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Subject: Imagery Writing

Forum: Imagery Writing

Sometimes my responses to some forums are in the form of what I call "imagery writing". Basically I describe things in the senses of hear, feel, touch, and see (though not much taste). To myself, I find it creative, I find it as a source to portray my senses in my writing so others can imagine it.

For example, the other day I responded that my favorite place to be is in the mountains, forest, and wilderness compared to the beach, where some people prefer. To explain why, I used imagery writing.

The fresh, crisp air. The stillness, the quietness. Leaves and rocks crunch under my boots. Tree branches gently swaying and creaking in the wind. The distinct sound of a hawk. The roaring of a water fall near by. Warm and chilly at the same time. Sit here, rest a bit, drink some water. And look there! What's that I see? A deer. Lazily grazing in the field. A field full of colorful flowers. The feeling of peace. That's where I like to be.

Or, I prefer living in the country over the city.

The openness. Acres of lands to run. Bales of hay in the field. Cows in the middle of the road. Bonfires at night. Four wheeler riding in the mud. Fishing in the river. Boat riding as the sun fades. Listen to the crickets, the birds, the locusts, and grasshoppers. Catch light bugs in a Mason jar. Bringing home your kill and garden crop to a home cooked meal.

I have a penchant for writing like that sometimes. However, I haven't seen others write like this on this site. This makes me wonder if people see if as I cannot write well or see it as a creative writing. If most of ya'll see it as I cannot write well, I can change it.

So I would like to see some of your examples of creative/imagery writing, CNet. You can write about whatever pleases you.

Subject: Re: Video Virtual Party...Come One Come All...

Forum: Video Virtual Party...Come One Come All...

Brain fart...my mind froze for an instant there.

I don't do videos all the time. I post from work throughout the week, and don't have access to a camera. But since I'm using my laptop on weekends, I do videos more often.

Greetings from Baton Rouge, La!!

Subject: Painting with a Twist...Wine

Forum: Painting with a Twist...Wine

Last night, my co-workers and I went to Painting with a Twist. See the video for what we painted, a heron at sunset.

For those you who don't know, Painting with a Twist is a painting class that lets you bring wine (or other beverage) to the class while an instructor guides you through the painting. You can see the painting online ahead of time. Some of stuff is drawn out, some is not. No two paintings are alike and creativity is encouraged!

I can't draw worth a stick! But I'm finding that I can paint a lot better than I can draw-or think I can paint. I was a little nervous about the heron for that reason, but the instructors help you and it was a very basic drawing.

I have done two other paintings: a Mardi Gras color Fleur de Lis and Fun Oscar, a multi-color dog head. Both were a lot of fun.

Do you have something similar to this in your area? Have you done it before? If not, would you try it if there is one near you?

I have heard other names such as Painting and Pinot, so the company may be a different name, but it has the same goal: painting and wine!

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