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Subject: What makes you happy?

Forum: What makes you happy?

What makes you happy? Life, love, God, music, friendship, ice cream, chocolate, the movie Frozen, television, texting, and the list goes on.

Subject: Re: Who watches Videos/Posts On Cnet

Forum: Who watches Videos/Posts On Cnet

Don't mind the voice, but here is my opinion on this topic. (P.S. Not a waist of time. I watch video foreums as much as I read them.)

Subject: Only once was I late.

Forum: Are You Late?

I try my hardest not to be late and I always try to be early. Showing up on time is late for me, being a photographer. Hopefully you can hear the video fine.

P.S. I love most of your forum topics. You will be hearing from me more.

Subject: 5 little things I love.

Forum: 5 little things you love

1. When someone does something kind for a stranger
2. My dog is always happy to see me.
3. My favorite part of a song starts when I turn on the radio.
4. When I get an A on an assignment.
5. Painting my nails perfectly the first time.

Subject: My best answers

Forum: How Often Do You… (Week Off)

Hopefully you can hear the video fine, but I answered the best I could being a new Cnet.er here.

As I mentioned in the video I'm not even a week in since I signed up here, so if anyone would love to give advice and help me along the way (understanding the site more) I would love the help.

P.S. This is for LaNeira... What's the title of your novel? I'd love to look at it. I'm always up for reading peoples work. Love stories! Hence why I want to write movies.

Subject: C-net advice for a first timer (do you have any?)

Forum: C-net advice for a first timer (do you have any?)

I'm Tishy, hi. I'm new here to Cnet and would love to have a better understanding of how it works, how to use it, way to get votes, the difference from a voter and candidate, etc. Any and all advice would be helpful for me and I'm sure other new Cnet.ers who read this. (Also, the video is to get to know me a bit more as a person on Cnet.)

Here are a few questions of my own, but feel free to add any other advice. (Thanks!)

1. I have seen this (challenge forum) topics and no idea what it is, why there is only one, are there others, what is the challenge for, etc. (This is not so much a question, but if you could explain what I mentioned it would be helpful.)

2. Are there ways to message people individually or do you just post on forums and vote?

3. If you vote, can you still get votes?

4. How many votes would you say is a good amount?

5. You can't see who votes for you, but can others see you vote for them? (Probably a stupid question, but only stupid questions are un asked one's right?)

6. How do you know if you have (and the difference from) a candidate account and a voters account?

7. What are the differences from one kind of award compared to another?

8. What is the (top ten prize status) that I am seeing on my account? I have no clue what it is or how to find information about it.

9. When I check my (Votes Received) in my account it reads "show selected messages in rave" but what the heck is a rave?

10. Am I missing any important information that I haven't asked about that I should of? If yes, what?

Please be detailed. I appreciate all and any advice you can give me. And a big thank you in advance for those who gave their advice, or tips.

Subject: Favorite memory!

Forum: Mind-Sweep

My favorite memory is of my ex's grandpa. Not a specific memory, but of knowing him for the little time I did. Without him I would be a different person and I wouldn't have my awesome nick name. Maybe he rest in peace!


Forum: C-net advice for a first timer (do you have any?)

Thank you all so much for the advice and friendliness. I feel so welcomed. (Not sarcasm by the way.)

CIRE - As for the name Debra it is strange since my nick name is Tishy. Feel better knowing I usually call her Deb. You're not the only one who thinks it's funny though. (Te, he.) If I find a challenge forum interesting I will give my opinion. There are some topics I won't touch though due to my opinion being very, one side only. I do my best to ovoid convertation. I like that people can't see who vote, once I found it out I felt a bit better. I could see why people want to cheap, but I like it because it makes it harder to do so. (After posting the video in your reply about character limit I kind of figured it out right after. Te, he.) Thanks for the link.

GOOBER - Thanks for the pic compliment Goobs. (Sorry I have a weird thing with creating nick names, but I do like Goober. How did you come up with it?) I too have been voting for those who peek my interest enough for me to comment on their things. Along with replies I find helpful or very kind. People will come to learn that I like over acheiving, so when it comes to posts and votes, you can all bet I have them all done by the end of the day. Unless it's a weekend, but even then I will try. How can you find a fluff post?

DaBEAR - (LOVE THE NAME) High five back to you...Wooh. Thanks for the quote, I'll make sure to take chances with topics. P.S. The force is always with me. (Te, he.)

