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Subject: Re: Do you want to be in the CNet Hall of Fame?

Forum: Do you want to be in the CNet Hall of Fame?

I completely agree with you about the hall of fame being very overwhelming when you first see it. It was actually the first thing that I went to when I joined Cnet.

I absolutely plan to be on Cnet for long enough time to make it into the Hall of Fame. I've only been here for about 3 weeks now, but I have already made it a goal of mine to make it into the Hall of Fame. I don't wish to be in every category, but I do want to be in at least one. I always wonder how people in the Hall of Fame got where they are. As I've recently discovered, Cnet can be very competitive and I'm amazed at how many times some of you have have won! I hope that I will be able to learn from all of you and one day make it there myself.

So @Granite if you have any tips, I'm all ears!! :)


Subject: Re: What should gas prices be ?

Forum: What should gas prices be ?

Yea gas prices are way too high now a days! It's almost $4 for one gallon of gas! My mother drives a 2003 Liberty Jeep and it takes a little over $20 to give her a full gallon of gas. My family is not that wealthy and we cant really afford to fill up the tank all the time. And my mom is always driving somewhere especially because she has to take my little sister everywhere, so the gas gets gone quick!

I think a reasonable gas price could probably be maybe $2.50. I think that amount isn't too big and I know a lot more people would probably be filling up their tanks more often. I know that realistically, it probably won't ever get back down that low, but hey, a girl can dream can't she?!?! Lol


Subject: Cnet Superlatives!

Forum: Cnet Superlatives!

With so many people here on Cnet I know that some of you have formed special bonds with a number of other people in the Cnet family. Especially those of you who have been here for years! So I know that those of you that have been here the longest have favorites that stick out. So I've decided to start Cnet Superlatives. I'll write a list of superlatives and you guys fill it in with names of fellow Cnetters that you think belong there.

Ex. Most Humerous: @TenkenNoKaiten

The categories aren't set in stone, so if you dont see a category that you want up there just add it! Its all for fun! And if you're new don't worry just use the people that you've recently seen! And these categories can refer to anything that you want, such as how they write their forums, their personality or anything else you can think of.

Here are a few categories to get you started:

Best Rookie:
Most Humorous:
Best All-Around:
Most Talkative:
Most Sarcastic:
Most Intellectual:
Most changed since being a rookie:

I hope most of you who have been here for a while participate, I know you're the ones who know the most about everyone! Enjoy!


Subject: How competitive are you??

Forum: How competitive are you??

I have always been a competitive person. I really hate losing. I'm the type of person that if I lose to you I will keep re matching you until I beat you at least once. I also love challenges. I like to play against people who will give me a run for my money. It's no fun winning against anybody if it's easy! I love playing words games like Words With Friends and Ruzzle, on my phone against people who are really good. If I can beat someone who was always beating me before that lets me know that I'm getting better and it makes me feel good too! Hehehe.

So, how competitive are you? Do you hate losing? Are you a sore loser? sore winner? How far will you go to win a competition? Are you competitive on Cnet?

Subject: What is your favorite restaurant?

Forum: What is your favorite restaurant?

I think it's safe to say that everyone has a preference to what foods they like to eat and the places they go to get those foods. I LOVE food and I have a number of restaurants that never fail to impress me with their food.

I love anything Italian. I think Italian foods are number one on my list. It's the pasta that always gets me. Whenever I go out to eat, which isn't very often, I most likely will order some type of pasta, so obviously my favorite restaurants must serve great pasta dishes.

So my question to you is what's your favorite restaurant? How often do you get to visit this restaurant? Is it in another city? state? Is there a certain restaurant that you've always wanted to try, but haven't had the chance to?

Subject: Do you donate blood?

Forum: Do you donate blood?

Hey Everyone!

I recently gave blood at my college and yesterday I received my American Red Cross blood donor card in the mail. I was actually more excited about receiving the card then I thought I would be. I've always given blood, but this is the first time that I've actually gotten the card that they told me I would get. The card has my name (last name is incorrect though), my blood type ( B Positive), and the region that I am from (Southern Region).

Giving blood is always a great experience for me because I love the fact that my could help save up to three people's lives. And if I continue to give blood as long as I am able, which I plan to do, then I could save hundreds of lives. Every time after I have just given blood, I get this nice warm feeling inside me and I feel accomplished and proud that I just helped someone in need. I've needed blood before, but I hope that if the time comes that I do need blood then there will be enough people out there donating to help supply me.

So, have you ever given blood? Have you ever had to receive blood?Do you know your blood type? How do you feel after giving blood? Do you remember the first time you gave blood?


Subject: Re: What is the Weirdest Thing You Have Eaten?

Forum: What is the Weirdest Thing You Have Eaten?

Hey cuttruong!!!

Thanks for posting on my forum by the way! I really appreciate it!

While I love food very much, I am also very picky about what I eat. It is safe to say that I am NOT willing to try anything! Lol. That doesn't mean I don't try new foods though. I love trying other foods from different cultures, but I do have limits.

I will never, ever, ever eat LIVE OCTOPUS. Gross!! hehehe. I just cant handle eating things that are still alive and when I look into their eyes, they're staring right back at me. It just creeps me out and makes me feel sick. So any animal that I eat must already be dead when its sitting on my plate! Lol and I've never eaten bugs concealed in chocolate before either! Lol

The things that I have eaten and loved include:
goat (not goat heads though)
alligator tail, which tasted really good!!
dear, all my friends find that weird for some reason, I don't really see whats wrong with dear.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now, but I don't really eat anything too crazy.


Subject: Tongue Twisters!!!

Forum: Tongue Twisters!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

So, for some reason, all morning I have been walking around the house, getting on my mom's nerves, saying this tongue twister. I love tongue twisters because they are a challenge. And the things I love best are challenges. As you can see in the video I have mastered that one. Lol. I f you want to learn it here it is:

Betsy bought some butter, but the butter Betsy bought was bitter, so Betsy bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better. But the bitter butter made the better butter bitter!

Lol. I know it seems kinda hard at first, but I challenge all of you to try and learn it! If you have any others that you want to share, that would be great! I need to learn some new ones!


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