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Subject: Fall Quarter Classes?

Forum: Fall Quarter Classes?

What classes are you taking for fall quarter? Are you excited for fall quarter to start? Why or why not? What degree are you pursuing and why?

I am registering for classes after orientation Monday, I'm so excited! I'm going to be taking Psychology 101, Cognitive Psychology, and some elective class, which will probably be some social psychology or personality psychology class.

I'm super excited for fall quarter because I'm starting my last two years of my B.A. in Psychology at my first-choice college: University Of Washington!

Subject: Favorite Camping/Travel Experience?

Forum: Favorite Camping/Travel Experience?

What was your favorite camping or traveling experience? Who was there and what made this memory so special?

My favorite camping experiences were this summer. Both were special and amazing in different ways. I can’t say one was better than the other, both were amazing.

The first camping trip was to La Push, Washington. It was on the peninsula and right along the ocean. Being there looked just like the photos. I love the beach, so I felt like I was home. It was a two night and three day journey with my boyfriend. We had so much fun exploring the beach, making yummy food, and laughing the whole trip. I loved the stars in the heavens and rush of ocean waves on the horizon. The journey was perfect and I wouldn’t have chosen any other person to go with me.

The second camping trip was last week. I went with a very close friend of mine and we went to see the Solar Eclipse! Everything fell into place and we created for ourselves lots of laughter and fun. It was extraordinary because we did pilates all three days right next to the river. We met some very fun, and strange, people. I wouldn’t choose any other person to go with me that trip because it was a great bonding experience and we were able to learn a lot about each other and think about the future.

Subject: Let's read about success!

Forum: Let's read about success!

Have you read about success or things that can help you reach success? Why did you choose to pick it up and how did it help you in your every day life? What would you recommend this book to other people? Why or why not?

One of the books I am reading is called The 10 X Rule, written by Grant Cardone, and I am absolutely obsessed with it right now! I love it because it is really helping me set big goals and also take massive action to reach them. Oddly enough, one of my friends met him briefly the other day! I think of my friend every time I read the book because he is someone who lives every day successfully. He is someone I see a successful, and also the a pitta me of success. I love the synchronicity that happens when I read books, and I am inspired to do great with school and my side projects that I have laid out before me.

Subject: Would you rather...

Forum: Would you rather...

Would you rather: Have a project with more work to do, but it is stretched out over X period of time or have a project with less work to do, but it is all condensed into an intense, and maybe stressful, short period of time? Why?

On one had, having more work to do, but stretched over a long period of time can be great because it allows me to plan out the work schedule so that it is not overwhelming. Keeping track of progress and being able to look back at previous work is helpful for learning and growth about a project or skillset.

On the other hand, it is easy to get tired or bored of the work because I am doing the same project for such a long time. I dislike being bored or getting tired of something. I am ready for the next thing! Also, procrastination is really easy with plenty of time to complete a project.

With the other option, less work condensed into a very short, stressful period of time is great because it means that I stay focused on the project and it keeps me alert because I have an upcoming deadline. Intense “waterfall” projects are great for fast learning and growth. My time management has to be on point.

While that’s great, it is easy to get too overwhelmed because of the stress. It is easy to look over details sometimes because just getting the work finished becomes the priority if my time isn’t managed well enough.


My microphone kept cutting out in previous videos because I wasn't close enough to the microphone. Much better now, but I'm super close to the screen! :P

Subject: Favorite Album?

Forum: Favorite Album?

What is your favorite album of all time? What genre of music is it? How does this album stand out from the rest? Why?

One of my favorite albums is Julie London Sings Cole Porter. Ten of the seventeen tracks come from her album All Through The Night. It was made in 1991, and is considered Vocal Jazz genre, but has some traditional pop elements to it. Some of the adjectives I would use to describe it is warm, jazzy, sultry, intimate, sophisticated, and relaxed. I love this album because Julie London is one of my favorite vocalists and I love how it has a very sophisticated feel. Each song is beautifully put together and the whole album has many similar elements, which I love to hear over and over again. My favorite single off the album is Get Out Of Town because I love the Bossa Nova beat incorporated into the song.

All in all, Julie London is an amazing vocalist and the instruments in the album really highlight her unique and jazz qualities.

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Subject: Mythology & Folklore

Forum: Mythology & Folklore

What is your favorite mythological story or fairytale? Why? Which culture was it from? When was it written? How does the story draw you in?

