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Are you a worrywart?

Are you a worrywart? Do you constantly fret about everything? Do you believe that you are worrying your life away? The dictionary’s definition of a worrywart is a person who worries too much or who worries about things that are not important. Over-worrying... Read More

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first car?

Hi guys! Just curious, what was your first car? & how old were you when you got it? do you still drive it now? Read More

Why do You Think Everyone is Getting Divorced?

Why is divorce so much more prevalent than it used to be? Is there any hope for marriage in our generation? Have you noticed people are divorcing younger and younger? I got married young (23) to my girlfriend of 5 years. Not even a year into our marriage,... Read More

Do you feel more comfortable naked?

Hello everyone, So I was watching an interview the other day about the advantages of living alone vs living with someone. And an advantage that came up often to living alone was being able to walk around naked at home:) My question for you today: Read More

Vacation Word Search

The first word you see is where you will be going on vacation this summer :) H G V D B A S P O N M W E Q R Z T X C J H T O P M E W V T X M T R Z H P T L M E Q Z V N M C W Y J K D F G Q Y C Q U R H S T W Z B W N M W B Y M B N M K F R W Q O P N C X... Read More

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

Today, I'm blessed to see another year. We need to celebrate life CNET!!!Give me a birthday shoutout below and let me know when your birthday is so I can send you a happy birthday too when it's that time. Read More

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Oh wonderful sleep!

Sleeping is such an amazing thing. It feels so good to wake up from a good sleep/nap when you were really tired and stressed before. I know that there are studies on this, but what do you think is the optimal time to sleep and nap? Is it short 20-minute... Read More

Last thing you ate?

Hi lovelies! What was the last food you ate? About couple hours ago I had sushi roll. I will also have a snack in a little bit :) Talk later! Sammy Read More

Red, Yellow, or Green Apples?

Hey CNet!❤️ Which do you like to eat the most Red, Yellow, or Green Apples? -- I like the sour green apples with salt and pepper :) Have you guys tried it?? Thanks Have a Lovely day! ~ NjBr Read More

9.7 billion people by 2050

Hi lovelies! I was reading a researching few things that led me to the world's population facts. The numbers terrify me. INSANE. Just in 33 years the world's population will be almost 10 billion. I mean it's growing like on steroids. China (over 1 billion),... Read More