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Subject: Pregnant teen boy photos scare teens into keeping their pants on?

Forum: Pregnant teen boy photos scare teens into keeping their pants on?

Here is a link to the article that I read.

So my questions are: Do you think this campaign will help lower the teenage pregnancy rate in Chicago?

If so, how?

If not, what are some better ways Chicago could have spent their money to lower the rate?

Subject: Re: Adopting a Pet

Forum: Adopting a Pet

Hi there YLBaby! I have a one year old dog named Russle. Russle is a mixed dog, we know his mom was a Beagle, but we are unsure of what his father was. Russle's mom was found pregnant out in the country and a farmer took her in. Shortly, after giving birth to her liter, Russle's mom died from a uterine infection, all of the other puppies died too. Russle was the only one to survive out of his litter and has always been taken care of by humans. His first owner could not keep him because she was moving. I saw him for sale at work and I eagerly met with her to bring him home! After having him for one night, my boyfriend and I knew it was meant to be! Russle is like my little baby, I even carry him up the stairs to our apartment like a baby sometimes! haha! I don't care if my neighbors think I'm the crazy dog lady! Russle sleeps in my bed with me and I come home on my lunch break everyday to take him out. Adopting a dog was a huge responsibility, but after graduating college I needed something to fill the void!

Last Wednesday I went to Petco so Russle could get his nails cut. There beside the pet salon was a book case type looking structure with cats inside. They all pranced around their little space, playing, and eating. My heart broke when I saw them. I wanted all of them too! Every animal should have a place to call home! Unfortunately, I can't since I live in a small apartment.

I would like to encourage everyone to always consider adoption first. Only get a pet when you are absolutely positive you can provide them with a forever home. Here is a petition anyone can sign to make it illegal to breed animals without a breeders license. I hope anyone who feels strongly about this issue to sign the petition, I hope someday I can walk into Petco and not see any animals that need to be adopted.

Subject: Rape Cheer during Frosh Week?

Forum: Rape Cheer during Frosh Week?

This past week was frosh week for many European and Canadian Colleges. Frosh week is a week set up by upper Classmen to initiate and welcome incoming freshman to the college. At two universities, St. Mary's University in Nova Scotia, and University of British Columbia in Canada , these Frosh Week activities included an orientation chant. It goes like this:

"Y-O-U-N-G at UBC we like em young
Y is for your sister
O is for Ohh so tight
U is for under age
N is for no consent
G is for Go to jail"

In the St. Mary's chant, G stands for grab that ass.

Rape is a common incident on campuses, the chances of a girl being raped in college is one in four. That is an extremely high rate! Chanting about the subject in a joking manner and encouraging others to do so too, is belittling the victims and the crime.

At the University of British Columbia, this chant caused the co-chairmen to resign from their positions. Supporters who funded Frosh week have withdrawn any future funds to this event. Student leaders will have to attend sensitivity training, and the administration has promised an investigation of the chant. The schools efforts to calm the campus after such an offensive frosh week was conducted seems useless, graffiti was found on the campus stating, "F**k Rape Culture" and "Sauder School of Business Teaches Rape." There is also an online petition asking the university to discipline the students who participated in the chant.

What would you do if you saw a group of students chanting this on the quad at your school?

What form of punishment, if any would be suitable for these students?

Subject: Re: Why don't YOU do more video posts?

Forum: Why don't YOU do more video posts?

I don't like video posts because they take too long for me to make. I always get my words jumbled up and I have to restart! I also dislike seeing myself talk, it's so weird. I'm one of those people who do not like to hear or see themselves. I absolutely hate getting my picture taken too! I do watch the videos sometimes while I'm at home. It is interesting because you get to see the person's facial expressions and body language while they talk. This demonstrates their perspective and feelings about what they are discussing. Sometimes I post on collegenet from my phone. I am unable to watch the videos from my phone, so in those cases the videos don't really matter to me. I have made probably three or four video posts. I just haven't been that inspired to turn on the camera I guess! We all aren't movie stars, some of us would rather write the script than perform in front of the camera. ;)

- I participated in the challenge and made a video for you though! I just happen to be sitting in my dark living room typing up this forum!! Heheh! That probably counts as cheating! Sorry for the boring video!

