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Subject: Re: Making time for yourself even when you don't have

Forum: Making time for yourself even when you don't have

Thank you all for your responses! Although I don't have time to reply to each of you individually I did want to hit a few key notes I picked up throughout the thread- it truly seems necessary to do things for ourselves from time to time to reaffirm who we are, what our goals are, and the things we want to do and accomplish- I mean, without those things we are truly liable to get lost and caught up in the rhythms of life and although that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's simply nice to occasionally refocus and take some time- I think it helps put all those other things into perspective. It's okay to be stressed and busy as we so often are, but because of that stress and busy-ness it's also necessary to take your time and refocus.

I also wanted to thank you all for your encouragement- just in case you didn't watch the video- as I so frequently do not myself watch videos- it truly meant a lot to me and helped to motivate me to put all that extra crap aside for a brief moment and to simply "enjoy" myself at the gym for a bit. It truly helped me out with some things- so thank you all!

Subject: Re: Tattoos in the workplace?

Forum: Tattoos in the workplace?

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I like tattoos, but I like to keep them to myself. I'm sort of weirdly secretive about my tattoos and only recently did I begin wearing t-shirts and tanktops unapologetically. For the longest time my parent's didn't know about many of my tattoos- I actually had nightmares that they were forced to identify my dead mangled body based on the tattoos and they said, "well she never had tattoos like that." It was kind of funny and kind of awful.

Subject: Masters of Impulse

Forum: Masters of Impulse

Today I want to talk a little about impulse. Generally, I'm a fairly rational person- I weigh the pros and cons, I anticipate the outcome of a decision, and I try to figure the projected course things will take. It's unusual for me to make snap decisions without giving atleast some thought to them- atleast, it's unusual when all is well in the world.

I recently made a very impulsive, very rash decision- and a doozy at that. (watch video for full disclosure.) Though I had worked through many of the pros and cons and the anticipation of outcomes, etc- when it came down to it, I simply had to make a choice and hope the best would come out of whatever decision I committed to. It came up quickly and in many ways, all the rational and anticipation went right out the window- the choice was jump or don't. I jumped...

Though I think decisions are best made when they are thoroughly thought through, I recognize that some of the best decisions in life- or atleast, in my life- are made "on the fly" and full of impulse-- for instance, this current decision, the decision to apply to grad school, the decision to move to Connecticut, the decision to go see my Dad when I did- just impulse. I thought it through as quickly as I could- probably without fully and truly considering everything and BAM! decision made.

Have you made any great decisions on impulse? Maybe talking to that cute boy/girl in class who turned out to be the love of your life? Maybe moving to a new place or attending a class outside your interests? Have you ever made a decision that you thoroughly thought through and decided it was the best course of action only to have it blow up in your face and turn out to be the worst? What about vice versa- when you regretted an impulsive decision? Are there times when you are more prone to making decisions on impulse?

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