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Illegal Immigration: Separate Kids and Parents?

Proclaiming a new era of “zero tolerance,” US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced the Justice Department will start prosecuting everyone who illegally crosses to the US along our southwestern border. This means parents and kids could... Read More

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Asking for a friend: CollegeNET + online school?

Hello Cnetters, Long time no see. How's it going? How are you? Anyway, I have a friend who attends school online through Western Governors University. I've only ever dealt with CollegeNET Scholarship Forms at a brick and mortar university. Has anyone... Read More

Do you say you guys or y'all?

Hello! Just curious if you guys use the expression y'all or you guys? I think that people from the west coast use you guys instead! Any other words or expressions people use across the US? Thanks Kendall Read More

Summer classes?

Helloooo :) Are you the person who passes on summer classes or are the one who takes them? I always try to take summer classes just because it goes by faster and sometimes the work is cut into half since it’s only 6 week courses . I also have... Read More

Have You Ever Had Braces?

Have you ever had to wear braces? How were you able to deal with the pain? Read More

What's for breakfast?

Good morning all! What are you having for breakfast today? - I'm making scrambled eggs this morning. Thanks, Have a great day! Read More

Organ Donation- What's your thoughts?

Hey everyone, So my question is are you an organ donor? Why or why not? I am not an organ donor but the more I'm involved in discussions about it the more I think I should be. So how do you guys feel about this? Thanks for reading! Kathy Read More

Have you ever gotten heat stroke?

Hi CNET: Have you ever gotten heat stroke, or sick from being out in the heat all day? I was dumb today and was out in the hot sun today, then went swimming in the pool and I ended up sunburn on my neck pretty bad with a bit on my face and arms. That... Read More

Have you ever broken a bone?

Hey guys! Have you ever broken a bone? What happened? Has it healed completely or do you still feel effects of the injury? I have never broken a bone (knock on wood). Well, not technically, at least. I think I may have broken my ankle a few years ago,... Read More

Favorite activities to do with friends?

Happy Saturday CNET! What are some of your favorite activities to do with friends? Some general ones that I enjoy are going to dinner, movies, or having a game night. Ones that don't really happen to often but are fun are going kayaking together, going... Read More