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Obama: Was He Good or Bad for Democratic Party?

Was President Obama good for the Democratic Party, or bad? If helping the economy is good for the party, there’s much to applaud from Obama’s tenure. Unemployment fell from 10% to under 5%, more than 11.2 million new jobs were created (versus... Read More

Challenge Forum

Favorite news show!

Hey guys, My favorite one would be The Daily Show with Trevor Noah as it has both humor and content in it and is really funny way to get to know news... So how about you all? How do you hear your news? (Plain / With humor) Which show do you prefer?... Read More

What’s Your Favorite Social Media?

Do you like social media? If you do, what’s your favorite, Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.? What do you use it for, connecting with friends, news, etc.? I love social media but I don’t really use it to post about myself. I use Facebook... Read More

Do you prefer Butter or Margerine?

Good morning to all, I definitely prefer butter over margerine. It just has a better flavor. How about you all Butter? Margerine? What's your preference? Have a great day! Jenelu Rose Read More

Favorite dessert?

Do you have a favorite dessert? Growing up we didn't have dessert on a regular basis. Sure we would have sweets throughout the kitchen. We typically had Oreos and licorice. But cake was for bigger celebrations and homemade cookies were also for special... Read More

Do you exercise?

Hey guys, Do you try to stay fit? Do you have a daily workout plan you try to follow? I've made a workout plan that I've been trying to sick to since a few months ago. Luckily its been going pretty well. How about you guys? Gleb Read More

Are you usually early, on time, or late?

Hey guys! Are you usually early, on time, or late? I personally have a weird obsession with timing (probably bordering on being OCD) and I usually try to be 10-15 minutes early to any major time commitments that I have like interviews, exams, or meetings.... Read More

Do U sleep with light off or light on ?

Good morning everyone, Do U sleep with light off or light on ? I usually sleep with a nigh light on. Other times I use the smallest blue light just so I don't trip in the dark. What about you ? Have a great day. Read More

Should false rape accusers face prison time?

Hey guys, So, last night I read an article about a man who spent 26 years in prison for the sexual assault of a woman. The man has always proclaimed his innocence, and recently the woman who made allegation admitted that she made it up. Further evidence... Read More

Working in school

Do you guys work in school? If not what do you guys do for money Read More