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Subject: Everyone has a dark side.

Forum: Everyone has a dark side.

Everyone has a dark side.
I was listening to this song yesterday
And I thought Yes everyone does have a dark side.

Can you love someone after you see their dark side?

I was thinking that there are relationships out in the world. Where everyone has a dark side. What are you able to overlook in someone else’s dark side?

What is the “deal breaker” how dark will a dark side need to be for you to leave?

I am ok with people’s dark side. To be fair they have to deal with my dark side. But when that dark side gets violent then that is the breaker point for me.

Subject: Uoy knahT

Forum: Uoy knahT

Last year I created a thank you forum when I won the scholarship.

I wanted to put forth another thank you forum this past time when I won, but didn't know if it was right.
I decided that I was thankful and I needed to let all of the good people that helped me get here know that I really appreciate all of the support and help I have gotten.

So thank you.

Thank you for the votes, for the interesting forums I have been able to comment on. Thank you for the posts on my forums.
Thank you for the advice when I have needed it
Thank you for the encouragement when I have been discouraged.
Thank you for the laughs
Thank you for the touching moments.

Thank you

Subject: Materialistic Something I Cherish

Forum: Materialistic Something I Cherish

The video is not that good there is a horrible glare that does not show the clock in its true light. I tried various different light angles and everything to make it better. That was the best. Plus I hate my voice on recordings.

I was thinking when I put in the title. I cherish above all things is my friendships and loved ones. I am looking for things that people cherish.
Among other things my dad left me a grandfather clock when he died.

He got it in some deal (he always got things with deals) I love this grandfather clock mainly because my dad left it to me partly because of the color and style. The oldness of the wood, the chimes (the memories of those chimes breaking apart me and a fellow because of the shock) the designs in the face….

Do you have anything you cherish? That you bought, or that was given to you?

Subject: Re: Should the U.S. Intervene in Other Countries' Wars?

Forum: Should the U.S. Intervene in Other Countries' Wars?

I hate my voice on a recording. But I figure you try to respond to my forums using video. I will do the same. This is my first video that shows my face and my voice. I do not know if I will do more!

Lets fight the fights that are in our own country. Before fighting someone elses fights.

If we cannot control our own country is it not just the kettle calling the pot black?

On the other side though, they are our allies, these countries need our help. There is a reason. For humanity. To protect and stand up for the people that cannot protect themselves.

Subject: Re: Halloween! OOoooOOooOOO!

Forum: Halloween! OOoooOOooOOO!

Decorate, not at our house. We are not quite the scrooges of Halloween. But I am close. I have never really liked the idea of going door to door begging for candy. I do not even really like the idea of putting on masks to go parading around.

There was one year that my dad needed me and my sister go up on the roof and help spread tar to patch up a couple of leaks. I would hear the doorbell ring, lean over the side of the roof and say Hi! I freaked some of the kids out. That was fun.

But I do not grudge anyone else for having fun. I have the candy by the door ready for the kids. I will actually do anything for a child. My great nephew had his 3 year old birthday party today. We had a face painter. My niece and I made a deal for the getting her face painted I needed to get mine. Check out the rainbow!

Subject: Re: Do you still have items from your childhood?

Forum: Do you still have items from your childhood?

I was heartbroken when I saw the holes. My poor woofie I named him myself.
He was my protector, my confidant and my friend.

Subject: Old Yeller!

Forum: Old Yeller!

Rescuing animals. My dog I got from a shelter. I got a puppy once. I had to train and work with that puppy for years. I have learned that having a dog is work. But having a puppy is like having a baby. I think it is better to rescue an animal that way you can save a life and not have to go through the training.

There are times that I have been told that going to shelter is bad because of the diseases, and you do not know what kind of temperament you will get from that animal. I have also heard that it is better to get AKA bred dogs because of the pedigree and training in those dogs.

Your thoughts rescue or bred?

The video is of my dog, I saved her 3 years ago. She was abused and hates rain. She is a lab that hate water I find that odd. I think that her previous owners had abused her with the hose and spraying her with it. She is a really good dog. I had to bribe her with treats to get her to pose for the camera.

Subject: Not just another day

Forum: Not just another day

My brother is a veteran. My Great Grandfather is also a Veteran. I have read the stories that my great grandfather recorded (I think my great grandmother and grandmother helped) about his time with the military. I think he probably did not tell everything.

I wanted to create a forum honoring for the sacrifices made by the armed forces. Not just their lives, but the time, the sweat, and sometimes their sanity. The idea of sacrificing so much so that I could have the freedom and create forums. Is at times overwhelming.

I tear up every time I think of the men/women that have brought us these freedoms.

I salute you! I know I cannot convey my feelings enough of my gratitude.

I thank you all.Thank you for my freedoms, and the protections you have given to me.

Subject: Books are good for more than just fluff

Forum: Books are good for more than just fluff

I have finals next week, ok in 10 days is my first final. So I wanted to read a little fluff. In reading that fluff a woman finds out her birth father is a serial killer. She is worried about having tainted blood now.

That brought up the question of nature verse nurture. Is evil or badness passed on through the blood. Or is it taught?

I have an amazing mother, and my father was outstanding. Both extremely wonderful examples of the adult I would like to be. I feel that I am still growing and learning. So I hope that I have a little bit of that amazing, and outstanding in my blood. But I also hope that with their example of being awesome adults that I am able to be GREAT also.

Do you believe that you can overcome badness in someone’s blood? Do you think that nature will win out on nurture? Do you believe that nurture will always win in the long run?

Subject: Nice Winter Days

Forum: Nice Winter Days

Sorry about the shaking. I only have a web cam on my laptop.

After finals and the horrible tragedy yesterday.
I thought I would be a little light. Have some fluff.

Here in Utah it is snowing although not sticking, and it is 29 degrees. The snow will start to stick soon.

My question in trying to be light is what is your favorite winter activity? Mine is having a fire, and sitting in front of it with a blanket and huge comfy pillow reading a book.

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