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Subject: Where will you be for the New Year?

Forum: Where will you be for the New Year?

Hi CNET friends!

This is my first time recording and I am almost sure it didn't come out right!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you to all who advised my husband and me to go to Miami to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary for the New Year! We are here and we are loving it.

Where will you be for the New Year?

Subject: Re: Why Get Breast Implants?

Forum: Why Get Breast Implants?

Thank you guys for your comments! I really think that to give it as a gift to an 18 year old is not giving the right message to young teens about loving who they are. It just seems wrong to me. I appreciate all your comments, I hope you're all enjoying your weekend! (What's left of it, lol)


Subject: Re: Proposing to your significant other

Forum: Proposing to your significant other

Hi James,

My husband proposed to me and it really came out of no where! I'm sharing a short version of the story via video for you... But basically he proposed to me on a mountain in his home country while we were on vacation. ^_^

Subject: Re: Let's talk about Condoms....

Forum: Let's talk about Condoms....

Hi Joyce! ^_^

I think this is really interesting! I think it will definitely decrease STDs being spread around once these condoms become more popular. Seems like a breakthrough!

I answer your questions in the video! :)

Have a great evening!

Subject: Re: Religion and politics keep them separate?

Forum: Religion and politics keep them separate?

Hi Rosine!

So I am basically saying in the video that morals or common sense (such as: do not kill, do not steal...etc) go hand in hand with politics and law, but I don't think religious beliefs should be intertwined or forced upon people through politics. I think because it is a personal thing that everyone has the freedom to choose to believe in.

Have a great evening!

Subject: Re: Moving tips?

Forum: Moving tips?

Hi Meg, ^_^

The best advice I can honestly give is to label EVERYTHING! I can't stress enough how difficult it was for me to find some things that I needed when I moved. It was so silly of me for not labeling my boxes, I guess I was just really desperate to move out of there! We kind of just stuffed everything in the car and ran off... hehe.

Subject: Re: what's the worst part about traveling?

Forum: what's the worst part about traveling?

Hi Eskaaay!!! ^_^

I'm so glad you are loving CNET! I had no idea you were in Jamaica, I'm totally jealous! However, I'm not too jealous because i hate HATE hate plane rides. I'm sure I expressed that enough in my video lol. I am terribly afraid of heights... I can't sit through a plane ride without thinking the worst.

The only part I like about traveling is actually being at the destination and unpacking my things!

Enjoy your trip! ^_^

Subject: Re: Do you know the benefit of CNet's......

Forum: Do you know the benefit of CNet's......

Hi fiveRoses!

I completely agree with you. I think video forums are a great way for people to get to know you better. You also get to visually share the things you love instead of just saying it! For example, I LOVE SPONGEBOB! Totally wearing a SpongeBob search in my video just because of that fact.

The only downside about doing videos is that a lot of us are using our cell phones to do our post on CNET, which means you can't view videos. I still hope to do more videos in the future, but some forums are easier for me to just type up than to do a video. So we'll see what the future holds!

Please do tell about your interview when you get the chance! I am crossing my fingers!

Subject: Re: What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

Forum: What is the most beautiful thing in the world?

Hi Sirena!

I think harmony is one of the most beautiful things in the world, as cheesy as this might sound! I love to see people get along and set aside their differences by making peace. It's beautiful to know that we can still do that after all the constant hate in the world.

Happy Friday! ^_^

Subject: Re: your wedding destination ~

Forum: your wedding destination ~

Hi Eskay! ^_^

Yesss, wedding's are so fun! I had my wedding in a church here in Florida. I wanted to have it on an island called Saint Martin. My family used to live there and it's just so beautiful, but it is way too expensive. I like church weddings because it's more personal and there are no distractions from the outside.

Have a great weekend!!!

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