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Today’s Shaming Culture

Jon Ronson, author of the best-seller “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed”, reveals the fate of shamees after online mob attacks. Mob mentalities are nothing new, but there seems to be a lot more fickle public shaming these days driven... Read More

Challenge Forum

You can have ANY type of pet, what is it?

Hey CNet Family, Here's a simple question for you today: If you could have any type of pet animal, anything at all, what would it be? There are no limits. It doesn't have to be reasonable. It's just for fun. If I could have any pet (I still want Read More

Should you read your partner's messages?

Hi guys, Do you ever sneak a glance at your partner's text messages? Emails? Facebook Messenger? Several years ago, my friend suspected her husband was flirting with a woman at his job. So, when he wasn't looking, she read his text messages. In them... Read More

If You Could Spend A Day In One Store...???

Hi Cnet, If you were given $1,000 to shop in one store and spend a day in, what store would it be? ____________________________________________________________________ I would pick Costcos because these is a variety of items to choose from. There are... Read More

Drive Alone or with Someone?

Hello All, I was thinking about this on the way home today. My friend drove me home and it was a lot of fun, plus time went by so fast. So I think I prefer to drive with someone, it makes the ride more enjoyable and bearable especially if you are going... Read More

Your Sunday "to do" list

Hey Hey! What's on your agenda for today? Mine is: Go to the grocery store Workout Finish Laundry Record podcast episode Clean up around house Go to spend time with Gf's visiting mother Haircut I am pretty sure that is everything I need to get... Read More

What do you do to entertain yourself in the air?

Aloha CollegeNet, What do you do to entertain yourself while on an airplane? Do you read? Pay for movies? Play games? Sleep? How do you get through long flights? I will soon be deoarting for Taiwan and Thailand which means some long traveling times.... Read More

Admitting you're wrong-easy or difficult?

Good morning, CNetters, We are all human. We all make mistakes. We all sometimes fall short of our promises. So this leads me to my question today: Do you find it difficult to admit when you are wrong? Is it hard for you to apologize? I don't find... Read More

Prejudice and discrimination.

Hi guys, it's Saturday night here in Honolulu, and I've had a really tough day, so I'm using my forum today to vent. I hope you guys don't mind. I've seen on several forums these past few days where you guys are opening up about struggles you face, and... Read More