalo, dgriffay Read More