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Would you genetically alter your children?

Have you heard of “designer babies”? Scientists are developing ways to modify the DNA of human fetuses to create “perfect babies.” Genetic engineering began with food, and then livestock, editing out the less-than-desirable genes... Read More

Challenge Forum

Post something positive here

Hey CNET! Many times we get stuck in the vicious cycle of negativity. Turning on the news can be ugly at times! Post something positive in these forum comments about anything that you want! I'll start! It's so awesome that CNET rewards us with scholarship... Read More

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This or that

~ Sausage or Bacon? ~ Meat or Fish? ~ Roses or orchids? ~ Drums or Guitars? ~ Noise or Silence? ~ Stripes or plaid? ~ Boots or sandals? ~ Kisses or Hugs? ~ Jokes or Sentiments? ~ Park or museum? ~ Dancing or singing? ~ Long nails or short nails? ~ Straight... Read More

Are you good at keeping secrets?

Are you good at keeping secrets? Read More

# of pictures and videos u have on phone?

Hey! Good morning! How many pictures videos do you have in your phone album right now? Yesterday I wanted to take some pictures and the storage was full. I had 1,800 pictures and 98 videos lol. I bet others have more than me my mom on the other hand... Read More

What do you want most?

Hi all, Just a quick post tonight that hopefully makes you think and helps you gear your mind to getting that happiness that we spoke about in my post from yesterday. So here goes; What do you want most? And this can be about anything. Not necessarily... Read More

Body Issues

Have you ever dealt with body issues? There’s been a Netflix show that is being talked a lot about that’s called ‘Insatiable’ which involves the main character being “fat” and getting punched in the face by a stranger,... Read More

What were you like as a child?

Happy Saturday, CNET! What were you like as a child? Were you well-behaved, constantly asking questions, causing mischief, shy/quiet, sporty, artistic, teacher's pet, talkative, surrounded by friends, nose in a book, etc.? As a child I was a mix... Read More

How often do you do laundry ?

Hello Everyone , How your Saturday going ? Easy Forum ! How often within the week do you do your laundry ? At my apartment there is a wash room. It is small so there is a chart for wash times. I usually use my wash time twice a week. I also wash... Read More

Favorite superhero character?

Hey Cnet! Who is your favorite superhero character? First let give my brothers credit for introduced me to Marvel characters growing up. All the characters are great but my favorite is Wonder Woman. Have a great day! Muka Read More