One of my favorite myths is the Greek mythology of Psyche and Eros. Psyche derives from the Greek root meaning soul. In this story, Psyche is a human princess. Eros is the God of Love, born from Aphrodite. Because Aphrodite was jelly, she commanded Eros to make Psyche fall in love with an ugly monster. Instead, he falls in love with Psyche. She betrays him because of her jealous sisters and then he leaves her. Psyche wanders sadly around and then asks Aphrodite to help. Aphrodite gives her impossible tasks, which she completes, and Aphrodite makes her immortal and live with her husband, Eros.

I love this story because even though Psyche makes a human mistake, as humans do, she still loves Eros so much that she will do these difficult tasks in order to be with her Love again. In the end, Aphrodite grants her more than her husband, she grants her immortality!

I always love stories about Love that turn out well in the end. Most Greek myths are tragic. I was attracted to this one when I first read it because everything smoothed out from the end.

Subject: Who would you want to be?

Forum: Who would you want to be?

Let’s say, by magic, you could become a professional at anything. Who would you want to be? Why?

I would love to magically become an amazing musician because I love to move people with music. I love creating and connecting with people, especially with my voice and instruments. There is something magical about creating that space for people to connect with each other. Music is something I would love to invest my time and self into.

Subject: Life Hacks - Time Management

Forum: Life Hacks - Time Management

What are some ways you manage your time well? How do you balance your responsibilities and obligations? Have you implemented any of these strategies in your life and how well did they work for you? What didn’t work for you?

School is starting September 27th for me! I am taking 17 credits and will have my side project to handle as well. These are two very important commitments for me to handle, and I may be doing an internship as well. I know it is essential that I manage my time well, as well as manage my time efficiently.

I have difficulties with managing my free time so that I get everything I need to accomplish done because of distractions or getting so overwhelmed I end up doing nothing useful. For example, I have difficult to have efficient studying for more than two hours a day. Also, I struggle with completing tasks because I either get distracted or inundated. Losing focus has always been difficult for me.

I’ve improved with less procrastination over the years. However, I still have a long ways to go! I’m excited to hear your responses and life hacks for time management!


I’m going to start a series on Wednesdays called, “Life Hacks”. I find life hacks super useful and I love learning new things on CollegeNet every day. Thank you for participating!

Subject: Favorite Quote?

Forum: Favorite Quote?

What is your favorite inspirational quote? Why? What do you read when you need a little bit of inspiration in your day?

One of my favorite quotes is by Earl Nightingale:

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

I love this because I have given up on plenty of things because I didn’t think I would be able to reach it. Either that or I didn’t want to put in the effort to accomplish something, whether that would be because of fear of failure, rejection, or “it’s too hard”.

Nowadays, I work hard to reach my long term and short term goals. Some days I struggle more than others, and that’s when I look towards friends, family, and my books for support. Sometimes looking at my past achievements motivates me to keep moving forward.

The time will pass anyway, so why not seize the opportunities before me and make myself into something great?



Subject: Would you rather never have emotional or physical pain?

Forum: Would you rather never have emotional or physical pain?

Would you rather never experience emotional pain or physical pain? Why?

Let’s say that magically, you would never have to experience a type of pain: emotional or physical? The pros to never experiencing physical pain is that nothing would ever hurt. You wouldn’t be scared to do daring activities and you could live life with less fear. On the other hand, you wouldn’t experience the amazing parts of feeling things, such as the sand on the beach, hug from a friend, or softness of a kitten. Also, you have to make sure you have a friend there to tell you when you need a doctor because you wouldn’t feel hurt!

If you never experienced emotional pain, you would never be “hurt” again. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it, so you wouldn’t react “badly” to anything anymore. On the other hand, you wouldn’t experience the highs and lows in life quite the same anymore. The roller coaster of life would be more like the carousel of life.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to experience physical pain. I sometimes get frustrated how my physical body, or worry about my physical body, limits my actions and potential. Although I love my body because I’m in it, not experiencing physical pain. I would still be able to move freely and go about my day, but without the fear of hurt. I twisted my ankle two months ago and I’m still feeling the slight lack of mobility from it.

Also, I would still be experiencing emotional pain and pleasure, so I can still spend time with friends and family and be excited about whatever happens. I am an empath, so I would still feel others’ pain, which has its pros and cons as well.

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s answers!



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