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Subject: What will your Christmas look like?

Forum: What will your Christmas look like?

Cold, blustery and snow-covered. In Michigan, we already have 5 inches of snow with another snow storm on the horizon. It will be cold and perfect for hot chocolate. It just doesn't feel like Christmas without snow. Plus, when I was younger, my parents had me convinced that Santa wouldn't come without snow. You know, because the reindeer need snow to fly. Haha.

What does it look like where you are? Are you having a snowy Christmas or is it sunny? Are you in a snowy place and planning to travel to a warmer climate?

Disclaimer: This is my first video. I'm not in it because I was looking like a mess and freezing cold. :)

Subject: Re: Drawing inspiration from the news

Forum: Drawing inspiration from the news

I'll bite! This is a really cool idea! I'm not the best artist...but it's what I got. In case you have no idea what I made, it is two hands holding each other over a drawing of Utah. Is it embarrassing that I actually had to check the shape of Utah before drawing it? Hah! Anyway one hand represents the U.S. government and the other gay marriage. Obama has decided to recognize 1,300 same sex marriages that the state of Utah is disputing. It is a big step in the right direction. I picked this particular article because it has a strong place in my heart. Some day I would like to be able to marry my girlfriend in my own state and not just hers (CA).

As for the idea of wordless is awesome! I loved her website. It is news a creativity mixed together. For someone like me, it was hard to draw something elaborate. I'm an awful artist, but boy can I color in the lines! Anyway, I could see this trend really kicking in somewhere. There has to be an audience out there. This would be a cool forum to continue since news is always changing! Awesome idea!

I can't wait to see everyone else!

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