Subject: Re: 14 Yr Old Arrested for Terrorist Tweets: Right Choice?

Forum: 14 Yr Old Arrested for Terrorist Tweets: Right Choice?

I know that when I was 14 I would say stupid things, nothing as offensive as what this girl has said, but when I did say stupid things, everyone and there mother was not aware of my stupidity because it was not put on blast on social networks. These comments could be considered racists. She said she was a man from Afghanistan planning a terrorist attack. I'm pretty sure peaceful men from Afganistan already have enough stereotypes depecting them as terrorists, they don't need a crazy 14 year old girl making them look any worse.

I think this girl should be punished harshly. It's not fair to the family and friends of those who have lost loved ones in terrorist attacks if it is just brushed off. There is nothing funny about pretending to be a terrorist, and she should have known better. I don't think American Airlines should press charges, but maybe the girls should be put on a temporary no-fly list so she understands that flying is a privilege, not a right. It is not her place to scare other people when they are getting on a plane to visit family, or for business trips. If I was American Airlines I would never allow her to fly with my airline.

Subject: Re: Hair On Your Head, Above Your Hairs, Under Your Arms, On Your Chest

Forum: Hair On Your Head, Above Your Hairs, Under Your Arms, On Your Chest

I made a video forum for you!!!! Please excuse the creepy shadow hand to the left of me....

I have no clue when the eyebrow obsession started. I have had my eyebrows plucked, waxed, and threaded. I don't keep up on it, I pretty much just do it whenever I feel like. I will let my eyebrows grow all they way back in before going back to get them shaped or plucking them myself. My hair is pretty long and I keep it long because I don't look good with short hair. I take a shower and let my hair dry and I do not do anything else with it. I'm particularly attracted to men with bowl cuts. Wowza! Too hot to handle! Nothing says "I have a nice dick," like walking around with your head actually shaped like a dick.

It doesn't really matter to me whether a guy has hair on his chest or not. One thing I do know is that men with hair on their chest always smell like their cologne. Men without hair on their chest can sweat off their cologne more easily.

The hair down there? If you're going to keep it, clean it! Call the damn rug doctor if you need to!

Subject: Re: Are you a Romantic??

Forum: Are you a Romantic??

I'm not the most romantic person on the planet. I have been with my boyfriend for two and a half years and we hardly go out on dates together. When we do it is usually on one of our birthdays, valentines day, or on our anniversary. I think doing little things are considered romantic, such as picking up a six pack of beer for him on my way home, grabbing him some cologne when I know he is out, or packing his lunch without him asking me to is considered romantic. Some people might consider those things just the basics of dating someone, but neither of us really have the money to go on extravagant trips or buy each other expensive presents. We have really lowered the bar when it comes to the term romantic.

It is important to do little acts that show your appreciation for the one you are with. Otherwise, how will they know you appreciate them? My boyfriend will usually pick me up a bar of chocolate at the Quick Stop for me, even if I don't ask for it. That makes me feel good cause I know he was thinking about me. It is even more important to do these kinds of things when you are married, otherwise a relationship might get in a rut and neither of the people in the relationship will feel appreciated. That could cause a falling out.

So I guess, be romantic while relaxing and having a beer.

Subject: Re: Girl or Boy?

Forum: Girl or Boy?

I've never been a boy but I would say that it is harder to be a girl. Females face so many stigmas while growing up and even into adulthood. Little girls are expected to be clean and quite. As girls grow up they're supposed to look a certain way. When women are assertive they're sometimes considered a bitch. Even into motherhood women are expected to act and behave a certain way, if they step out of their boundaries then other women and men judge them and view them as being bad mothers. It is hard to be a women because of the amount of judgement women place on other women. Once women stop being so judgmental and harsh towards one another it will be much easier to be a girl. Until then, girls are going to continue to try to please others while pleasing themselves, which just isn't possible.

