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Subject: Re: March 21,1965: Selma-- A March to Remember

Forum: March 21,1965: Selma-- A March to Remember

^^ This is okay, right?

But seriously, this is okay.

Subject: Re: Tell me somthing good...

Forum: Tell me somthing good...

^This song....

Subject: Re: Unequal Equity?

Forum: Unequal Equity?

Kind of just spewing this out.

The cycle that minorities are stuck in right now is awful, this is because of systematic racism. Im not going to claim the fact that America is still systematically racist, but it might just be. Let's say that it's not, to get rid of that argument. In the past, it most definitely was. This has caused a snowball effect which has led to a enormous snowball now, in the middle of that snowball are people of color, equal and stable. But, the snow around it is violence, drugs, death, murder, misdirection, miseducation and non education. We must dig with force into that snow to get these people out, i think it is still snowballing, so first we need to stop it, but after we stop it there will still be some intense digging. That intense digging is the overindulgence they need to survive the cycle they have literally been born and put into that as of now they cannot escape. They need some serious heroes.

Subject: Re: Body Cams

Forum: Body Cams


First i want to apologize for not continuing our discussion last time, it was pretty rude of me, i thought, to not answer again back to what you had written last, and it's most definitely not the way i like to do things, or the way i want this site to run.

I really don't want to repeat what has been said in the video, hope you and others can see it. I believe in body cams, i don't see a reason why they should not be enforced in this day of age, and believe the world could become a better place if we could see what kind of protection we are under with law enforcement, be it good to us or bad to us.

Subject: Re: What do you do in your free time?

Forum: What do you do in your free time?

Yeah, free time, what's that?

you ain't free? yes you are!

Subject: Re: Man up!!!

Forum: Man up!!!

Apologies on the rambling.

I think it is indeed an issue and can create a lot of havoc mentally in many people who feel they have to be a certain way. To feel you have to be what society tells you to be in any way is a hinderance on your soul. There is more than one part of you, you don't have to be just a 'man'. The most special part about you, to some people, may go along with your feminine side. You should be able to use all of these facets of your personality, be a "man" when you want to be, and be what you want at any other point you need to be, use what you have, don't mask it.

Subject: Re: Reality TV starring you!

Forum: Reality TV starring you!

A real reality show would be extremely interesting. Good forum!

Subject: Re: What Is An Appropriate Tip At A Restaurant?

Forum: What Is An Appropriate Tip At A Restaurant?

Been a server for too long, i've had bills of 150 dollars with absolutely nothing wrong with the food or the time that it was brought out, and gotten tipped, literally, a few pennies. I have been treated like a non human/slave/dog, i've been treated like a peasant, also literally, by certain people from certain societies that believe i am a part of the lowest caste in their system. I have never not tried to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible when serving somebody's food, i have never, on purpose, brought out the wrong dish or wrong drink, i've never meant to be awkward or shy, never tried to make sure somebody had a bad experience at any restaurant i have worked for.

With this all in mind, i find that people expect some kind of robot/machine like performance, where nothing goes wrong and the food is perfect. And somehow, the food tasting good and coming out at a reasonable time is a server's responsibility when he/she is not cooking it, to many people. Same with drinks, if the drink is too strong or not mixed correctly for some reason, many lower our tips because of that, when it was not the server's responsibility to make the drink. Or, when the restaurant just plain isn't great itself, when the food, no matter if its cooked exactly how it is supposed to be cooked or the drinks are exactly the way they are, our tips, which we live off of, get lowered or become non existent.

Don't think of servers as the restaurant or the cook or the bartender, think of them as a server and host to all of it. They are simply trying to make sure, no matter the food quality or drink quality, that you get what you ask for, asap, and that you have a smile on your face throughout. Their personality may not work for you, but does everybody's personality work for you? I'm sure yours doesn't work for them, but they are still doing their best to make sure you are happy.

Im sure there are exceptions to all of this, but with the servers i have worked with and with being a server myself, this is wat i gots to say.

Subject: Re: To be completely honest. . .

Forum: To be completely honest. . .

Great comments!! hope you have time to take a look at my video and continue telling me more about what 100% honestly means to you.

Subject: Re: Favorite College Experience!!

Forum: Favorite College Experience!!

Favorite time in college was my first college english class. It ended up being more than just a english class, it was a class of people that helped each other and became a sort of tribe. Me and the teacher clicked and became almost therapists for each other, asking each other hard questions about our lives and talking of just about everything. This opened up my idea about what a teacher could be, she taught me that sometimes a teacher and a student can me more than just that, that we dont have to be ants in a classroom. She was one of us and i still appreciate those short couple of semesters as a kind of turning point in my confidence.

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