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Subject: Re: When I was YOUNG!

Forum: When I was YOUNG!


You are really making a splash on the site, good work for real man.

To show the difference in our ages I going to do a video post on my terms.

But in the era of youtube and what not I am super uncomfortable at the prospect.

There may just be an age gap or a generational issue.

I think you are so right kids don't play any more.

Why walk to a friends to play Sega when you can Xbox connect with him and play Call of Duty.

Maybe that is the reason Michelle Obama is stressing children's play, because it is a national issue.


I am so old I am not even sure what bluetooth is...

I mean I know what it is but I never had need of it or anything.

Psssh nowadays who has a dell...

Everyone had a dell like 10 years ago, but I think there market share shrunk a lot.

My apologies if anyone is using a dell and feels less cool because of the above statement.


Sorry for the crappy sound quality. Bonus points if any one can name the song and artist.

Subject: Who watches Videos/Posts On Cnet

Forum: Who watches Videos/Posts On Cnet

I am trying it to see if I like posting videos but I am not sure if it is for me exactly.

Some people every post is a video which is cool but I am just not that confident in my appearance and voice.

*Blushes* Kind of Shy...

I do watch videos especially when they are relevant to me, i.e. in one of my forums or directed at me.

I almost get nervous when I watch a video cause it is strange to put a moving face and voice to text.

It has a surreal quality especially to people I have talked to on here for a while.

So do you post videos?

So do you watch videos?

Is it a waste of time to even do videos?

Please let me know cause if it is I may just avoid it all together.

Subject: Re: Physical Presence, Intimacy and Love

Forum: Physical Presence, Intimacy and Love

GRRRR! I wanted to be the first person to post to this and Goober beat me.

Does that ever happen to you your writing a response and someone snakes you?


Nice post and I am sure you will find a mate and don't feel to bad I don't have a mate either .^_^.

Perhaps are standards are to high and is that a bad thing.


Short story those who know my history know this but I actually met a girl on Cnet...

Fell in love and went to visit her for over a month. I was in love before ever touching her beautiful face. We first started communicating on here and then via chat rooms. I can clearly remember the first time I called her I felt equal parts nauseous and thrilled.

One of the best times of my life to be honest.

But due to distance and lack of maturity on my part it all fell apart.

No hard feelings and I blame myself because it is too easy to blame the other person.

Plus she was so out of my league...

So the question comes down to “Absence makes the heart go fonder” or “out of sight out of mind”?

I think intimacy is important, but people confuse sex with intimacy.

Sex to me amounts to exercise and can be done with little attachment.

The Jersey Shore has proven that...

What would be more intimate standing naked in front of someone or a person telling you how the loss of their mother almost destroyed their world. Tears streaming down a face is way more intimate than lingerie.

Some people on this site if they were to god forbid be injured or die I would feel terrible but I am not sure if that amounts to love, definitely not romantic love.

Oh also point of fact Psychology differentiates between Companionate love and romantic love.

So I suppose we need to define love before defining a relationship.

Oh if I could love one object just based on pure joy it provides me it would be my iPod, but I am pretty sure it would be one of those I love you but I am not in love with you on the iPod's part.

Stupid iPod toying with my emotions it should know by my play-lists I am very sensitive.

Subject: How do you pick a Forum Topic on Cnet.

Forum: How do you pick a Forum Topic on Cnet.

This is currently the Bane of my existence right now.

You got to make forums to compete but my God I am running out of ideas.

At least good ideas...

I swear I was going to do a forum on Cheetos versus Doritos.

My logic was it was so stupid it may work.

I apologize to anyone who has done any chip based forums no insult intended.

Just some forums seem to get traction and some seem to flop.

The strange part some of the flops are really good forums, in my opinion.

Do you think the time you post a forum has anything to do with its success?

Am I the only person who runs statistical analysis on my posts to views ratio on your home page?

Do you just wing it some times or are you always calculating with you forums?

Do draw your ideas from personal experience or current news?

Do you cater to your audience or are you like Lou Reed and say screw the audience I am going to do my thing and like it, love it, or hate it; I don't care

Lou Reed was a founding member of the Velvet Underground and was known for being Punk and seemingly not caring, which made him cool.

I want to get with any math majors because I want to do a statistical analysis of this site and see if there is a mathematical formula to a good forum.

Like Buzz words that invoke responses, ratio of posts to word content, etc.

Am I a freak or does anyone else stress about forums?

Subject: Re: How do you pick a Forum Topic on Cnet.

Forum: How do you pick a Forum Topic on Cnet.


I suppose I am use to the old system where you would win once a year and top 5 paid. In that system dropping even one spot was the difference of a thousand dollars, so that was stressful. I just need to relax cause you are right it is fun and a great opportunity. Also on a personal note I like your avatar the baby makes me smile.


I think that having a mix of forums shows a person's depth. That person can be fun and serious or willing to talk about their personal struggles lets candidates really gauge each other. I was at this for a long time and I am sure I've got a few forums left in me. By-the-by when is the camping trip...


Sorry I copied you but this site is notorious for that. To be honest I think we are almost allowed to create too many forums. Crap I just looked at your forum and you are right you sure did. So much for being original, grrrrr. Thanks extra for posting to this forum then and not just chiming in with hate speech about coping me, actually has happened before not to me but to others.



To all people I really think there is a science behind this cnet competition. Were practically in the Matrix and I am going to find the code or go insane trying. As a psychology major, I know behavior can be controlled or exploited. Wow I didn't mean to make that sound so evil.

Here is quote cause I love quotes

“Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I'll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select – doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors. I am going beyond my facts and I admit it, but so have the advocates of the contrary and they have been doing it for many thousands of years”

~JB Watson Father or Behaviorism

Subject: What do women want?

