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Subject: Re: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

Forum: 1000 Post Party: Ding Ding Ding

Whoo hoo! Party!!

I must admit I love a good get together! And I love to come to a good get together dressed in some ridiculous homemade costume! I have some great homade get ups above that I like to wear when i'm really trying to impress someone- especially my Paul Bunyan beard. Cause everyone knows a party is not a party until Paul Bunyan beards show up! LOL.

I want to bring lots of peeps to this party! Eball, Rabbitt, Tenken, Cire7, Goober, Dare 2 dream, Mathmom, granite, Genevie, dhaldes, YOU, bear, 3blackdogs, tzaei...and on and on and on...

Subject: Who and what inspires you?

Forum: Who and what inspires you?

So what you are watching here is very sick little girl who is on chemotherapy for cancer. She is in the hospital getting blood transfusion and was feeling down.

This pediatric oncology nurse is singing "love is an open door" from every little girls favorite disney movie frozen. He got her to smile! If even for a little bit. I don't know either of these two, but they both inspire me. She inspires me to be strong and no matter what is happening in life there is always something to smile about. He plain and simply inspires me to be a better nurse and person.

If you want to see it better or hear it with audio follow the link here...

My question to you is, who inspires you and why?

Happy Friday all and I hope this brought a smile to your face like it did to mine!

Subject: Spicing things up!

Forum: Spicing things up!

This post is inspired by Tenken. In my last post I was asking for ideas of how to keep inspired to create good forums everyday. I had lots of wonderful ideas but he suggested doing something new to spark my inspiration! What a fabulous idea!

So today I took my 13 year old daughter and my mother and we just went adventuring. We drove for hours through the prairie land we live in. We enjoyed the large wheat fields, the big sprinklers on the green crops and even a hay tractor cutting hay. We stopped at a little market we found along the way that was weird and interesting. It had large stuffed animals with fake bloody body parts scattered all around them. And also a large statue of Jason Vorhees with a large knife. The store smelled of delicious waffles cones however and we got hand packed ice cream cones (I had huckleberry-OMG sooooo good!!) in homed waffle cones. You could also buy other items such as shirts and fishing bait. We laughed so hard when we left at such an akward place. We ended up at a farm and got 25lbs of peaches and a lot of pickling cucumbers. Weird choices, but hey no judgments here! We took our time getting home and after we rest a while I am going to try to do some canning for the 1st time tonight. I will let you know in a few weeks how the pickles taste!

So my question to you is the one I posed in the video. Its a lovely quote that I saw today, interestingly enough, after Tenken had gave me his great advice yesterday.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Do you try to do something new often? If so why not?

Are you the type that likes variety are you perfectly content with familiarity?

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