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Subject: What Is Your Relationship With Your Parents?

Forum: What Is Your Relationship With Your Parents?

Hey Everyone Selina here ;]

I would like to talk about our relationships with our parents. What kind of relationship do you have with your parents? Good? Bad? If bad, why? What happened? If you have step-parents, what is it like with them?

My mother was very abusive to me growing up. We started living together when I was the age of 10-13. Before that, I was hopping around from relative to relative, because my mother was working and did not have a stable home or house for me to live in. She was emotionally abusive and physically as well. The words that scarred me the most was when she said, "You are a bastard child, I should of never given birth to you. If I got an abortion, then I would be married and happy with another family right now!" She said this to me when I was 12 years old. Whether it was true or just out of anger, it really scarred me and destroyed me knowing that my own mother hated my existence. I also grew up without a father figure so really, my mother was all I had.

There is a lot of more problems then just that which I will probably share with you all the longer I spend on this site.

Please tell me what it is like with your families!? I'm very curious to get to know everyone more and what your families are like. Whether it's good or bad, I would like to know.

Thanks for reading~ Happy posting!


Subject: Good or Bad Pokemon Go App?

Forum: Good or Bad Pokemon Go App?

Hey Everyone Selina here ;]

What do you think of the new Pokemon Go App? Do you like it? Have you played it yourself? What do you think the pros and cons are of Pokémon Go?

I briefly explained the app a tiny bit in the video. I also completely left out a giant piece news that I would like to share with you all.

On the highway couple days ago, not sure where, someone caused a rear-end collision accident. They created a domino effect where one care rear-ended the next car and it kept going on until there were multiple cars involved in the accident. When the person who started the accident was asked what happened, he proceeded to say, there was a Pikachu on the highway and he wanted to catch it. Basically a huge accident was caused because of someone playing that app while driving.

Can't wait to read all of what you guys think!


Subject: Does nudity, make-up, etc really matter?

Forum: Does nudity, make-up, etc really matter?

Hey everyone Selina here! ;]

What do you think about nudity, make-up and just anything that has to do with enhancing your beauty to make yourself more attractive?

I briefly went through and explained a tiny bit, but also explained how the South Korean culture is. They have tiers 1-3 and tier 3 is the very attractive people. I was told that if I was in South Korea at one of those places, I wouldn't make it pass tier 2. It somewhat hurts my feelings but its also whatever to me at the same time. Why? I believe in natural beauty and not using too much make-up because I feel like its putting on a mask and completely just changing how you actually look. I also feel like some people are so good at putting on make-up that when they remove it, it scares the person they are with if they never seen the other person with a nude face before.

In the parts of the world furthest from the equator, it gets very cold so clothing was invented to protect them from the cold. It was later on adapted by the people toward the equator. At the equator the weather is not very cold and the need for clothing isn't apparent. People eventually adapted the whole idea of wearing clothes too cover up and be "modest". But the main reason it was adapted is because some people had a harder time finding mates than others because their body was not as attractive, they adapted clothing due to vanity. They wanted to cover-up to reduce competition and appear more appealing. They shamed people who didn't wear clothes and sooner or later everyone started wearing clothes. Clothes nowadays in a lot of ways are like make-up. People wear it to enhance their beauty or take away certain aspects of their body.

In society currently, there are many places you can go to where everyone wears make-up every single day. People who don't wear make-up start to feel insecure and not as attractive so they start wearing make-up as well.

What do you all think? Let me know!

Thanks for reading~


Subject: Google Yourself! Result??!?

Forum: Google Yourself! Result??!?

Hey everyone Selina here! ;]

I would like you guys to google yourself and tell me what results came up!

Does it feel as if google contains a lot of your personal information?

Does this worry you? Why or why not?

If you didn't come up on google, why didn't you?


I googled myself and all I got was my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Some pictures of me years ago when I was younger. A picture of me with my pastor from church years ago! A screenshot of the game I play that my friend posted (has nothing to do with me other than the fact that I played the game).

I'm a very open person, so I do a lot of social media networking! I don't feel too worried about my information being on the internet. So i am completely fine with my privacy being invaded!

Thanks for checking this out and let me know what shows up for you guys!

Subject: Why Did You Choose Your College?

Forum: Why Did You Choose Your College?

Hey everyone ;]

I want to know what made you choose your college?

Why did you make that decision?

Was it your friends also going to that college?

Does it have the majors you wanted?

Even if financially that is the reason, there are other colleges that can provide the same, so why that specific one?


I chose the college I'm going to for financial reasons. I just wanted to go there for the first couple of semesters and then transfer to the school I actually want to graduate from. I want to transfer with a higher grade so I can actually get into the college of my choice. So it is for both financial and easy cheap credit hours!

All of my friends went to the college, I want to attend. But financially, I don't have the money to go like they do so I want to go to my community college and transfer. I chose this specific one also because the professors here all have Ph.D.s in their field of study. They are just a better group of teachers who are well qualified to teach and my school does not do any TA programs where they let a TA run the class. My school is very caring and just all about the students and go out of their way to make sure we get what we need. The people who attend this school are also the nicer bunch of people here in GA.

Thanks for reading this post and checking it out!


Subject: How Have You Changed?

Forum: How Have You Changed?

Hey everyone! ;]

How have you changed through your life?

When you were 5 or 6 years old, if you can remember all the way to back then. What were you like?

What were you like in elementary school? What were your friends like?

What about in middle school? What type of people were you calling your friends?

And high school? What type of friends were you making?

