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Subject: Lammily Barbie to Build Confidence in Children

Forum: Lammily Barbie to Build Confidence in Children

this is the website for the "new" barbie
Do you think that you would choose this barbie for your child over the original Barbie?
Does the new one say that its okay to be overweight (which means unhealthy)?
Did the original Barbie make you feel as though you should be different, be someone you're not?
By the way, I think that the cost for the Lammily doll clothes are way over priced.

Subject: Re: Representing Your Company on Personal Time

Forum: Representing Your Company on Personal Time

I think that its similar to how I had to be responsible for the way I acted in college when I was in a sorority. I never thought of it as a bad things because knowing I was representing something greater than myself and others, kept me in check. Its also similar to how I may go out and have a drink but I keep these pictures and information off of Facebook, for professional reasons and I would probably give my great grandmother a heart attack. I am friends with my previous bosses on Facebook but that doesn't bother me. Companies have the right to control who works/represents them and I think its okay because they need to do whats best for them in order to prosper.

Also, what you put on the inter webs should always be thought about before publishing. Once its out there, its out there forever.

It stinks that this is the way of life, but it is.

Also, my question to you 3blackdogs, is you think that maybe it is not appropriate for workers to get the boot, then what about the guy who posted an image online of him licking the tacos at Taco Bell? Should he not be held response for his actions? This was just an image on social media.
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