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Celebrities in Politics

Does anyone out there remember Miranda from Sex and the City? On Monday, Cynthia Nixon, the actress who played her, announced that she’s planning on running for Governor of New York. Nixon hasn’t previously run for office, but she’s... Read More

Challenge Forum

Bread: White or Wheat?

Good evening! Congrats to the winners! What kind of bread do you prefer? I buy regular ‘OL white bread! Lol Have a great evening, James Read More

How often do you weigh yourself?

Hey everyone, Congratulations to this week's winners! So my fiancé and I are both working on losing weight and taking 2 completely different approaches in terms of what we are eating, the amount of exercise we are doing and how often we weigh... Read More

College close to home, or far away?

Which would you rather/ are planning to do? Personally, I am staying in the same state (for tuition benefits), but I'm going a few hours away from my house. I have lived in the same house in the boring part of my state for my entire life. So you could... Read More

How Important is CollegeNet to you?

Hello CNET, How are you today? It is almost the end of the week ! So tell me , how important is College Net to your educational endeavors ? I personally find College Net a very important source of scholarship money. I have only won one scholarship... Read More

iPhone or Android?

Hey CNET! Firstly, thank you to all the replied to my posts so far, especially the cold remedies. I didn't try them this time, but I will definitely be trying them next time. Secondly, which do you prefer, iPhone or Android? I prefer Android. I've had... Read More

Shopping lists?

Hey guys, So I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow and thought I'd come up with a question for you guys! I used to hand write shopping lists, but I noticed that I was either forgetting them in the car or at home every time. It also was annoying when Read More

Do you trust anyone with your secrets ?

I don't have any secrets ...I am an open book. But I was wondering about those who do have ...who do you go to when you want to talk and share some personal info ? Read More

What TV show are you in the middle of watching?

Hey cNet! Congrats to all the winners this week! Today was my day off, and as it was kind of dreary outside I decided to have a me day and just watch some TV. I'm in the middle of rewatching Friends, and it's been so great! I forgot how much I love Read More

Describe the rudest customer you've seen

Have you ever had to deal with an extremely rude customer or been witness to a rude customer's behavior? How did they act and what did they do? I had this conversation with a friend earlier. One time I saw a lady cuss out a cashier when one of her grocery... Read More