LANEIRA - Taylor is cool when she is shaking it off and filling in her blank space. Thanks for the advice, but make sure to keep me in the loop about your novel. I love seeing what others write about. I have a childrens book that my fiance and I wrote that we are waiting to hear back from a few agents to see if they want to publish it. (Cross your fingers for us.)

MISSION - Thanks for the link about rookies and the other. I'm trying not to post all five at once, but sometimes when I start posting, it's hard to stop. I more have trouble figuring out what to post on, cause' I have so many opinions I would love to give.

TENKEN - Thanks for the bit of advice others didn't touch on. I've noticed everyone has a little bit different advice and I appreciate it. Hope to hear more from all of you. P.S. You should totally let me call you bomber (cause' your pro pic.)


Forum: What's your kind of crazy?

I was going to do a topic simular, but I like seeing others think a lot like I do. In fact pretty much everything you said NURSEMARIEP is how I feel, but in my own way. (The video explains it in more detail.) As for my kind of crazy I think anyone normal is crazy. Why would someone want to do the same thing everyone else is doing? We are all different in our own ways so maybe we should all be a little crazy, huh?

GOOBS / GOOBER - You might need to use that drill on me too. As for your forms of crazy, I can completely relate. As to your first form of crazy I blame it on my past. I've never had a hysterectomy, but I will say my past has made me an angry person and I try not to sshow it, but the little thigns upset me most and easily. Your second form of crazy, that is my main form all the way. I usually am random though, but I try to keep on topic. Sometimes I need to write a reminder, STAY ON TOPIC! Yur third form, I don't get too loopy, but I do become more random/crazy when I get little sleep (and usually I am awake.) Ensomnia does not help either, and the nightmears. Guess I'm afraid to sleep really.

TASTAM - I too have mad crazy judgemental issues. I try not to let it effect how I talk or treat a person. As mentioned I grew up in a bad childhood and was raised with the wrong kind of mannors. My father am well sounds just like you are describing yourself. I will say if I have let my judgemental problems effect my friendships, I wouldn't have any friends at all. I know I need to work on it more, but I am do much better than I used to. It does help saying what you think (in your head) so others arn't offended in person. (No I did not find it offensive.)

Can't wait to see what others have to say.

Subject: New C-netter here!

Forum: CollegeNet Meet & Greet!

I think this is an amazing topic for us new C-netters to get to know each other. THE VIDEO INCLUDES MY ANSWERS TO YOUR FORUM QUESTIONS!

TASTAM - Congrats on the soon to have a baby part of your topic. I can't wait to be a mother, but going to. My pets are enough children for me for now, until I graduate. As for enjoying this site (only being a week- in) I do enjoy it. It feels like I am already getting to know others and there are a lot of kind people on here.

BOOKWORM - I'm not entirely sure what "code" means, but would that be for a video game, computers, etc.? Do you have any other interests you're thinking about pursuing? I know it can be hard deciding exactly what you want when still in high school. Best of luck with your career though.

BROKEN - I LOVE that you mentioned doing what you love and not for money. I agree 100%. Most of my friends and family think I am going for screenwriting because I can make a lot of money off just one script, but I love telling stories. True, false, funny, sad, anything and every thing. I have recently learned I have a strong interest in producing as well, but not fully sure on it. Writing is my thing all the way, but a producer needs to be a good story teller so I can see myself getting into it. Plus if I have a lot of money from selling my stories, I can help provide the money to make a big budget film (or independent.) I'm more of a helping other who have less type of person.

LISS - You mentioned being a comedy writer, I love comedy, you should totally give me tips on how to be funnier. (If you want.) I think laughter is the key to a happy life (one thing anyways) and when creating funny characters for my story, they come off more cheesy than funny. I'd love some tips of how to or don't do's.

GENEVIEVE - I want to branch out in other forum topics and though "politics" would be a good one to start. How are the people when it comes to replying to your opinion? Do they seem rude or understanding? I ask this because I hate being judged for my opinion, but I love giving it.

EBALL - I have come across a few forums that make me think possitivly on life. I enjoy them a lot. With being a college student I find stress makes college work harder and seeing these forums and people's reply's can help a lot. Seeing how much positivity there is out there helps release some of that stress.

AZDICT - What exactly is computer investigations? I am completly stumped on this one and would love to know what it is.

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