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Subject: Why did your parents give you your name?

Forum: Why did your parents give you your name?

So why did your parents give you your name at birth?

My name now is tera but when I was born my mom gave me the name Terrance. My dad actually wanted my name to be the same as his... his name is dick and my mom was like no way is that going to happen. She heard someone mention the name Terrance and decided to make my name that.

My dad however isn't know as dick and instead as richard. My mom gave a little lee way to my dad when it came to my middle name. They came to a compromise that my middle name would be ricshon. Closely resembling richard.

My olders sisters first name, she has a different mom, is richarda.

My name today is Tera and the reason I chose Tera as a name is because it closely resembled Terrance but it also mean temple in Japanese. I have studied japanese for two year at college and loved the idea of thinking of myself as a humbling person. So I chose the name Tera because it resembles who I am.

Thanks for reading everyone, can't wait to hear your stories.

~Tera Ricshon~

Subject: Re: Who Puts You in a Good Mood?

Forum: Who Puts You in a Good Mood?

I would have to say the person that puts me in a good mood is my girlfriend. Her name is Sam and she is the most amazing person in the world to me. We have been together for 5 months now and have a very strong relationship. Everyday I see her my spirits are always uplifted and I get this overwhelming feeling of serenity. She can turn any of my days from bad to good to amazing to spectacular.

She means the world to me and saying that I love her is and understatement. There is no word to describe the way that feel about her. She is the person that I want to raise a family with in the future and experience life together with. I am already thinking of all the ways I plan to propose to her. I love her so so so much and couldn't imagine my life without her. She makes me happy. Shes the one that puts the smile on my face. Shes everything to me.

Thanks for reading ^.^

~Tera Ricshon~

Subject: Re: Do you give creedence to online reviews?

Forum: Do you give creedence to online reviews?

I give a lot of credit to online reviews.

Most people know or should know that companies generally are trying to get the most out of the products that they sell. They will and often times go as far as falsely advertising the products that they sell and us as the consumers suffer. Yet, with online reviews that possbility to be subject to a companies false advertising is less.

Online reviews help out a lot of people when trying to make a informed decision on what to buy. Often times when you go shopping, you have some sort of idea of what you want to get. Without the benefit of online reviews, your forced to rely on how the company advertises their own product. Which of course the company will tell you anything to get you to buy it. So without the online reviews you could very well go into a store buy something that you think will do what you need to do with it and be left with a very possible piece of trash equipment. Online reviews lessen the likelyhood of that happening. Other people who have bought the product can tell consumers how the products works, whats it is good for, and what it is not good for. They can also tell you if the product is a piece of trash.

I thank people that write online reviews because they have saved me a lot of time and money.

Thanks for reading ^.^

~Tera Ricshon~

Subject: Re: Do you agree, if there is a will there is a way ?

Forum: Do you agree, if there is a will there is a way ?

I do believe in this statement to an extent. There are things which are just impossible, even if all the will power in the world to achieve. If you per-say wanted to swim across the ocean... your probably going to drown. You may have the will to swim across that ocean but the likelyhood of making it is close to impossible.

Now that being said with things that are more obtainable I do believe if there is a will there is a way. With enough effort a lot of things can be accomplished. However, with like what I said above... sometimes there is just no way.

Thanks for reading ^.^

~Tera Ricshon~

Subject: Re: The College Diet

Forum: The College Diet

My College diet would have to be a lot better than most other peoples diets I would have to say. I mainly prepare most of my meals at home and try my best to only buy all natural or healthier products when I can. I drink primarily water and juices sometimes. I never really drink soda or energy drinks (energy drinks are disgusting). So I believe i have a pretty healthy college diet.

Inorder to stay on top of having a good diet I would definitely have to say you need to plan ahead. Preparing meals in advance is a smart idea. In general, we as college students are really busy. We don't have much time to prepare every single meal for ourselves. So the best bet is to buy meals that take small chunks of time to make (sandwichs, granola, yogurt) which are healthier for you. If you ever get any free time in between your free schedule use it. You can make meals in advance and just eat them later. Everyone should know that lasagna always taste better the day after ;-)

Anyways, Thanks for reading ^.^

Last post of the night T.T

~Tera Ricshon~

Subject: Re: Premonitions...the 6th sense!

Forum: Premonitions...the 6th sense!

So I would have to say that I do not inherently believe whole-hearted in premonitions. I do believe anything is possible. So I do believe in the possibility of premonitions.

I do not experience premonitions so therefore I do not 100% trust in anyone else that say they do.

My mom has said that she does and I used to have a friend (who lied a lot) say that she did.

The last time my friend and I really hung out together she was talking about her dad who was in the military. She said that he was due to deploy soon and she had a premonition of him being on an aircraft heading out and the aircraft blew up. She then proceeded to tell her dad to not leave because if he did then his aircraft would blow up. She also told all of her friends this.

Her dad decided to deploy anyways (duh his in the military) and nothing happened. She was wrong.

So yeah, I guess I can say is premonitions may be possible but unless I have experienced one there is no way that I will 100% believe in someone who has one. Of course if someone ran through a store and said it was going to blow up I would leave the store or if someone was on a plane and started to freak out I would want to get off the plane. Crazy things can happen.

Thanks for reading ^.^

~Tera Ricshon~

Subject: Re: Why did your parents give you your name?

Forum: Why did your parents give you your name?

Thanks for all of the replies everyone!

LadyLuck - I think it is kind of cool that you got your name from the movie terminator. Its also a pretty cool how it has a dual meaning that is biblical.

