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Subject: Re: Secret Santa Reveal Party!!! Gift Opening Time!! Let's Go!!

Forum: Secret Santa Reveal Party!!! Gift Opening Time!! Let's Go!!

First video post!


It's so perfect and random. I got chocolate, a hand-painted bowl with a Christmas cat, a hand-painted vase with a fish, and a picture frame with seashells and some starfish glued on.


I just read the card, and everything is perfect. I'm totally going to show this stuff off in my new apartment when I finally get things figured out.

Thank you!

And a big thanks to @Dare_2_Dream for coordinating everything this year. You put in a lot of work, and I appreciate what you did for all of us!


Such a good start to this holiday!

Now I've got to go wrap a bunch of gifts for my family,

- Meg

Subject: Re: What do you make?!

Forum: What do you make?!

Hello AnthroGuy,

It looks like this is not so much a "welcome to Cnet" as it is a "welcome back!" I hope you'll stick around for a while.

I don't normally make video posts. I made one when I unwrapped my Cnet Secret Santa gift last year, but on most forums a video doesn't really enhance what I have to say. But in this case, you asked to see some of the things we make. And, for that, a video makes a lot of sense. I will accept your challenge!

I just moved, so I had to dig around to find some of the things I've made.

I like to draw with crayon. I know maybe it seems juvenile, but I like the way crayons really show the texture of the paper surface. And I really think crayon is an incredibly versatile medium. Right now I'm on a bit of a portrait kick. I like to draw monochrome portraits of strangers based off of pictures submitted on the website .

For several years now, I've been painting mugs. I give them away as gifts to friends and family. I like it because, for about $20, you can make an incredibly personalized gift by immortalizing an inside joke or by drawing something you know you can't find anywhere else. The downside is that I'll sometimes spend up to 20 hours tracing out and painstakingly painting the mugs before they're kiln-fired. Every time I make another mug, I always say it's going to be my last. But somehow I always figure out another design for someone else. I think I have a blank mug sitting around somewhere, just waiting for me to come up with my next idea.

I also make pottery. I took up wheel throwing to help with the grieving process after my best friend died. And having my hands in clay for several hours a day was such a healing experience. I also really enjoy that you can add glaze to the piece and have an approximate idea of how things will turn out, but you never know exactly what to expect when your pieces come back from the kiln.

I make other things as well. I make jewelry, headbands, and ugly Christmas sweaters. But I didn't have any of that here to show you.

I love all the creativity here!

- Meg

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