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Cheating in College

According to the CHE academic cheating in college has risen in a lengthy, but MUT-READ piece . The academically overwhelmed, lazy undergrads, struggling ESL internationals, or the too-busy professional workers seeking an advanced degree—there are... Read More

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Describe Yourself In One Word

If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Read More

What was your nickname as child

Great morning fellow Cnetters, I think nicknames that stayed with us as adults are the cutest thing. Have you ever went to your family's event and someone called you by your childhood name in front of your guests, hahahah...so cute ;) What was your Read More

How do you relieve stress?

Hey guys, I do not know about you but lately I have been dealing with a lot of stress. Dealing with a demanding job and being a full-time student can be a daunting task and extremely stressful. This leads me to my question, "how do you relieve stress?"... Read More

What was the highlight of your childhood?

Good day C- Net, what was the highlight of you childhood? It could be time spent with freinds, or learning how to ride a bike. Read More

Favorite type of weather?

What type of weather is the most ideal for you? I like 70 degree weather with a light breeze and all sunshine! That is perfect! Read More

Do You want money?

If someone were to give you 5 millions dollars to slap your mother, your grandmother, or your newborn, who would you choose to slap and why? Read More

Which social media networks do you use?

Hi Everyone, I know many of us spend a lot of time on our phones nowadays, using various apps and keeping in touch with people on social media. I personally use Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I was wondering, what social media apps do... Read More


What is appropiate age to become a parent? Teenage pregnacy has only expanded. We are all aware of someone who had a child early. But what is early? How are we sure it even matter? The thought of having a kid should be considered as an adult. When you... Read More


Hello C-Net I make a lot of the same mistakes when I'm typing. What are some common typos you make while you're typing or texting? For some reason, I always seem to mix my i's and o's a lot and also end up capitalizing 2 letters when I only mean to Read More