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Subject: It's been a loooong time!

Forum: It's been a loooong time!

I joined CNet years ago and had to leave because I left the U.S. and didn't have consistent cell service/availability to vote for you. I see a few familiar names, but so many of you are NEW to me!

I used to go by the screen name danciva and I had a champion from League of Legends as my profile photo.

Now I'm IvannaRN and I have a photo of me and my husband ;-)

Tell me something to help me remember who is who! What sets you apart from the next CNetter? What makes you an individual?

In my first video that I deleted because there was barely any sound, I mentioned that I have an umbilical hernia. But it's really not that exciting. It just looks different than other belly buttons. More like an actual button that God sewed to my abdomen... rather than a dimple-type thing that most people have.

To summarize: What makes you an individual? or What sets you apart from other CNetters?

Help me remember you!

Subject: How comfortable are you with video?

Forum: How comfortable are you with video?

So, the video has horrible audio, but I didn't have time to re-do it. However, it demonstrates my point!

Are you comfortable with yourself on video?
If you're not, what makes you avoid it?
If you are, how did you become so comfortable with it?

For myself, I love video as a way to express myself.

I think I realized it wasn't a big deal when I started watching the videos of others. I noticed that video helped me relate to them and see them as normal people. As I watched others' videos, with mistakes, and awkward moments, I realized it's not a big deal and nobody is perfect. I think I would have been a lot less comfortable a few months ago, but now I just tell myself that no one really cares about my video, so why should I worry or avoid it?

Subject: How long before you knew? Introvert or Extrovert?

Forum: How long before you knew? Introvert or Extrovert?

Hey, it's Ivanna!
Have you always known your introvert/extrovert status? Did you realize as you grew older? Did you have a significant change after a major life event?

I always thought I was an extrovert because I love connecting with others and I'm very friendly and accepting. However, in 2015, I went through a month-long training as a requirement for my job. It was a packed schedule the entire time, and I was engaging very closely with my team. It wasn't until this experience that I realized I wasn't an extrovert; I am an introvert!

This realization changed a lot about how I engage with the world. It also helped me accept myself more effectively and take care of my soul better. I still am a friendly, accepting person, but I know I have a little hourglass inside that limits my time engaging with others. Seriously, I get to this point after about 2-4 hours of people-time, where I just have to get away and be by myself.

I'm so glad I figured that out, although it wasn't something I was seeking out. It just happened!

What about you?

Subject: Favorite thing to DIY?

Forum: Favorite thing to DIY?

Today is the eclipse! It's not a total eclipse in my state, but I am so excited! I try not to buy things wastefully so I was thinking about making my own eclipse viewer. Then someone told me about the science museum selling glasses so I headed out to get some just in case I would regret it. But they were sold out!! DUH! I should have known better. Sometimes I get it in my head that my city is smaller than it is.

Anyway, I love the idea of making something yourself so that you don't produce more waste. I mentioned homemade deodorant that I tried so that I wouldn't have to throw away so much plastic, although it was a failed idea.

Is there anything you prefer to make yourself that others just buy at the store?

Subject: Too Dependent on Internet?

Forum: Too Dependent on Internet?

Is our society too dependent on the Internet? Is this dependence a bad thing? Would we be able to function as a society in the midst of a week-long lapse, for example? What crucial Internet service/function would you miss the most if the Internet ceased to exist?

As a nurse, I worked with electronic health records until I moved overseas. There we used paper only. It was very repetitive and could be inefficient, but some nurses still argue that computers are just as impermanent as paper.

When I worked in the States, the computers were getting almost 24/7 usage; every once in a while they would crash. It was a hassle, yet understandable. If I was patient, I could wait until it rebooted, or I could find another one. However, that's only the physical computing machine, not the Internet itself. If we lost Internet connectivity, I wonder how well nurses would be able to cope. Even many of our devices to collect patient data relies on a wireless connection with the main health record system. I think it would be a disaster and would truly test the adaptability and knowledge that each nurse could retain without a computer to remind him/her.

This is my example from my professional work, but I'd love to hear your opinion based on your own career, or regarding your personal experiences.

