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Political Protests: Do They Work?

Slate chief political correspondent Jamelle Bouie says protests against President Trump are working. In a recent article, Bouie argues that the Women’s March on Washington right after Trump’s inauguration, for example, combined with similar... Read More

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What is your favorite Pie?

Good morning C-net family, It's getting close to Easter so it's time for a family dinner.What's a dinner without pie. My favorite pie is banana cream pie with a graham cracker crust and lots of cool whip. What is your favorite pie? Have a great day!... Read More

Would you be willing to eat a tarantula for 40,000

Hi everyone, Would you be willing to eat a tarantula for $40,000? Have a nice day! Share! Read More

Have You ever run the red light while driving ?

Good morning everyone, Have you ever run the red light while driving ? How did you feel afterward ? The truth is yes I have run the red light 1 or 3 times and I was scared doing it because I know that it was wrong. Have a wonderful weekend . Read More

Would you Run towards or away from danger?

Hey guys, so my question today is, if you saw someone in danger, would you help them? What if you witnessed a kidnapping? What would you do?... Would you follow the the abductor, call 911, or would you just assume that someone else will call 911? As... Read More

Searching for jobs? Updated LinkedIn profile?

Hey all, I have been trying to get an internship opportunity for the summer and one of the very first thing I had to do was to hone my resume and LinkedIn profile. So how about you guys, do you keep an updated LinkedIn profile always or just when you... Read More

Favorite board game

Hello CNET! I really love playing imagineiff. My family and I play it all the time and it is just hilarious! What's your favorite board game? Who do you play it with? -Emma Read More

Do you buy yourself gifts?

Hey guys, So I took a test yesterday, and I bought myself a cheap present afterwards to reward myself for studying for it and to help calm my nerves for what I might get as a grade. I usually don't buy myself a gift after tests, but I've been trying... Read More

How diverse is your circle of friends?

Is your circle of friends diverse or is everyone around the same age, from the same state, from the same culture, follow the same religion, etc.? Do you make an effort to diversify your circle of friends? The only diverse group of friends I have is from... Read More

Girl Scout cookies

Hello!! I just got some Girl Scout cookies the other day and I was wondering what your favorites are? I love thin mints and samoas and the discontinued lemon chalets. What are your favorite Girl Scout cookies? Did you buy any this season? -Emma... Read More