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Subject: Do you have a type?

Forum: Do you have a type?

Hey guys! Karly here. I decided to try out the video forums because I think it's a bit more personal and sometimes when I read my forums I don't really sound like myself, so I think my personality will shine through better with videos! The question today is do you have a type? It's totally fine if you don't (way to be open-minded!) but it's also fun to be able to specify what you find attractive. I don't look for a specific type of guy and if they fall outside of "my type" I ignore them completely, but like I said in the video I have noticed some patterns with the guys I have liked/ dated. Almost all of them have been mixed (white/chinese, spanish/colombian, etc.) and have had a first name that started with either a J or an L (which is so bizarre lol). So, what's your type? If you don't have a "type", have you noticed any patterns or qualities shared among your past people of interest?

ALSO if there's anything I should improve as far as my video/ speaking skills or anything I'm doing well please let me know so I can incorporate that into my future videos!

XOXO Karly

Subject: What super power would you have?

Forum: What super power would you have?

Hey guys! Today's question is definitely one you've heard before: if you could have any super power, what would it be? Why? What would you do with it? As I mentioned in the video, I would like the power to refill things, You could refill your plate with food, your wallet with money, your enemy's bladder with urine. The possibilities are endless! Reply below and let me know what super power you want!

XOXO Karly

Subject: What is/ was your favorite TV show?

Forum: What is/ was your favorite TV show?

Hello everyone!

I want to know what your favorite TV show was when you were a kid, a preteen, and now! As I mentioned, my favorite TV show as a kid was Arthur because of the funny characters and the great songs (seriously look up the Library Card song from Arthur. It's great). My favorite show as a preteen was The Suite Life of Zack and Cody because I was (am) in love with Dylan Sprouse, the characters were great, and the TV show as a whole was super funny. My favorite TV show today is Jane the Virgin because it is so dramatic, the actors are great so you really get into the story line, and the characters face modern day problems that are super relatable!!!

I can't wait to read your replies!

If you like this forum, help me win the rookie award, I'm in second!!!!

XOXO Karly

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