Women have been also felt pressures in providing for their families. These days it is not uncommon for a woman to be the bread winner in her household, yet on average a woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. It is common for a man to get a promotion over a woman, even though she has been with the company longer. Women's careers are often penalized by their choice to be mothers. Labeling maternity leave as a disability is what I consider a real smack in the face. There is still a glass ceiling in America that needs to be broken.

Being a woman is also dangerous at times, there are things that women have to worry about that men just don't have to. A whopping 80% of the transnational human trafficking are women or young girls. One in four American women who have attended college have either been raped, or have been exposed to an attempted rape. In countries like China and India where over population and poverty are huge issues, female fetuses and female newborns are discarded every day so the family can have a male baby. Males are easier and cheaper to raise in these countries where dowries are part of the culture, and rape is rampant but brushed under the rug by officials. After listing a few of the reasons why it sucks to be a girl, it's hard to believe that some people don't see the feminist movement as a necessity in today's world. Kind of sad.

Subject: Advise: How to Deal with People Who Don't Respect You

Forum: Advise: How to Deal with People Who Don't Respect You

This past weekend my boyfriend and I told our parents that we were expecting. They were all very excited. I was worried to tell my boyfriend's mother because she tells everyone everything and has a serious Facebook problem. She posts EVERYTHING on social media, including other people's information. I am very upset and I have to refrain from making low blows at her right now. After telling her I told her to NOT put anything on Facebook since it was so early in my pregnancy still. When I checked my Facebook yesterday she had made a post announcing that she would be a grandma again and that my boyfriend and I were expecting. I was furious! I was also at work and did not really have the time to deal with it. I immediately started texting her to take it down. She did and apologized and said that it was a misunderstanding.

I don't really believe her that it was a misunderstanding. Common sense should have told her not to announce someone else's big news on a social media sight, especially after we told her not to. My boyfriend and his sisters understand why I am mad. I told her that I lost trust for her, and that she didn't respect my privacy by her inconsiderate actions. I know she thinks I'm blowing it out of the water but it just isn't her place to announce that. Additionally, she had been texting me asking me if she could help me decorate the house and the nursery. She is making me feel exhausted with her incessant over stepping of boundaries.

I talked to a coworker and she said that when it comes to dealing with toxic people, it is better to keep them at a distance and only allow them in your life in controlled situations. I do not want this woman posting or talking about my life with other people. Especially since I feel she only does it for attention.

What would you do in my situation?

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can keep her at bay and not become overly active in my life?

How can I ensure she will not disrespect my privacy again?

Subject: The Ocean: Love It or Fear It?

Forum: The Ocean: Love It or Fear It?

I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of people in this world: people who love the ocean, and people who fear it.

Last August I went to northern California to visit my friend in the Air Force. We did a lot of hiking along the coast line. One evening we were lucky enough to see a whale come up and blow its spout before submerging back into the water. We saw the whale come up about 3 or 4 times. It was one of the most majestic experiences of my life. Although it was a beautiful experience, it also reminded me how much I fear the ocean. There are so many creatures, big and small that call the ocean their home, and humans aren't really marine mammals. It may be because I'm from the land-locked state of Illinois and didn't grow up near an ocean, but I'm completely terrified of swimming in such a large body of water. I will get into the ocean up to about my mid waist, but no further. I also don't stay in the water for very long. I'm worried the waves will drag me out and I won't be able to return to land. I have never been on a boat in the ocean, and honestly, I don't think I would enjoy it.

On the other side of the spectrum there are people who live to be in the ocean! They spend their lives swimming, studying, and exploring these large bodies of water, trying to discover what is still unknown within them. I am sort of jealous of these people, who are so adept at navigating the ocean. They seem so much more adventurous than me!

Do you love or fear the ocean?

Why do you feel this way?

Did you grow up near an ocean?

Do you have any stories about your experience in the ocean?

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