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Subject: What to do when you're unemployed

Forum: What to do when you're unemployed

Hey Cnet
I'm a college student who came home for the summer, and after I rested about a week I was ready to try and get back into the workplace by getting a job or an internship. So far nothing has come along. Being out of work is the worst when you’re used to doing something everyday, I just feel like a bum staying up all night and waking up at noon. While I look for work Im still trying to find things to do to keep myself busy to pass the time.

So cnet what did you do when you’re unemployed?

Did frantically look for a job everyday ?

DO you find things to do around the house to occupy time
Or do you just rest till something comes along?

Let me know!

Subject: What was your dream job as a child?

Forum: What was your dream job as a child?

I know we all had lofty dreams when we were a kid. Mine was to become a professional baseball player. I was actually a pretty good little leaguer. The coaches said I had all the tools to become a great player. Unfortunately some unforeseen circumstances prevented me from playing high school baseball. Plus I was lazy. Maybe I would’ve tried to get back into it if I didn’t hate going to practice so much lol. So it just wasn’t meant to be at the end of the day.

So what did you want to be before you grew up?

Did you accomplish your dream, or why didn’t you accomplish it?

Subject: Preparing for an interview

Forum: Preparing for an interview

A couple of days ago I posted about being unemployed and I want to thank those who replied to it. Last night I got some great news when I got a call call to come in for an interview on Tuesday morning. I’m really excited right now I desperately need this job to avoid having to take out loans. My question for you guys is how do you prepare for interviews?

Do you research the company?

Do you do a practice interview with someone?

Let me know thanks!

Subject: Favorite Teacher

Forum: Favorite Teacher

Happy Memorial day! For this forum let’s take a look back to our favorite teachers who’s influence is still with us after all these years.

Teachers play a very integral part in a student’s development that can shape their outlook in world. My favorite teacher was Ms. Benjamin from the 5th Grade. She was my last teacher before I was homeschooled again so that is the first reason I remember her so well. She also was a good teacher because she really cared about her students,made sure they mattered and gave us a sense of responsibility at an early age. What really stuck out to me was when I had a crush on this girl in my class, but then rumors started to spread and the whole class found out and I started to cry when the other kids were making fun of me in class. Ms. Benjamin stopped the class to help me through the embarrassment and I remember her telling me that it’s normal to have crushes on girls and that I had nothing to be ashamed about and I will never forget that.

So who was your favorite teacher?
How did he or she make a big impact on your life?

Subject: Would money change you?

Forum: Would money change you?

How would your life change if you won the lottery or received a large inheritance or something like that. Would you invest, just live off it, or spend most of it and worry about it later?

For me if I can came into a large sum of money I would invest it because I love business and making more money would only enhance what I can do in world. Since I am naturally a giver I think I would give more and try to establish foundations across the world. I was always taught that money makes you more of what you are. Money gives you the opportunity to experience your inner desires. My biggest indulgence would probably be fancy cars and the greatest entertainment system ever. I’m talking about huge flat screens, the top computer brand and speakers, every nerds dream. I think my heart would stay the same through everything I would still love my family, still be good to my friends, and my Love for God wouldn’t change either.

How would money influence you?

Subject: Should Parents cosign for their children

Forum: Should Parents cosign for their children

When you are a young adult you do not have much of a credit history and will more than likely need a cosigner to qualify for certain purchases. For example is you need private loans to pay for school ,or you’re ready to move into your first apart or lease a car more than likely you’re going to need a cosigner or have to pay a lot of money up front. My parents said they will never cosign for me because they don’t want to be on the hook if I screw up my finances. In a way I appreciate that because it gives me a sense of responsibility and accountability for the way I manage my money. I’m going to need money managing skills if I want to succeed on my own full time.
So when I applied for my apartment to live off campus I had to pay $900 upfront to avoid having a cosigner and my parents gladly gave me that money instead of being a cosigner. I’m glad that part is taken care of. I just hope I can pay my rent on time.

So my question for you cnet is did your parents cosign for you?

Would you ever cosign for anyone?

Subject: Who reads the Terms and agreements page???

Forum: Who reads the Terms and agreements page???

Everyone reading this is probably on the internet quite a bit and has come across countless the dreaded terms and agreement page. They are just so long and appear to be just a bunch of pedantic nonsense. Sometimes I wonder if the secrets of life could be hidden in the terms and agreement page since that’s the last place I would look. Back to a serious note do any of you really ever read it before clicking I have read the terms and agreement and signing up for whatever you are applying to? Do you ever wonder what we are really agreeing to? We could be signing our lives away for all we know. An example of this could be the terms and agreements to cnet. What if it said that they can use our ideas and sell them for profit without our knowledge? Would we still sign up for this website if that was the case.

My question to you cnet is what do you think about the terms and agreement page?

Do you actually read it or just ignore it?

Subject: Do you consider cyber crime to be a real crime?

Forum: Do you consider cyber crime to be a real crime?

Cybercrime is something that pretty seems marginalized compared to the physical crimes of sneaking into a movie or stealing Cds from a record store. Do we really think of downloading songs or watching and downloading movies from strange websites without paying for it is wrong?
When I was a little younger I came across this website that had pretty much every movie ever made on it, and I fell in love with it. Every day I was watching all these movies and even some movies that just came out. Life was perfect. Even when I found out it wasn’t 100% legal I still didn’t care I just thought that movie studios had plenty money to spare they wouldn’t miss the few dollars I didn’t spend buying their movie. Honestly I didn’t stop doing it until It crashed my computer from all the viruses so it just wasn’t worth it to me anymore.
On the music side of things I remember when limewire was still around and I used to download dozens of songs a day without even thinking about it. At the end of it all I had about 800 songs in my library which would have cost me over $1000 from itunes. It was so great to have almost every song ever made at my fingertips for free since buying all those songs was out of the question. The day I truly changed is when I went to the concert of a struggling artist and I felt that I could steal from her no longer when I actually saw her face. So now I use Spotify which has most of the songs in the world that I can stream for free and the artist gets a cut of it as well when I listen to their songs.

My question to you cnet is do you consider downloading copyrighted material wrong?

Do you still download?

What crazy stories about do you have about it?

Let me know!

Subject: How to fit in with a new job

Forum: How to fit in with a new job

I’m about to start a new job soon and I wanted to know how you guys attempted to fit in when you started out with your company? How did you adjust to your new surroundings? Did you find it easy to get to know people when you first get there and how did you like your boss?

Any advice would be useful thanks.

Subject: Is it better to be friends first or go right into a relationship?

Forum: Is it better to be friends first or go right into a relationship?

When you like someone is it better to try to be friends with them to actually get to know them first to see if you’re actually compatible. When you’re friends first they show you all their flaws upfront when you get really close. When you start dating someone they tend to hide a lot of craziness for a while before it burst out when the couple gets really serious. If the other person can’t take it that’s when they usually break up when they really get to know the person.

On the other hand if you try to be friends first you run the risk of becoming too friendly with the person and you can be stuck in the dreaded friendzone forever. Which could ruin the friendship all together if one person wants to be in a romantic relationship and the other only wants to be friends it just can’t work if is uneven.

So what do you think Cnet is it better to try and be friends first or try to go right into a relationship?

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