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Subject: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

Forum: Are You Friends with CNetters Outside of CNet?

I was wondering how many of people from CNet have formed friendships with other CNet members and talk to each other every now and then.

I have come to know a few people, and we talk about random things. It's good to know that people on this site will become your friend and talk to you outside CNet.

Are you friends with other CNetters outside this site? How often you ya'll talk?

Subject: Re: Do you plan on saving for retirement?

Forum: Do you plan on saving for retirement?

That was Avery sneezing in the background.

LSU requires all new employees to put into the state retirement plan. They hold a percentage, it is not much, probably around 5% or less. So, I actually don't have a say in how much they withhold from my paycheck.

At first, I was upset because I could use that extra money to pay for bills and student loans. However, I'm actually glad that made that requirement because I probably wouldn't have anything in retirement currently if I could choose to opt out.

I do think it is important for people to have retirement accounts because I do not believe social security will be around by the time current college students graduate.

I don't think current college students should be worried about retirement right now. I think it is something that should be looked at closely when college graduation comes near and one is about to be hired.

Subject: Re: Personality and the spaces we live in.

Forum: Personality and the spaces we live in.

A single story house with a decent backyard, fenced. An apartment is not place for my 3 dogs.

I don't want a multi-story house because I'm single. Plus, my electric bill was sky high this past winter because it is a 2 story. It was hard to keep the house warm because heat rises, so every time I built a fire, the warm heat just went straight up.

Besides, I don't want to spend the majority of my time cleaning a 2 story house! :D

Subject: Re: Your new comfort zones

Forum: Your new comfort zones

I have body image problems. So, I was always going into the shower or bathroom stalls to change out of my work clothes into my gym clothes.

I was surprised how some people stripped right down out of their work clothes and into their gym clothes with no concern about the other women in there. A older lady, as I got dressed from swimming, came in, took off all her clothes except her underwear and went to the shower.

After that, I started to realize that the other women weren't watching me. Even if they were, maybe they envied me! But I grew more comfortable over time and now change in the room compared to the shower or bathroom stall.

And growing up in the country, I've had my fair share of doing business in the woods.

Subject: Re: Is a romantic relationship necessary...

Forum: Is a romantic relationship necessary...


I'm too busy with these 3 black dogs! They make me feel alive! You don't need a man or woman to make you feel alive!!!

Subject: How Do You Plan For Your Vacation?

Forum: How Do You Plan For Your Vacation?

Erin made a forum on who do you take a vacation with. I wanted to expand from that topic. How do you plan?

I'm leaving Saturday morning to head to Colorado and Utah. My mom came over this weekend with printed directions. On the back, she wrote the directions my aunt told her she and my uncle take when they come home to visit.

In addition, we went to Barnes and Noble and bought a printed map of Texas and New Mexico. We will also have my GPS on my dashboard. Then, of course, I will have my phone and laptop with me should we get lost or take a wrong turn.

How do you plan your route? Do you use a printed map? Or directions printed out from Google? GPS? Your phone? I'm hoping by using everything available, we won't get lost!

Subject: Re: Flat Tire Forum

Forum: Flat Tire Forum

True story! I called my Mom and she called my Dad, who just happened to be 30 minutes away. Apparently, we both left at the same time from different places, so we were close to each other. He came and changed it.

Another time, I was in New Orleans. I was getting ready to leave LSU to go home, and saw that my tire had blown out in parking lot. Luckily, my Uncle was nearby due to his wife's father passing. He came along with my cousin to change my tire.

Then, there is a blow out in the garage about 4 years ago. I called Nissan Road Side Assistance. It is a package I got as part of my purchase of the truck. They called a company (whomever they contract with). Within 45 minutes, I got my tire changed and I was on my way to work. Come to find out, it was a blow out as well. How it happened, I don't know. I'm just very thankful that it occurred in the garage and not while I was on the road.

My tires, currently, are 1 year (1 set), and the other set 7 months. Hopefully, I don't have to worry about blow outs for a few years to come unless I run over something.

I still have Roadside Assistance with Nissan until next year, and I'm currently exploring my options for Roadside Assistance companies.

Subject: Have You Ever Locked Yourself Out?

Forum: Have You Ever Locked Yourself Out?

I patted my pockets and felt my keys. I locked the door, head to my truck, reach in my pocket to get my keys. Only to find.....my phone. I go back to the back door and see my keys on the key rings. Yup, I locked myself out.

In the middle of August! With the hot summer sun beating down on my back, I make my way to the bus stop to go to LSU. Never mind the fact that I'm wearing scrubs and my face is beet red and I'm pouring sweat. I finally arrive on campus, only to have to take another bus to the Vet School.

By the time I get back, it's been 2 hours....of pouring sweat and now I'm reeking in it....at work!

I text my roommate and told her to wait for me, since she is a vet student. Knowing I was probably going to repeat the behavior, I made a spare key and hide it in a plant called Aunt Margie.

Sure enough, two days later, I did the exact same thing....again. Only this time I didn't have to go walking through the heat to the bus stop.

Have you locked yourself out of your apartment or house before? Is there a story behind it? How did you get back in?

Subject: Re: Is it okay to spy on your friends?

Forum: Is it okay to spy on your friends?

If we are talking about personal friends, I will not spy on them. I trust them and if they are hiding something behind my back, then that is their problem, not mine.

As for as the US goes, I don't see it as spying. I see it as gathering intelligence data. Gathering intelligence date and interpreting it and breaking it down to determine if there is an immediate threat to this nation or one in near future.

China is spying on everybody. Why is the US thrown into the limelight? This isn't anything new. Nations have been spying on each other for centuries. During the wars, during peace time, all the time. You cannot convince me that every nation is spying on both allies and enemies.

Newsflash!! China is probably spying on Germany as well!!

Hell, why not? I don't want Germany coming over here and starting to attack us for no reason. Let the spying continue!

Subject: Have You Worn Your Pajamas in Public?

Forum: Have You Worn Your Pajamas in Public?

I was going to work the other day and saw a man walking on the side of the road in his long sleeve, silk pajamas. He wasn't paying any attention to the cars that were a few inches from him. Walked straight ahead, arm swinging. I was a little concerned. Was he hypnotized? Was he sleep walking? Or just going for a morning stroll?

Living in a college town, there is no shortage of people going to public places in their pajamas. The gas station, the grocery, sometimes the library.

I can't help but think, can you at least put on a pair of jeans and a clean shirt?

I have never been in public with my pajamas on and will never go. I always take the time to at least put on a clean, decent shirt and pants or shorts.

Have you or do you go into public places wearing pajamas? What are thoughts when you see someone wearing their pajamas in a public place? Would you go to a public place wearing pajamas?

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