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Subject: Re: Look What I Created!

Forum: Look What I Created!

This is my first video, so I am sorry if it is a little awkward!

I first wanted to show my excitement for my apartment, I've talked about how my roommate and I have done a lot of crafting of fish and now I finally got to show it. I also showed the craft that I am currently working on as it is a fox but looks more like a cat right now.

Other than that, on a more academic level, I am really proud of my film projects I have recently done. As I am an Electronic Media and Film major, I am exited to see that everything I have learnt so far this year is really pulling together. I had to do every component of my second last video. I decided to do my project on my friends dancing and filmed her dancing, filmed her teaching a dance class, and also had to film her interview. On top of that I had to do all the audio, sound, and editing. Editing alone took about 8 hours and I would say the total project took about 15-20 hours.

My most recent project I had done in a group and we did not spend as much time on it because it did not have to be as long, but when we had to show our project in class our lab instructor told us that we would most likely get a D. We were really confused because we thought we had done a really decent job on it. The main instructor was grading all of them and we found out a day later that we had received an A. I was so happy to hear that news because I was so proud of our work. It made my entire day!

Here is my film project if you are interested. It is two minutes long!

Also here is the one we found out we got an A on, it is 41 seconds.

By the way, I love making my own food. I realized my love for it when I had moved out on my own this year. I am so proud of what healthy and delicious meals I can makes all on my own! :]

Subject: Re: Favorite little thing about your major

Forum: Favorite little thing about your major

Your design program sounds really awesome! I bet it makes being an architect major really fun!

my favorite thing is putting everything together in editing. I love when things come together because it makes all your hard work and hours you have spent on your project worth while.

Sometimes when Im filming and getting footage I feel like i leave some things out or I’m not getting enough or Im not getting the right exposures or lighting. there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Once I put it all together and see what i have created has turned out really well, it makes me really excited and shows me that what i have been doing with my major is really going somewhere.

I also love collaborating with others when on group projects. It makes it hard because we have different views, but there always have an idea that is better than mine or mine is better than theres.

It also makes it easier to have a group because you are not in charge of every single aspect of the project like i have been in the past. It is easier to get done and you have reassurance and the confidence form your team mates.

Over all I would say that my favorite part is the watching the final product.

Great post! :]

Subject: Re: ...I'd be lying if I said i didn't think of you ..

Forum: ...I'd be lying if I said i didn't think of you ..

Sorry the audio, was cutting in and out...

My past relationship just ended, and we were together for about 3 years. I am glad that it has ended and even though it is sad that we will not have a future, I think that it is better for both of us. We need something new, but he will always be in my heart, and he was my first boyfriend and I am sure that we will always keep in touch no matter what.

I also had a really close friend that i stopped talking to, well he stopped talking to me over something so ridiculous. We got in a fight and it pretty much ended our friendship. We didn't talk all summer and in early October, I was super surprised to see that he texted me apologizing about how he ruined our friendship.

It is true that we always think about our relationships that ended badly or if they were apart of your life for so long. It sucks too loose any relationship, and eventually you do get over what happens whether it takes years, or months, and I think I will always keep my meaningful relationships closest!

Subject: Re: Dreams

Forum: Dreams

I have had many realistic dreams.

More so when I am taking naps, I think because I am not 100% asleep and I have found that I can sometimes control them.

I have woken up thinking I had a really attractive boyfriend, lost a tooth and the tooth fairy gave me $20, woke up thinking I had bought all the clothes in my dream and that I could find them in my closet,

I have no neccesariyl thought that something was completely out of control, but I have woken up glad that some dreams weren’t true.

I always have dream where I am being kidnaped or bing held hostage, and I try to get away and they catch me or I try to send a text but I can never send it in time, some pretty stupid stuff.

I have never asked someone or talked to someone thinking my dream was real. I have texted people or told them that they are in my dream.

I think dreams are dreamt about because they are a symbolic warning, desire, or lesson that has to do with our real lives. So yes I do think that subconsciously these things are bugging us and our dreams are a abstract version of them!

My Mom has a dream book and you can look up certain colors and objects that were in your dream and they have for the most part been spot on and its actually kind of crazy!

Subject: Re: Do You Really Need It?

Forum: Do You Really Need It?

Ah the good old I need that statement.

I am not going to lie, I give into buying things way too easily, although I must say that my roommate is way worse.

So the top things that I buy that are not a necessity needs are going out to get food and clothes. I am horrible at trying to stop myself from doing this, and in my mind I need it.

On the up side when I buy clothes I buy them on sale or second hand, I really do not spend that much on a single item, but sometimes I just buy them in situations when I really should be saving my money.

The weekends for me are the worst for going to get food. During the week I do not spend that much money because I am constantly on the go, and I can make protein shakes from home or cook something I have, but on the weekends my friends like to go get food and I do not eat many meals from home when this happens.

It does help that I am using my money, and that when I spend that huge paycheck each week, (not really) it is all my money going to waste… sort of.

I identify a need as groceries, a winter coat or boots, and thats probably about it. although within this category, it can become a want with the amount you buy, such as people that have 40 pairs of shoes, or a winter coat in every color, or a bunch of junk food.

I usually stop myself when I realize that I do not have money to buy it or I really do not need it. I try to think hard about how much that particular thing will actually benefit my life.

i would say I buy things I want way too often. in fact i am probably going to go out and buy some food right now and then some groceries!

SORRY- I cut like a couple words off... I ran out of time! :/

Subject: Re: The embarrassing music in your collection...

Forum: The embarrassing music in your collection...

The gym, Thats a tough place to get me to go to as well,

Luckily, i signed myself up for a workout class at school, so If I don’t go I fail, and let me tell you that I almost did fail. I was scrambling last minute to do make ups, but I did it and I feel successful at the least.

Music, I love all sorts of music, I would not say rap is my favorite but I have a wide variety of genres on my iPod. I have country songs I like, rap, top 40, rock, its a little crazy how many I enjoy.

I do not like to count a whole genre out because there is always a song somewhere that I like. I don’t need to like a whole artist, when I can just like a couple of their songs or even just one.

Well in eighth grade and 9th grade I was obsessed with the Jonas brother, they were really the only boy band I was awkwardly obsessed with. I had all their Cd’s saw them live, and I remember that when I moved from Canada to Arizona, I met my best friend because of the Jonas brothers.

I went to school one day and still had one of the songs I was playing on my iPod popped up, one of the boys in my class told me that this was why we could not be friends and he couldn’t respect me anymore.. it was kind of mean. but everyone has a song they are embarrassed that they like.

I don’t care what anyone says, When I hear a Jonas brother song now, I know every word and then like to reminisce on the amazing times I had when I liked them so much!

SO whoever does not like the jonas brothers can just get out! :]

Subject: Re: Introducing Someone to New People and New Things/Learning From Others

Forum: Introducing Someone to New People and New Things/Learning From Others

When I moved to arizona did not mix circles because I joined them after the fact that these people knew each other for years. I was apart of a lot of different groups and I would just hang out with different groups depending on how I was feeling I suppose.

In college i realized that i was starting new and could. I had a friend from high school, friends I just met, and a sorority friend that we all joined together to make a group of us.

I have learned swing and linty hop from other people, I also learned how to snowboard and I do it all the time now. I had a friend introduce me to crafting and also the dance club I am apart of.

I think sharing interests with your friends is really important because that is how I have gotten into a lot of the things that I love doing today anyways. I feel like that is how a lot of interests get started anyways.

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