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Never did I think I'd do a video post, mostly because of the facial condition (PRS) that I have. I am not ashamed of my condition, but am a bit self conscious about it.

So today when I woke up my phone was disconnected. I was distraught, the biggest thing in my head was that I wouldn't be able to vote or compete any longer...

I instantly panicked & became very emotional. My uncle (the one who I spoke about on the suicide forum Supreme did) lives in the same neighborhood as me. He doesn't use his phone much, so he offered me the use of it to vote on CNET!! I am so happy to say I STILL AM ABLE TO VOTE & COMPETE for now.

My question to you all is...

What would your reaction be if you were in my situation?
Has this ever happen to you?

How do you deal with not being able to pay a bill or having something shut off?

What would be the first thing that came to your mind? Maybe it's CNET, maybe it's the security you feel by having a phone, maybe it's something work or school related, etc.???

Feel free to expand on this topic & share any of your own experiences or thoughts on an issue like this?

Subject: Re: What Keeps You Energized or Going??

Forum: What Keeps You Energized or Going??

I'm not that well dressed, but I just wanted to finally post a video to where I can share an image of the baby. I wish I could upload pictures of both my kids. I have many pictures on Facebook, so any of you feel free to add me on facebook.

I will try & post another video when he is more awake. Right now he pretty much is sleeping most of the time, or more so, in & out of it. I might get him to stay awake for 30 minutes or so, before or after each feeding...

I'm considering changing my photo soon everyone, but I just want to ask - will you all remember my name - will you be able to still know it's me? I want to post a picture of both my kids together as a profile pic...???

Subject: Video I Promised Y'all - An Update on Your Life

Forum: Video I Promised Y'all - An Update on Your Life

So here's the video I promised you all, I posted another in a previous forum of mine, but the baby was sleeping, or more so in & out of being asleep. I hope this video is a bit better. He's more so waking up for short periods.

He is eating every 2-4 hours, usually closer to 2 hours. He will wake up for about 15-30 minutes before he gets fed, then will eat & right back to sleep he goes. The night time feedings are split between my spouse & I, but I seem to more so get the nights/early mornings.

I am beyond blessed, but extremely tired. I'm going tis morning to deal with getting him his health insurance & have a bit of running to do. I'm glad I finally am able to share this video with you all & will hopefully be able to get one with both kids tomorrow.

So in this forum, I'd love for you all to give us an update on what's going on in your life??

How's things for you all?

Anything new??

Love to hear from you all...

Josiah will be two weeks old today at 8pm - time fly's, seems like just yesterday I was feeling him kick me in the ribs...LOL

Hope everyone has a great week - good luck in this election!!

Subject: Re: Show us your costume!

Forum: Show us your costume!

So tonight my son was Scooby Doo, he was too adorable :) This was the first year I took him out for Halloween and he loved it. But since it was the first time I had to dress up. I could not really afford to buy a costume, so at first I was going to make one. I was thinking of being a maid or pregnant person. I had a few other idea's, but my mom pulled out two old costumes she had that my spouse & I wore. My spouse was a jailburg, a black & white striped outfit. I don't really know what I was suppose to be. It was more like an oldtime country vixen or pirate.

Subject: Re: Smoking Cigarette's in a BAR??

Forum: Smoking Cigarette's in a BAR??

Thank you all for the responses so far, you all have very interesting points.

Before giving my opinion I wanted to thank y'all for your responses so far & sort of respond a bit to each of you without giving my full opinion. I tend to like to let everyone else voice their opinion on the things I create a forum about, then I will later give my opinion, unless for some reason I feel the need to state it earlier on in the forum...

For the most part I agree with you all. Most of you all do not know I am a smoker because I am not your "average smoker". I do not smoke in my home, I smoke outside, I do not smoke a lot, I more so smoke a few cigarette's a day. I have been trying to quit, and will eventually do so, but for now I have cut back to only a few a day & I am happy with that.

tfrancisco - You make very good points in your responses & I appreciate you bringing up the consumers choice, this is a huge part to anything that has to do with banning something that is not illegal. I believe that the state should not "ban" or place "legal limitations" on things such as a bar. I believe the owner of the bar should be able to choose to ban it or not ban it. If we look at it a bit, them banning it could work against them, but it could also work in their favor. So the choice they make will come with either an advantage or a disadvantage as a result, either way they either profit or take a loss from the choice they make... I do believe they should have the choice. The same way a customer has the choice to choose a different restaurant.

serenity - GREAT input. I really didn't think of HVAC or anything as far as structural or "financial". I am glad you brought this up though. I think the "glass box" is actually a wonderful idea too. I think this could easily be implemented in restaurants or bars & probably will become something that is common to see in a few years. I would vote to have something like this implemented, but not all business' could afford this, so would the state have to help since it is being done due to limitations or laws created by them that might infringe or an owner's customer's rights? Or does it?

fa1th3rs - I agree with you, as a smoker I do not feel others have to suffer from my choice, this is not right at all. But the laws they are coming up with are ridiculous, I've literally had to walk a block down the road to have a cig. that's a bit ridiculous, I think there should be more places with smoking sections.

