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Subject: What words sound appealing to you?

Forum: What words sound appealing to you?

Im no good with videos so please for give me.

In my Digital Illustration class we had to choose 2 words a pleasant sounding word and an unpleasant sounding word and then recreate them in Adobe Illustrator in an abstracted manner however maintain the words integrity. My Pleasant word was Elixir: A magical or Medical Potion and My Unpleasant word was Lugubrious: Meaning Gloomy, Dismal, mournful and even exaggerated.

If you had to do this assignment what words would you choose?

Subject: Re: Falling out, are you true to yourself?

Forum: Falling out, are you true to yourself?

Thank you so much for you response! I am an art major so I carry around a sketchbook everywhere with me. As often as I can I write quotes in it and turn them into finished compositions. It is a very inspirational thing. My Sketchbook keeps me going.

Subject: Re: Hide and Seek

Forum: Hide and Seek

The last time that I played hide and seek with an object it was my headphones.

This happens to me all the time. My family uses the saying "If it was a snake it would have bit you" because whatever I am looking for is more often than not in a very obvious place that I've probably circled a thousand times over.

I have, sadly... when I was younger my niece, she's only a year under me, came over and I hated playing with her. No matter what, even to this very day, she gets me into trouble whenever I am around her, so I distance myself. My parents made us go outside and play, so we did. I suggested we play hide and go seek. She hid I was the seeker. I never looked for her and the yard was huge. She stayed behind the shed for about a half hour.

My stats as far as finding what I am looking for are pretty low, usually my husband finds my things for me. Before him it was my dad. Our daughter has a hand in finding my things too. So no I am not good at finding things that belong to me. If its not mine then I am the Wiz and I can find it anywhere.

Subject: Re: What words sound appealing to you?

Forum: What words sound appealing to you?

Thank you so much Goober!

My my name is pronounced "sequoia" just like the tree, but with a "sa" instead of a "se" and actually it is my pen name/ artist title. To break it down Sa-kO-EE-yah. :)

As for your words I like them. They are much more interesting than mine :)

Thank You for post! I've seen a bunch of your videos so for you to respond with one really means a ton!!

Have a good day, I hope everything gets better.

Subject: Re: What's your dream job?

Forum: What's your dream job?

If I could truly have my dream job, I would be a fortune 500 company CEO and owner. I have always loved computer animation and my dream job would be to own and run my own studio. The whole Disney thing, theme park and all.

Subject: What do you do in your free time?

Forum: What do you do in your free time?

Hello CNET,

Today is the final day of my 2-week vacation. I begin summer classes on tomorrow and I wanted to know, what is it that you do in your free time?

For mine, I will be working on some drawing techniques teaching myself to draw glass, and fine tuning my human figures. I will also be writing and watching netflix.

Thank You for stopping by.

Subject: Re: A to Z Movie Challenge.....

Forum: A to Z Movie Challenge.....


James and the Giant Peach :)

Subject: Re: Why do you live where you live?

Forum: Why do you live where you live?

My grandmother moved from Alabama GA to Tampa when she was in her early 20s. My grandfather came to American from Trinidad in his late 20s. They had my mother and ever since then the family just stayed. I like it here however I will be moving to ATL, GA. However I love it here in Tampa.

I haven't been to many states only three (FL, GA, and MN). In MN it snows a lot and it is very cold most of the time. I just came from vacationing there a week ago and it went from 70 to 40 in the matter of a night. And during the nights it felt like I was sleeping in a deep freezer (with the windows down). My time in GA wasn't long, but whenever I would visit it was always very crowded and the people were not very nice.

I do like it here in FL. The weather is not bad we have two seasons summer and pre-summer (spring). We don't have normal winters or falls. Leaves fall for a month... its cold for 2 months. I love it! I am a November baby and I can still walk outside in shorts and a tank top. However we do get a ton of rain and lightning storms, especially around Christmas and Halloween. regardless I still love it here.

Subject: Re: Falling out, are you true to yourself?

Forum: Falling out, are you true to yourself?

Dear CNET,

I believe that it is good to have some inspiration in life. When we are down we need something to pick us up and to usher us though the day, be it a song, saying, or gesture. I enjoy reading, drawing and writing. Especially writing out quotes that inspire me to push on in life and continue on with my goals.

I am happy to know that you all have quotes, saying, and songs that impact and inspire you!
Thanks for sharing them with me!

Subject: Re: What Is An Appropriate Tip At A Restaurant?

Forum: What Is An Appropriate Tip At A Restaurant?

Hi BROKENINOK, good Question.

What is an appropriate tip to leave a server at a restaurant?

I am a server, however I work large scale events for a catering company. As a matter of fact I work an event tomorrow and Thursday, 400 guests plus. Can you guess how well I get tipped? That is correct $0.

Do you follow the guideline of the average 15-20%?

Honestly, I do not follow that guideline, primarily because wherever I go I go with a group and they automatically charge a tip. Whenever it is just my husband daughter and I however we tip between 5-10 bucks depending on the overall experience. We do so because we are in the service industry and we KNOW what good service is and how much it is worth. We serve million/billionaires VERY OFTEN. My overall rule is, unless I see the employee being mistreated in an extreme manor, and still offer me good service. I wont tip more than 10 bucks.

Have you had experiences where you did not leave a tip due to bad service?

I have not, like I said I work in the service industry and there are so many times that I walk out empty handed despite how excellent my service is. If I can afford to tip I do and If I cant I don't however if they really did do a good job I will call for a manager and complement the staff member (s). It may sound trivial but it helps the servers a ton.

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