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Subject: The Grotto of Christiania

Forum: The Grotto of Christiania

So I got to spend a day biking around seeing things in this crazy new city, and stumbled across the little district of Christiania. For those who don't know, it's an entire little community stuck right in the middle of Copenhagen, but it's almost like a whole miniature city within the larger.

Hand made houses sprung up everywhere, of whimsical design and covered in art.

Huge markets of hippy stuff, a crap ton of bongs and smoking accessories, and your bags/clothes/jewelry.

Cafes scattered among the trees, sitting by the lake where people sail r/c pirate ships, and hidden in little groves between buildings.

And then yes, people openly selling pot on the street, in the cafes, everywhere. You can go to one shop and buy your own marijuana plant for like 10 dollars or something, there's a whole stack of them, which was crazy to see. Despite living in Hawaii I'd never actually seen one.

In short, it was quite amazing, very free, and people were just chill there. Totally differant atmosphere. It's also in danger of being destroyed by the city. The ridiculous, fun loving and laid back culture isn't in line with the town plans anymore, and there is a large "Save Christiania" movement to keep the district open.

I know plenty of things that are illegal are happening in there, and that yes if the law were abided by the place kinda would need to close. But nobody is being hurt, and it is a wonderful spot in the city.

What do you think about places in the city where anything goes, people can be free to express themselves however, and just live openly with little or no rules? Do places like this contribute to the beauty of a city or detract from it? Why?

Subject: And It's For Granted

Forum: And It's For Granted

I have been speaking with the Danes, and they revealed what was initially a startingly fact to me. They can drive across a bridge at the end of town and be in sweden in about twenty minutes. Similar situation for germany. A ferry puts norway at two hours, and my roomy is going to paris for four days just because in a few weeks.

They also are entirely apathetic to the whole situation and look at me like I'm dumb for getting all excited about it.

This took me aback, more than a little bit. I know that you can get used to things, but having the most popular tracts of europe all within less than a day travel time and it's by easy means like a train or car??? Holy crap! I don't get how they can stop really caring.

But then again, a lot of people don't have iphones, flat screen tv's, their own car, or a decent gf/bf. If you were to stop and think....well I bet you take a lot of things for granted as well. You probably don't even realize, but give it a minute and really think.

What are the things you'd genuinely miss if they were gone, but never seem to appreciate while they're here??

Subject: Finally have a home!

Forum: Finally have a home!

Haha! Just showing you guys the new place, shitty mic pickup, maybe because the wireless is just mediocre? Anways, was just excited, I don't have to bother with my brothers floor anymore, or doing homework in the kitchen, or sleeping on the couch sometimes. I've even got a pool! Granted it's not the ocean, but I never really went into that anyways ya know?

If anyone wants to come visit I'm allowed to have guests! It'd be fun to hang out with people and go look at temples and the like, though not gonna lie, the plane ride is a huge downer, so freakin long. Like 10 hours from Oahu to Manila, blah.

But! I'm safe. Just have to head out now to find a market for food before I die! And figure out how to get to school, and everything else, lol. Laters people!

Subject: Ether For the Kids!

Forum: Ether For the Kids!

As I sat awake for the last 8 hours listening to a rampaging child screech about god knows what, I considered what could be done. As you cannot leave a plane, or make someone else leave it in flight, and it is frowned upon to give them rum in a sippy cup, I landed on the thought "Why on earth can't we just knock them out the old fashioned way, good old ether". This way everyone, including the terrible tot, could get some rest. Really it just helped me to cope thinking about it.

But what are your stances on babies making a ruckus? I know that we try to be civil about it, but at times it's simply too much. Babies screaming in theaters, or during dinner out, or on the bus. Is it too much to ask parents to leave them at home? Leave the general area so everyone else can have a good time? I know there are several places that are considering or have made moves in that direction already.

Malaysia Airlines bans kids - http://planenews.com/airline-bans-kids-from-economy-class-new-york-daily-news/

I've heard that New York itself is unofficially banning crying kids, though I couldn't find anything about it, just what I've heard from guests at work.

This may not be as direct as I'd like (see title), but could at least preserve the peace of a night out. What's your take?

Don't mind the vid, just wanted to see an orange up close ;)

Subject: Re: Stubbed My Toe on the First Step

Forum: Stubbed My Toe on the First Step

Compositora - I have had similar turbulence when I was a kid. Tried sleeping with my feet on the ground and my head in the chair, which you could do in those days, and we hit an air pocket or something and just dropped. It was wicked, but kinda awesome. Great job on the wall too, lmao. Gotta love those cliche american tourists!

Daynight - I didn't have to pay anything, I just went up to the gate and was like "so my flight just came in late and I was trapped in the back, help?" and the lady smiled and said they'd paged me, but figured that was what had happened. She then handed me new tickets freshly printed and I had a coffee. That sucks about your story though, yeesh! I would never trust peoples driving with my own money!

Goofy - I am alllll about being extremely courteous and kind to the people trying to help you, that's how they'll go the extra mile, and hell THEY didn't mess up, and it's not like they can snap their fingers to fix it. Just try to work it out together and they'll like helping a good person. I'm amazed at your story of the guy who didn't even think of renting a car and driving it, I mean yeah it's an inconvenience, but as much a one as what his decision created instead? Come on! I agree about preparing too, I came to Denmark 2 days early just in case, and I'm currently waiting for the airport to send me my luggage that they put on the wrong flight. Lucky.

Bear - That is a freakin awesome story with the first class and being helped out like that, I mean damn! And driven to the plane, yeesh! I bet that'll never happen for me, even if I pay a lot! Sounds like you used your super hibernation power to get through the snow as well, nice save. And 800k miles.....wow.

Manapua - Your dad must have one MEAN angry eye to get all that taken care of just by being stubborn! That almost never works! And you got to ride first class too?! Am I the only economy traveler here?

Shanna - Your Belgium adventure sounds more than harrowing. I'm always nervous on the landing. I just know it's gonna be the time one of those tiny airplane legs snaps.
Jen - What on earth were you doing in africa? I want to go!

Also, Zelda rules!

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