Hi Cire,

I don't go out of my comfort zone very often. I'm an introvert, but I try and push myself sometimes! I think it changes over time. I actually was going to post a video but I completely chickened out and my daughter was in the background making fun of me, so that didn't help! She is the clown and makes all sorts of goofy videos, but she's 11, so I think your more outgoing at that age. I remember in high school being deathly afraid of doing speeches, but now that I'm older and have to talk and run a lot of meetings, I'm used to it. It's something you just get used to. But I did have to push myself.

I will agree with LaNeira, alcohol has made me say and do stupid stuff! I think my real thoughts come out after a couple of drinks! Pretty dangerous! I have learned the hard way! But I like the idea of pushing yourself. If we don't things become mundane and boring! I like the idea of making a bucket list. I haven't done it yet, but maybe I will.

My comfort zone is pushed to the limit when I have to interact in new social groups. I never know what to say or ask. So I usually stay quiet and talk to only the people I know. I went on a wine tasting trip with 5 girls last summer and I only knew 2 of them. It was hard! We all stayed in the same hotel room, and at times it was fun. But later looking back, it really wasn't! I like doing my own thing. I like shopping by myself or with one other person, but not a group! I like going out to dinner with my husband or one girlfriend but not 6 people. It really makes me anxious. I feel kind of embarrassed about it!

Okay I'll post my video, But beware I'm a giant dork!