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Subject: Re: Does a House Guest Need to Be Human?

Forum: Does a House Guest Need to Be Human?

Hey there Goober!

First video ever! Honey is sleeping, so I'm being a weirdo and videotaping one of my cats while lighting her up with my phone. Her name is Bailey, and she is super cuddly.

This forum is a funny one! I love animals, and I also understand that they are not like living with an invisible and silent pet, they are a present member of your family. Maybe even more present than other people because they never leave, they are always around and they shed, and talk, and need to go outside to the bathroom. I think my parent’s generation was more into leaving dogs in the backyard, but nowadays all animals are inside and they definitely count as house guests, because you have to care for them and socialize with them sorta, the way you do with housemates.

Plus the noise right! It’s hard to deny there’s another whole yet smaller creature in your house needing attention and whatnot.

How great that Breesy obeys and stays off the furniture. Even leaves the cat alone! I’ve seen even really chill animals bark if they get startled, unless Breesy just doesn’t like your brother specifically.

My brother and Dad come often as house guests, and I’ve had animal houseguests too. Two cats, at different times. One drooled and meowed and hated my two cats. The other literally would hunt and attack either of my cats if lef t in the same room in any way. My cats had to be quarantined away from their shark cat. Pretty intense. Lasted a few months. They’re awesome people, and crazy cat or not I’ve got no regrets about it. It was pretty hilarious actually, especially since we managed to make sure nobody got hurt.

Good luck with Breesy!

Subject: Posting my pup for National Puppy Day!

Forum: Posting my pup for National Puppy Day!

Happy National Puppy Day!

This is my dog Zoey! She is four years old, American Staffy mixed with Dalmatian and Golden Retriever (super mutt)

Do you love dogs?
Do you have any dogs? Post a video if you can!

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