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Genetics, Race, and Politics

This week, Senator Elizabeth Warren released an analysis of her DNA to refute President Trump's claims that she lied about having Native American ancestors. While Warren drew both support and criticism, there was no question of her political intent: Her... Read More

Challenge Forum

Would you rather live without music or tv?

Hey everyone, Would you rather live without music or tv? I would rather live without tv, because I have to be able to listen to music. I don’t really watch tv that much anyways because I’m busy most of the time. However, I love listening Read More

Buying theater food or sneaking it in?

Hi everyone, Do you buy the food at the theater or do you try to sneak your own snacks in? We always sneak something in. I like to sneak in some sour patch kids. The theaters always charge around 4x more than what I bought a pack for in the store. Cargo... Read More

Should I take online classes?

Hi CNet. I'm wrestling with a decision this morning and I've a deadline coming up soon to decide. I have a chance to take a class either in person or online, and I have never taken a class online before. While I like the idea that I won't have the commute,... Read More

Do you keep receipts?

Hi everyone, Pretty straightforward forum here. Do you keep receipts or not? Why? I try to keep some of my receipts so that I can use them to get points or rewards through various apps or store promotions. I don't really end up using them though and... Read More

rare or well done?

Hello CNET! This past weekend I had family in town from California and Michigan. We went to a local steak house for a family meal. Many of my relatives ordered their steak medium rare, I personally care for my steak medium well done. NO pink or just... Read More

How do you like your eggs?

Good Morning, Do you like eggs? How do you like them cooked? Would you eat the raw? I like them over easy. Sarah Read More

Do You Have A Messy or Neat Handwriting?

Good Morning Cnet, Is your handwriting messy or neat? Do you like your handwriting? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most people compliment me on my handwriting but Read More

Do you VOTE for the same people each week?

Heyo CNET, Do you vote for the same people each week ? Is it fair to other if you vote for the same people? Each week I try not to vote for the same people methodically. I vote for people who comment on my post. So the first two people on my forum... Read More

Midterm Elections

Hello, When do you prefer to vote, during early voting or on election day? I try to vote in early voting but sometimes I have to wait until election day. Thanks for reading! Gina Read More