Goober - HAHHAHA I think its sort of funny how your grandmother was all like no dave or carrie. Then your name is Cari.

tzaei - That is so cool how your sister named you ^.^

Joyce580 - I guess age can do that to a name.

shinny437 - I am sorry that your name isn't the most unique. An I also think it is awesome that you have experiences with other Transgender Students that have also changed their names somewhat similar to how I did.

NicholeB90 - Thanks for such an enthusatic reply. I enjoyed reading how you got your name and how you chose the name for your children aswell.

goldensky - I kind of like your name....

Gyani - I adore how hindu's name their children. I think it some amazing to have so much spirituality built into a name.

Dare_2_Dream - I think Annie fits you well. Btw, I loved your song on your profile.

SamanthaToth - BORING!!!! Jking, I love you babe <3

egyptrose - Its nice to have family roots to your name.

Thanks for reading ^.^

~Tera Ricshon~

Subject: Re: Obama's Tuition Plan

Forum: Obama's Tuition Plan

I actually somewhat like this plan to a point. I do believe this plan is a great building block and could very well help someone trying to choose a college to go to. However, that being said, schools already have somewhat of their own rating system in place. This just kind of consolidates that.

When choosing the college that I ultimately want to go to UW the first thing that caught my eye was the Student Healthcare Plans. Yes, not loans, not tuition prices, but what the school could give to me. An in the end UW won me over for being one of a very few colleges to have a student healthcare plan that covers transgender students. The ranking of the school and price had no roll in my initial decision.

If their was a ranking system in place that easily allowed me to look at the ranks of colleges I would definitely use it/have used it, I think it gives a good basis to go off of when trying to find the right college/university for you.

The way I am seeing the plan going is this. Higher ranked school = large tuition, big loans, small loan rates (probably less possible to go to them without having some form of financial aid) while lower ranked schools = small tuition, low loans, and big loan rates (easier to go to without taking out loans). So in the end I guess that yes lower ranked school loan rates are more but the chances of you needing them are less. So I guess from a financial point of view (not based off of the education you receive) it makes sense to go off of this rubric.

The federal government definitely needs to get involved into tuition rates for schools. Schools just like businesses need money to fund themselves and sometimes they will go through extraordinary measure that cripple the works in this case the student body to achieve them. By having tuition rate guidelines set by the federal government it lessens the hardship of the student body (the majority).

Thanks for reading ^.^

~Tera Ricshon~

Subject: Went to court today... and I won?

Forum: Went to court today... and I won?

Hey, all Tera here...

So today I went to court against my ex-best-friend and ex-roommate. We had a dispute about how much money we were each due back in the security deposit refund and he owed me money for late utility bills. I am not going to get into the specifics but we ended up settling in mediation.

When I first walked into the court room it was crowded with about 20 or so people. It was pretty crowded. The judge came out gave her speech about how court goes then she asked all the witnesses to leave. She then told all of the Plaintiffs and Defendants to sit next to each other. She then proceeded to tell us to "work it out", basically to try to come to a compromise before we go before here and have that ability taken away from us.

I was the plaintiff and my ex-roommate was the Defendant. I was super nervous at first but once we started to talk I found out that my ex-roommate didn't actually have much of anything against me. He was nervous, more than I. An eventually me seeing how nervous he was made me not nervous at all. I immediately took charge and we both eventually made a compromise which was the one that I was looking for.

All in all I can say I enjoyed the experience. I love arguments, I love being argumentative and oddly enough like the game of court. In this case however it was against someone who I considered my best-friend at one point in time so it was harder to put emotions on the side but nonetheless I still enjoyed the experience.

So does anyone else enjoy (or not) the game of court?

Do you guys like being argumentative (or not)?

Could you take someone who was once your best-friend to court (or not)?

An last but not least, do you have any stories that you can tell of a time you went to court? I do realize this one is more personal but I am finding I like hearing about cases whether you win or loss.

Thanks for reading ^.^

~Tera Ricshon~

Subject: -LGBTQ- Lesson: What's the science behind it?!

Forum: -LGBTQ- Lesson: What's the science behind it?!

I would like to state first this is not all fact but more of theory.

I gained most of this information from my psych-therapist, Dr. Graham L. Peveller in the UK. He is the one that diagnosed me with Gender Dysphoria.

The most usual chromosomes in a male are XY and in a female XX. From a biological standpoint being XY your are a male and being XX you are a female.

In the case of someone who is Lesbian, Gay, Bi, or Transgender, the question is what makes them outside of the hetero-norm or gender binary? The answer I believe is it all happens in the womb.

For the sake of keeping this simple and easy to understand. I am going to use something that generally happens in same sex identical twins. In this case they will both be XY also known as "male".

During pregnancy the boys will develop like any other boys, except one specific thing will be different, their brains. During the early stages of pregnancy, generally within the 5-10 week mark is when the brain of the fetus starts to form. Naturally the mother would release a certain level of testosterone if they are boys. However, the mother instead releases a level of estrogen that would be seen in females, and while this may not impact how the boys bodies are formed it drastically will change the brain.

Now these XY chromosome fetuses have the brain that would be associated with a female (interesting right!). As the babies are born and later develop through life with their male anatomy the brain changes more from the impact of testosterone (especially after puberty). Yet, they never become the same as a regular males brain.

Either one of three things can happen at this point. First of which the children will most likely become one of two things, either Gay (sexual orientation of liking men) or Transgender (gender identity of a female). They could also become Bi. Meaning that both twins will not be of the hetero-norm or gender binary norm. There has actually been a multitude of cases where this has happened. That being said there is a possibility they could turn out just like any other biological males, except with a different brain.

I find this to be the most logical theory behind why people become L.G.B.T.Q. It all starts in the womb. An it quite literally is something that they can not change, its who they are.

Thanks for reading ^.^ please comment and ask questions or add onto to the topic!!!

~Tera Ricshon~

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