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Subject: What are your "6 Impossible Things" Alice In Wonderland

Forum: What are your "6 Impossible Things" Alice In Wonderland

Alice Kingsley in Alice In Wonderland says, " Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
Do you have six impossible things?
I am listing them as stated in the video just in case for those who cannot view it. Sometimes I cannot view in the ipad or other computers.
1) Mermaid Dog
2)Talking Burger or Pizza
3)Walking Snake on two legs
4)Snail playing the Piano
5)Ice Cream doing push ups or jumping jacks
6) Carrot doing my make up

Okay..I hope this computer doesn't crash on me before I send this.

Subject: Is Everyone Prejudice?

Forum: Is Everyone Prejudice?

As many of us know prejudice means Pre-judge. “A judgment or opinion formed BEFORE the facts are know; especially an unfavorable, irrational opinion. 2. Hatred or dislike for a particular group, race, religion, etc. 3. Injury or damage to a person arising from a hasty and unfair judgment by others.” Now one who is prejudiced is usually also referred to as a bigot, defined as, “An intolerant, prejudiced person.”
Many of us have had moments where we tend to judge others before known facts. Like their weight, their looks, their race, the color of their skin, their culture, ethnicity, their career option, how financially well off somebody is, career choice, age, hair color, physical disability, accents, the list just goes on and on.
Being prejudice is the cause of hate crimes, bullying, verbal, physical abuse and so many other unfair actions towards humanity. It also causes individuals to discriminate and underestimate others.
From an article of Psychology Today, “Do I make you uncomfortable?” it addresses the behaviors and responses that people have towards certain people. “Most of us don’t want to judge others by their appearance. Yet if we’re honest, don’t we all, at least occasionally, feel an unwelcome twinge when we find that the woman seated next to us on a flight is obese, or the teller who greets us at the bank bears a port-wine stain on his face? A relatively new, yet growing body of research suggests that such gut-level responses may be a type of protective prejudice, a set of innate cognitive and behavioral responses that evolved to help us detect and avoid potential disease.” (p.72, Psychology Today November/December 2013).
People have these pre conceived notions and therefore feel the need to protect themselves from somebody who looks “different.”
People who grow with a certain groups tend to be less prejudice towards those groups.
Parents need to socialize their children and educate them about being prejudice towards others. It all starts from a young age.
What do you think? Is everyone Prejudice? What is your take?

Subject: Re: What are your "6 Impossible Things" Alice In Wonderland

Forum: What are your "6 Impossible Things" Alice In Wonderland

I really appreciate your replies. Afuentes7, sometimes I would love to be a little girl again and go back to being carefree. Just buying all these toys and not have to worry about work and responsibility all the time. haha!
And being part of my favorite cartoon would be a dream come true! Like Sailor Moon! I wish I can be one of the Sailor Scouts!:)

Subject: Re: Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Halloween COSTUME??

Forum: Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Halloween COSTUME??

I think it has a lot to do with the intention behind the act of wearing the Halloween Costume. If she genuinely had compassion for the Marathon Bombing Victim and wanted to wear the costume to acknowledge the victim for the day of the dead, it may be justifiable. If the person wearing the costume did it out of mockery, play, to make fun of the incident, then it is disrespectful and in no ways justifiable.

Subject: Re: Would you act against Racism directed towards you?

Forum: Would you act against Racism directed towards you?

Thanks for the forum! I definitely think we have to defend ourselves. Not get down to their level of ignorance and cuss them out as well, but let them know what they're doing is not right. Also reporting it to a cop or other official authority can be helpful. Doing this can make them stop acting racist towards people in general. It could teach them a lesson.
Sometimes it is difficult to do it in the work force, but I think telling a manager, director, or someone in charge is important. The more we speak up and defend ourselves, the less it is going to happen.

Subject: How can we be more POSITIVE with ourselves?

Forum: How can we be more POSITIVE with ourselves?

Sometimes it is difficult for us to have a positive self-conception. We’re constantly comparing our looks, intelligence, accomplishments, life’s skills, social and economic status, educational status, etc to others. Why is it that we have to be so negative with ourselves all the time? Not being able to accomplish what we think is “perfect” or “perfect” to other’s standards.
Sometimes we catch ourselves trying to impress our family, friends, co-workers, and other individuals because we need other’s approval.
Somebody wise told me to have a positive mantra. Repeating positive affirmations to yourself over and over in your head actually works. And he said that when the brain repeats this several times, studies show that we actually start to believe it. As Kate Bratskeir states, “It sounds too good (and too simple) to be true, but saying a mantra could set a positive tone for your day and help you return to a sense of balance when things feel a little out of whack…”Research tells us that every thought and emotion creates a chemical reaction because it immediately changes our neurochemicals that effect our mental, physical, and spiritual health,” (
A lot of it is in our head. All the negativity seems to take over like an amoeba germ or poison. Let’s kick all those negative thoughts like a ninja and be nicer to ourselves.
Talk to yourself like if you were talking to a friend or a loved one when those negative thoughts start kicking in!
Repeating over and over again that you are beautiful, intelligent, courageous, brave, loyal, determined, accomplished, etc… is not being arrogant or conceited. It is practicing self-confidence and self-love. Practicing self-love can also make it easier to love and appreciate others more.
Any thoughts of how to be more positive? Thanks!

Subject: Re: Zero Tolerance, or Zero Common Sense?

Forum: Zero Tolerance, or Zero Common Sense?

I think it can be extreme to enforce a zero tolerance policy that expels kids for pointing fake guns to other students. Especially if they are k-6. Kids will be kids. We have arcade games that have gun games, play video games, we watch in on TV. I'm not saying it is okay for kids to play like that in school, but if this time of behavior is not encouraged as a game, teachers need to communicate with the students instead of taking drastic measures of expelling them. As a substitute teacher, when I see there is any inappropriate behavior of some kind, I communicate to the student and explain to them why it is not acceptable or right. Sometimes, children don't have the cognitive sensibility as some adults to know whether they're acting appropriate. We need to educate them and teach them about the situation. How to play in a healthy way without posing a threat to others.

However, if it is a real weapon or gun that poses any danger to another student or the faculty, then the student should be expelled.

Subject: Re: Empathy for the mentally ill

Forum: Empathy for the mentally ill

People that are diagnosed with a Mental Illness, do have a chance to move forward in life. And continue achieving, working, and having a healthy life. We see many celebrities that have undergone a lot of problems but are still continuing in the industry. Some of these problems are also temporary. Due to depression, mental breakdowns, etc.

Some people are brave enough to step forward and want to change their lives for the better. They will seek a therapist.. I personally had a therapist that really helped me in my life. I feel so blessed and thankful that I did. I feel like a more open minded, mature, accomplished, and positive.

It is sad that some people let "labels" define themselves or others. People need to look at the bigger picture instead of jumping into judgments. And look at their own problems too.

Subject: Re: Is Everyone Prejudice?

Forum: Is Everyone Prejudice?

Thanks for all your replies about this topic! I really appreciate it. We are human and are socialized and raised in certain ways. But if we think a negative prejudice thought towards another person, we can rationalize with ourselves later. As long as we do not act upon it. I think things are getting better in our global community. We're progressing and being more open with one another.

Subject: Re: Does Glopbal Warming Concern You?

Forum: Does Glopbal Warming Concern You?

Global warming has always been a real threat that people don't take as serious as they should. More people need to get involved on this issue, organize and take action to protect the global community.

Schools , Colleges, and other education systems really need to raise awareness and teach their students about the dangers posed from global warming.

More people need to take this issue to congress and lobby in behalf of it.

Thanks for the forum dear C. Shull!

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