Did you change for the better?

I'll start it off!

I'll start it off!

Around 5-6 years old, I was in China running around outside playing with the neighborhood kids! I was super outgoing and I enjoyed catching toads! As I got older, I realized how gross toads look! Frogs are much cuter!

In elementary school, everyone was my friend! I made friends with everyone! There was no kids making fun of my English and my Chinese accent. Kids were nice and everyone was friendly! I really enjoyed elementary school.

Middle school was rough, girls started hitting puberty, boob sizes were compared. Gossips were told and lies were made. I was a pretty sad kid in middle school. Didn't have too many friends, I stood out more than other kids and that was when being unique was a bad thing. I was called weird, stupid and all sorts of names, racist names too. I had maybe 2 friends, and they weren't even super close.

High school that is when being unique was just started to be cool. I started making some friends. I was picky about my friends then, I only chose to be friends with certain type of people and only the ones who I know will be there. My friends group were smaller, everyone wanted to be friends and hang out. But I was picky about it then. Certain kids who made fun of me back in middle school, ended up getting pregnant, doing drugs or dropping out of high school. I'm happy I wasn't friends with them, and I'm happy I'm doing better than they are!

I think I changed for the better. I used to seek acceptance when I was younger. Honestly now I just go around "not giving a single fuck" even if I had lots of fucks in my pocket that I could give out. I just let things be how they are, if it works out then great, if not then its not meant to be! I don't try to be who I'm not and I don't try to hold back my thoughts much either. As I get older, I realize, there are people who will like and love you for exactly the way you are and there are ones who will love who you are trying to be.



Subject: Worst Miscommunication?

Forum: Worst Miscommunication?

Hey everyone Selina here ;]

What is your worst miscommunication?


My worst and most awkward miscommunication is when I first started going to high school in Texas. I was very new to the state and didn't have friends so I was kind of a loner. I was walking down the hall and a few times when I see this once specific Asian girl, I would stare at her a little bit. Out of admiration and just how beautiful and gorgeous she is. I couldn't help but to look at her every time I see her, check out what shes wearing, how her hair looks etc.

Few weeks later, I started befriending people right before home coming school dance. I started befriending her and making my way into a crowd of friends. Later on we talked and I found out that she thought I was weird and how I would stare at her. I told her I just thought she was super cute and beautiful so I couldn't help but to look at her. Then she thought I was a lesbian for being attracted to her and checking her out. I had to explain that I wasn't a lesbian and that I was straight. Which is kind of weird because I'm used to giving females compliments. But I guess she was just not the same as others I give compliments to or not used to a female complimenting her looks.

Thanks for reading and please tell me what your worst miscommunication was! I can't wait to read about it!


Subject: Scholarship Bonus For Test Scores?

Forum: Scholarship Bonus For Test Scores?

Hey everyone Selina here ;]

Should schools offer scholarship bonuses for good test scores?

Why or Why not?

What about to those who come from well off families that don't need the encouragement? Do they also deserve scholarship bonuses for their high test scores?

Why or why not?


I believe they should because it will encourage the students to study even harder. The students who are from poor families and have to work a part time job to pay for their living expenses and college are sometimes distracted because they are trying to make ends meet. I feel that if schools offer scholarship bonuses then they can be encouraged to study harder and focus more on school. This way they don't have to pack on as many shifts to make the ends meet, they would have more time to study and do better to get rewarded for their work. It will cost a bit of money for the school but it will raise the school's test score average which would bring better reputation and make the schools look better. There are a lot of universities and colleges that do curves which would actually effect the result of giving scholarship bonuses. I believe a way to fix that could be to give those why achieved the high test scores without the curve. If they got near perfect scores then they deserve a reward before the curve.

I believe it should only be handed out to certain subjects. Stem classes and core classes that Colleges force their students to take. I don't think electives deserves scholarship bonuses because there are a lot of easier courses that students take just to bring up their GPA.

Depending on the family even if they are well off, sometimes they do not financially support their child through college. So I believe that even the students who come from well off families deserve scholarship rewards as well. It can give them more motivation to try harder and I feel that college students would not go out partying nearly as much.

There are still some major flaws to the idea but I think it is possible and if they wanted to, they can make it work.

What do you think about this? I can't wait to read your replies!


Subject: Do You Believe In Fate?

Forum: Do You Believe In Fate?

Hey everyone Selina here ;]

Do you believe in fate?

Do you believe that there are multiple dimensions for our universe?

Do you believe that all the different dimensions has done all the different possibilities that you can possibly think of?

Everything has already been done? The past, present and future is already paved and now it's just waiting for us to do them? This is for all the different universes.


I do believe in this is possible. I believe that the chances is 100% or 0%. Why the huge difference? Because if somehow our world was able to stimulate another universe then it is very likely than another universe has stimulated our universe and so on. Meaning we are not the first nor the last because it is endless and it has been done an infinite amount of times.

What do you think? Please let me know in your replies! I'm really curious and I haven't talked about this with anyone one other than my boyfriend!


Subject: Re: Are you lucky?

Forum: Are you lucky?

Hey Ashley ;]

I think I'm a fairly lucky person. I'm usually pretty positive. I never lost a coin toss either (so we should coin toss it out! see whose luckier with that)! Haha, just kidding. I feel like I'm unlucky related to family issues and childhood growing up. But aside from that, I see myself as a decently lucky person. I'm grateful for my "luck" as well and never getting into a car accident because I wouldn't be able to afford that!

Thanks for reading~


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