Forum: What do women want?

I noticed I am surround by beautiful and intelligent women...

*Sucking up so hard*

I know dare2dream did a forum on sexiness but I am not sure if sexiness equates to relationship material.

I suppose the difference is attraction is superficial, there has to be more than that to make a good mate

Right or is that all we need...?

So what is your ideal man...

Fellas for a lark I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think women want.

Also Fellas get your pens ready for notes cause this is a golden opportunity.

Are Men from Mars and women from Venus?

Are have these notions been blown way out of proportion and people are people, universally the same.

Any insight would be helpful because it is like having the inside track on women in here.

I would be a fool not to exploit it...

I was told this a while ago to list all the things you want in a mate and then make sure you meet those requirements before even trying to attract one.

You can't want someone loyal if you have a wandering eye and you can't want someone nice if your are a prick.

Thanks for the Inspiration my Muse (inside Joke) .^_^.

Subject: Re: What do women want?

Forum: What do women want?


I am glad your Boyfriend re-instilled some confidence in men. Being a man I just want you to know you are right we are not all jerks.


I am glad someone in the world loves Geeks. And you have a crush what is this the 7th grade .^_^.


Calmate Mija... I get the sense your post hits close to home on some level. I think communication is key in any relationship. I try to pay attention to the details for instance I think I read this is Cosmo...
If a man grabs you around or touches your waste a lot he wants sex or is very sexual and if a man touches your face a lot it is a subtle way of telling you are beautiful. So in the past I made it a conservative effort to always brush my mates cheek or brush the hair from her forehead to while looking into her eyes.

That is pretty much what men want to just FYI. It was nice to talk to you and I hope in the future you can help me with my Spanish cause I am the unfluent Latino you have ever met. I am Puerto Rican for clarification.


I always pay for dinner, I think it is genetically instilled in our hunter gather DNA to provide food for each other. Also I am not the most physically attracting individual but I have an okay personality, so I hope I get some crushes that would be neat.


I got most of of these things I think, but it is hard to judge some of them.

Like I have never cuddled myself... I have cuddled babies and animals though and I didn't get any cuddling complaints. Though they can't really talk so... I wouldn't expect many.

~@Amanda Langston

I don't think I have ever wooed anyone though I have always wanted to Woo. Thanks for the input it super cool I have gotten so many responses for the first time from a lot of people. I agree with you about personality dictating attractiveness. I have met girls who seem cute and then they ask or make outrageous statements with no tact, which to me is so unattractive.

That helped a lot thanks and I agree with you. Your response made me think of some more questions, which I think is the point of a forum and one of the best compliments a poster can receive. Your post made me think!


I noticed a lot of responses want a man who is into you or loves you to almost an extreme.

So when does love turn into stalking or controlling?

Subject: Favorite Disney Movie

Forum: Favorite Disney Movie

Certain things affect all of our childhoods

I think you would be hard pressed not to find a childhood not affected by Disney movies.

There are some heavy topics on Cnet right now so I thought I would go with an easy one.

What is your favorite Disney movie and why?

Personally I love Bueaty and the Beast...

I remember being a child and seeing this movie in theaters with my mom and actually crying.

I think I love it because of the strong memory and emotional connection.

Personally I am an anime nut and can't get enough...

So I still rock Adult Swim's Toonami and I will catch an Animated movie even now.

So what about you... do you still have a little childhood wonder in you .^_^.

What's your favorite Disney Movie? Why?

Subject: Re: Favorite Disney Movie

Forum: Favorite Disney Movie


Welcome to Cnet and yea something about Disney movies really brings back those carefree days.

@Bboy stiffy!,

Welcome to Cnet! Someone else mentioned it but the lion king soundtrack is awesome


Flounder was super cute to and Sebastian don't even get me started on Sebastian.


Haven't seen frozen and that is a super good idea to learn another language.


Yeah seems like Frozen is a big hit, I will also have to check it out.

@Nichole B90,

Thanks I am glad the forum went over well and I make it a point to give my nieces and nephews Disney stuff and movies.


Dude Princess Mononoke now we are talking. I would recommend checking out Howl's Moving Castle same director Hayao Miyazaki. Will have to geek out together at some point for sure.


I saw wreck it Ralph in theaters. I teared up when he broke her car. I mean all she wants to do is not be a glitch.

@Amanda Langston,

Funny Story my niece use to copy the little mermaid and she would copy Sebastian by saying “I’m to Old for these Rocks” which is a scene from the movie. She was like 5 and would say it with a little Jamaican/Caribbean Accent like Sebastian. It was so cute and she is now like 13 but when I want a laugh I still make her say it with the accent of course.

Aladdin my favorite Character was the Parrot Diego. I think the tigers name was Raja or something like that. Also a big fan of tigers.

Welcome to cnet. I liked the Blue dress not sure if it is the same one. I pretty sure Cinderella inspired more weddings than any one else.


More Frozen praise, I will have to check it out for sure. Sorry about your sister


Omg Up... the little Fat boy scout kid is so funny. Also who hasn't wanted to fly away on balloons at one point.


Yeah toy story was one of those classic coming of age tales. I had a three eyed alien guy from toy story the longest time.


Never messed with Mulan much I may have to check that out cause I want to be a Strong Woman .^_^.

Oh I think it is Netflix I am going to Queue that.


Pssssh Depp on Elm street, what about Depp on Jump Street. I am Poe fan to and I always sort of thought Poe would be a cute girls or boys name. Like picture a little girl in pig tails named Poe. Does it work for you or am I crazy here?

Subject: Re: Missed Connection or Not

Forum: Missed Connection or Not

It is just easier to explain this in thing in a video. Cause these things are hard to describe but good luck with you Suitor.

This candidate's