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Subject: Re: Nerves

Forum: Nerves

This is my first time posting a video and I'm using my new camera lol. I hope it all comes out right, but this is a great forum! I used to hate singing in front of others, but it's a talent that is great to share with others. This is the song that I sang when I first started to sing in front of people and it's because my friend wanted me to help her win Homecoming Queen and she wanted me to sing in a duet with her for the Talent Showcase. Though my mic ended up not working in the talent show, I still made an effort and I believe that she had the best talent even though she didn't win.

Hope you guys enjoy, it's been a year and I went off of memory so I don't sound as good as I used to :)

Subject: Re: I May Lose This Race

Forum: I May Lose This Race

I was supposed to attach a video to the last post and completely forgot lol!

Subject: What was Your Favorite Concert?

Forum: What was Your Favorite Concert?

My third video! (third times a charm)

I told a little fib! I actually got tuckered out after the concert and fell asleep for 5 hours and woke up to make this video!

I saw Common for the first time live and I was sitting in the fourth row. I could practically touch him if I moved up any closer. Common was an amazing artist and I'm hoping that I get to see him again!

What was your favorite music concert?
Where was it?
Who was the opening act?
What's your favorite type of music?
Who is your favorite artist?

Subject: Have You Ever Been to a Fashion Show?

Forum: Have You Ever Been to a Fashion Show?

Hope you enjoy the video!

Have you ever been to a fashion show?
If so, what did you enjoy about it?
If not, do you choose not to go
What are some styles that you prefer?
Do you enjoy abstract fashion?
Do you keep up with the times in regard to fashion?

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