Subject: Are you a lifelong learner?

Forum: Are you a lifelong learner?

Not all of us on CollegeNet are current students. Those of you currently studying are definitely adding to your knowledge base daily. Those of us developing our careers have the choice to continue learning to improve our skills at work, or pursue subjects we simply enjoy.

Here I am at my sister's house on a Friday night. She is in nursing school, and she's starting her homework tonight for the coming semester.

I've been a nurse for 5 years, but I need a refresh on some of the skills and diseases I didn't experience often in my 3 years overseas nursing on a ship. Now that I am re-entering the workforce in America, I also have some required assessments to complete for my new job.

So we've got a nursing student AND a registered nurse, BOTH spending a Friday night doing "homework". This is dedication (although begrudged). BUT I do love refreshing my knowledge base as a nurse. It helps me feel competent and confident in my abilities.

I also love reading, as I mentioned in the recent post by Allan Varghese. I read about all kinds of new-to-me subjects, and for this reason I consider myself a lifelong learner.

Are you a lifelong learner? What do you love studying or want to learn more about? Do you prefer to study/take a course as it's required of you (i.e. for work) or before anyone even mentions it because you just love the subject so much?

Subject: Re: How much water do you drink?

Forum: How much water do you drink?

I've encountered some nasty headaches lately because I haven't been on top of my water intake.

When I lived on a ship, I didn't have a "kitchen" so I constantly carried around a 1L Nalgene bottle. I'd drink about 2 of those a day, if not 3. In most other countries I've been to, water at restaurants costs money and comes in bottles. As a result, I carried my bottle around with filtered water from the ship even when I went into the town.

Now that I'm home living a normal house (that sounds funny lol), I just drink when I'm thirsty. I also didn't bring that Nalgene with me because it was wasted space in my suitcase. But I've noticed that without the accountability of an empty bottle in front of me, I end up rarely drinking water. I drink too much coffee, especially in ratio to plain water intake.

Luckily, I signed a contract for a new job today and they gave me a new water bottle! I think it's time for an improvement in this department!

Subject: Have you adopted any habits from CNET?

Forum: Have you adopted any habits from CNET?

I was inspired by MadHatcher's forum about water intake and keeping track along with all the responses he got. It looks like a lot of us don't drink as much as we think would be good for us.

I used to be so much better at staying well hydrated, and this forum inspired me to start using the new water bottle I got from my new job.

Have you adopted any habits or pieces of knowledge that have improved your life from CollegeNET?

Subject: Why is salary and wage so secretive?

Forum: Why is salary and wage so secretive?

Generally we keep our salary to ourselves. But why?? The cultural norms say it's personal; it's between you and your employer. But the private nature of those discussions means that everyone in your field might be making more than you and you wouldn't know. Or maybe you make more than most, but you think you don't and it then affects your job performance or satisfaction.

I recently read an article (link below) that stated: two-thirds of people who were paid at the market rate believed they were actually underpaid.

So the secrecy actually leads us to believe our employer doesn't value us in comparison to our peers/coworkers. But this assumption is all based on a lack of knowledge!

Would you feel comfortable telling/asking a coworker about salary? Do you think less secrecy would be beneficial for the employee? If you can think of any other benefits to keeping salary private, please share! I can't think of anything except that it allows the employer to maintain the upper hand.


Subject: Did adulthood help you understand your parents?

Forum: Did adulthood help you understand your parents?

What's something your parents did that made no sense to you until you were an adult? Maybe it was a particular life choice or way of going about things that annoyed or confused you... until you learned the hard way that there was a really good reason behind it.

As a kid, I was NEVER allowed to sleep over at friend's houses. There were very few exceptions once I was a teenager due to specific (ahem... extremely regimented) events that my mom had cross-checked in as many ways possible. Even when I was young, she explained to me that if I stayed at someone else's house, someone could do something harmful to me while I slept. I didn't understand. All my friend's parents were so nice. Now, I understand completely. She wanted to protect me from sexual abuse/misconduct of other parents and/or classmates out of her presence.

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