To be continued...

Subject: Re: "Man Gets VASECTOMY For Plea Bargain"!!

Forum: "Man Gets VASECTOMY For Plea Bargain"!!

Hope y'all can hear me in the video...haven't made one in a while, so just wanted to give a shot on this web camera...

Hoping to hear feedback from you all on this before I give too much of my own opinion, but for starters I feel this should or "would" be used more with pedophiles - convicted child molesters or serial rapist - people of this nature...

I am looking forward to what you all may think...???

Have you heard of this in any of this case??

Subject: Re: Public Bathroom Etiquette...???

Forum: Public Bathroom Etiquette...???

Thanks for your response :)

It's funny you said that because this was one thing I forgot to ask -

Do you avoid public bathroom's and wait until you get home, or are there certain "standards you have for a public restroom you will use"??

I know a few people who will literally pee in the woods before they use a public restroom - I've seen them do it...LOL

I personally, do not like public restrooms. I will try to hold it if I can, if not I will do as much as I can to choose somewhere a bit more "up scale" or that looks "cleaner"...

So the other question I wanted to include is - does this same feeling or "rule" apply to other peoples houses?? Do you use your friends or acquaintances bathrooms??

Some people will not use any bathroom other than their own, to each their own... Looking to learn more about you all :)

And good Luck to everyone here in each election at CNET :)

Hope y'all can see us in the video - this is my youngest son - we wanted to say good luck to everyone :)

Subject: Good Luck in All That You Do! Priceless Moments :)

Forum: Good Luck in All That You Do! Priceless Moments :)

My oldest son Christian and I wanted to wish everyone GOOD LUCK in the election ending today, as well as each to come here...

Lately, my son has been going in and out of being a handful and then "the sweetest kid" - This was a sweet moment one, and all day he's been being my little helper and so loveable (full of priceless little moments). This made me want to share some of my "priceless moments" with you all, and hear some of all of your "priceless moments"...

So on that note, what are your "priceless moments"?? Who is responsible for most of your "priceless moments" - maybe it's your kids, or pets, or friends or spouse, etc...??

Also just a bit of encouragement - if no one else knows how hard it is to keep up here on CNET and win, all of us here do, so just want to congratulate everyone here not only those who win this week or any time soon, but everyone here who puts forth the time and effort it takes to be a CNETTER!! Kudo's to every Cnetter here :)

Looking forward to hearing feedback from all of you :)

Subject: Student Loans - How Often Do You Think About Them?

Forum: Student Loans - How Often Do You Think About Them?

Today I got an e-mail from federal loan servicing, telling me I currently am at $57, 500 in debt in student loans, this does not include the interest and would be well over 600.00 a month for a "standard repayment plan", 6 month after I graduate...

I try not to let my loans stress me out, but with me only having about 12-14 classes left and having to go part-time currently due to being out of loans and only relying on grants and scholarships - this is all I can currently take.

This e-mail kind of hit me though and made me have to think about it, and since I read it earlier, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this,..

So todays forum:

Are you currently in the middle of loans, or do you have debt from loans you had to take out??

If so, how often do you think about this??

Do or did you make small payments while you was in school??

How do you keep this from "stressing you out" too much??

Looking forward to hearing from all of you here and hope you all have had a GREAT weekend :) My oldest was beyond excited to say hello to all of you, so sorry if you can't hear me too :) Good Luck to you all in each election here and all that you do :)

Subject: Re: Jumping Out of an AirPlane..? Bungee Jumping??

Forum: Jumping Out of an AirPlane..? Bungee Jumping??

So no responses from you all yet, and still hoping to hear from you all on this, but just wanted to let everyone know they made it back okay :)

They told me they loved it!! My mom said, "great to have done once, but never again"...LOL

Surprisingly enough, my uncle loved it too & said he'd love to do it again someday...

I think this is really cool & it just me to think about what things I'd like to experience, nothing too extreme like this, not yet at least, but maybe later in life when I'm a bit older or what not...

Have you ever wanted to do one extreme thing - maybe mountain climb, or maybe yours is bungee jumping or skydiving, or paragliding, sailing the ocean, etc...?? What type things would be an adrenaline rush or experience you would life to have had in your life??

Anything extreme like this??

Looking forward to hearing from some of you here & hope you all are having a GREAT weekend :)

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