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Subject: Is George Mason University the right college for me?

Forum: Is George Mason University the right college for me?

Good being part of CollegeNet, I hope everyone is doing well.
Exciting News! I got accepted into GMU, Home of the Patriots!
GMU is my top choice and I would like some help from you fellow members. This decision is important to me because I am the first one in my family to go to a college here in the United States. This is a great opportunity for me to be able to demonstrate my family in Bolivia that I have been achieving my goals since day one.
I will appreciate your comments about the experiences each one of you had at GMU!

Subject: Congratulations!

Forum: Congratulations!

Good evening CNET members.
God is life.

Congratulations to everyone that won a scholarship today!
I was so close, but oh well, I will do better for next time:)

~God bless you.

Subject: Rough Week

Forum: Rough Week

Hello dear CNET members!

This is Ivan, I really missed reading new forums from everyone..
I had a rough week like never before which caused me not to appear. I hope everyone had a great week, better than mine of course!

Ivan M.

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