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Subject: Re: Who's Your Favorite Harry Potter Character?

Forum: Who's Your Favorite Harry Potter Character?

I'm not even sure if the sound is completely working at this point, but this is my first video on Cnet so bear with me!!

Let me know if it isn;t clear guys, thank you :)

Subject: Introducing myself and getting to know you!

Forum: Introducing myself and getting to know you!

Me being the cheesy dork I am, decided to introduce myself and get to know all you a little more hopefully by starting this forum!

Subject: Re: Do You Volunteer? Where?

Forum: Do You Volunteer? Where?

I volunteer a lot, enjoy it immensely. I love being able to help out and make my place in the community. I feel it's rewarding not only to society, but to myself as well.

I enjoyed my ESL volunteer teaching job probably the most, but I must admit I'm really looking forward to working at the cat shelter.

Volunteering is such an important thing. I believe it's every individual's duty to commit a little to their community, and give a little back to what society is giving them.

Subject: Re: What annoys you the most?

Forum: What annoys you the most?

Sorry, I feel this was more of a rant then a reply. So bear with me guys, it's a Friday night and honestly I'd rather be at the mall than doing school work and Cnet (Just kidding, I love you guys).

I'm just too lazy to type today, thus the videos (So sorry everyone! I talk a lot!!)

Subject: Is the Internet World more Accepting?

Forum: Is the Internet World more Accepting?

So, excuse my lack of volume for the first couple of seconds, trust me the rest of the video is fine!

It's a topic that's been floating around in my head for several weeks now, and I decided to share with you all here on Cnet, and get various opinions. Enjoy!

Subject: Fluff Over Though Lately? (No offense To Anyone! But I Was Inspired!)

Forum: Fluff Over Though Lately? (No offense To Anyone! But I Was Inspired!)

Me being lazy again and deciding to post a video instead of typing out an entire forum!

SO my question is why everyone is enjoying these fluff topics more than usual (I don't blame them either!)



You have a beautiful voice Genevieve! Why haven't I heard it before! Well, good thing we're having a talent show, all this hidden talent will emerge!

So for my talent I thought I'd show you guys a bit of my art, since I don't think I have yet. My mic did't work through the entire video (Except the first few seconds), so it was all just images, and I figured I'd post a bit about each piece down here! (Ignore my silly faces! That's another talent....)

The first piece I had was a little off what I usually do, and was based off of the movie Edward Scissorhands. I think the flowers blooming from his skull mean a lot, and the message I was kind of thinking when I drew it was once similar to that of 'The Thinker Of Tender Thoughts' by Shel Silverstein. That even in the quietest of minds, lay the most beautiful thoughts.

The second piece is just kind of a tribute to my love for animals. I've always thought cheetahs were such beautful creatures, and I've always enjoyed drawing them.

The third piece is one I am very proud of because it took me weeks to finish, is a larger piece than I usually choose to draw, and is in all oil pastel, a method I had never used before. I was trying to go for a skull look, slightly engulfed with the human figure, always a shadowing look.

The last piece is one that took me even longer than the previous piece, and is one I am probably most proud of. It was the first piece in my College Scholarship Review Portfolio (Which sadly I did not win by far...), but I cerhish it because of the long hours i put into it, and how I think that reflects on the outcome. (Can you tell by all my pieces so far, that I am very into all the organic stuff??)

Subject: Another Year Come and Gone

Forum: Another Year Come and Gone

Alright, as usual the mic didn't connect with the video, so it's all mute again! (Except for those few seconds)

Anyways, today, I decided to show everyone my forever beloved Yearbook! My team and I worked hard all year on it, and it was great being able to lead such a great Club with my co-editor! I mostly just wanted to show off the cover, simply because I came up with the base design, and it was slightly altered before being approved. I am unbelievably proud of my work this year, and I definitely consider this one of my greatest accomplishments this school year!

And that leads me to my questions! As the school year comes to an end, and many of us move onto yet another year of school (Of course after the summer), I'm sure we recall things we are proud of ourselves for accomplishing. What do you consider your biggest accomplishment this school year? What do you hope to accomplish next year?

Thank you and may the votes be with you!

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