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Subject: AAC, iPad, Communication Disorders and Speech Therapy

Forum: AAC, iPad, Communication Disorders and Speech Therapy

A bunch of you ragged on technology saying that televisions are the babysitters of children, people text instead of paying attention to the person who is physically sitting across from them and technology is replacing workers. Technology can help people in several ways. You can rattle off the most common ways technology helps people but I'm here to inform you about how technology is helping people that you might not have known about.

In class, I learned about Alternative and Augmentative Communication. Aided systems use technology. People with Cerebral Palsy, Lou Gehrig's Disease, Autism, Mental Retardation, Apraxia and head injuries. AAC is for all ages. Bigmack is a system the person presses to play a prerecorded message like, "I need to use the restroom." Voice Pal Max is a sound board where the person selects a picture to transmit a prerecorded message ex)pressing the juice picture will cause it to say, "I want some juice.". Dynavox is a system where you select a picture or letter to generate your own message. Some people who have diseases (like Lou Gehrig's Disease) where they know they will lose their voice in the future will bank their voices electronically to be used in the future with aided systems.

These systems can be really great but they are expensive. For children, sometime the school district purchases AAC systems and the child is unable to bring the system home with them so basically they can't really communicate when they are not in school! Also AAC systems can be limiting if you can't update the pictures in them or they are not user friendly, or the are too bulky. The iPad is being used in speech therapy and outside of it as AAC because it is less expensive than systems intended for AAC, weighs less and is more accepted by society. An Autistic boy used the iPad as AAC to give his Bar Mitzvah service

If you have any questions for me about my major or AAC, please let me know!

Subject: Do You Take Criticism Well?

Forum: Do You Take Criticism Well?

I really don't like being criticized. As I said in the video, I went for an interview to volunteer in my field and everything was going well. Then she abruptly says, "I may be being blunt but you have a tendency to cut me off." So I apologized and said, "I'm so sorry. I didn't realize." Then she doesn't even respond to my apology! She could have been like, "It's ok, I just wanted to draw your attention to it." Nothing! I had a load of things to say to her about it in my head, but I didn't say any of them because I didn't want to be rude or immature. What she said really threw my day off. I began asking people that spend a lot of time with me if I cut them off. Not one person said that I cut them off. We figured maybe the way this woman paused when she spoke signaled me that it was my turn to talk when actually she was just pausing. Anyway I sent an email to her later that day, thanking her for the interview, once again apologizing for cutting her off and asking if there was something I could do to work on not cutting people off. Very professional in my opinion.

How do you take criticism?

What is your reaction to criticism?

Do you criticize other people? To their face? If you criticize them, in what manner do you do it? Straight out or blunt? Does it depend who you are speaking to?

Would you want to work for someone who said things like this to you?

Subject: It Has to Make Sense!

Forum: It Has to Make Sense!

Here is a powerful scene from Extremely Loud Incredibly Close.

I could relate to the boy's thoughts and reactions because there are things that just don't make sense in life and in the world.

Do you have an answer or explanation for everything or are there things that you have no answer for?

Do you seek answers and closure or are you ok with the fact that you may never know the answer? Or do you settle for mediocre answers?

Is it ever better not to have an answer?

Was there ever a time where you didn't think you'd ever get an explanation for something and was surprised with an explanation? Did it make a difference to you? Were you satisfied with the explanation?

Do you think things happen for a reason? What reason? Is it a good enough reason?

Subject: Re: Bystander Apathy

Forum: Bystander Apathy

Here is a link to information about the Kitty Genovese case if I got any of you interested.

This news story also takes place in New York City. It's about a homeless man who intervened to save a woman who was being mugged. However, he was stabbed by the mugger and other people saw him bleeding to death on the side walk for an hour and 20 minutes and over 20 people passed by but nobody stepped in to help him. Probably because he was homeless. If only they knew of his character!

We are afraid to step in and help others because we were not taught how to help people in dangerous situations. We also fear that these situations are scams. I've gotten emails warning me not to pull over if I see an abandoned baby carseat on the side of the road because it's a set up (it's an empty carseat used to lure sympathizing drivers to pull over). If I pulled over and got out of the car, I am vulnerable and somebody will possibly drag me into the woods, rape me and murder me.

It is sad that people are so afraid of each other.

Subject: Re: Do You Take Criticism Well?

Forum: Do You Take Criticism Well?

Bear- Yes, I was excited. We were discussing bilingualism as we were walking down the hall and she speaks Chinese so I was all excited asking her if she was fluent and if she was born in America or China. I was complimenting her and showing my enthusiasm for the fact that she spoke two languages and how my mom is from Poland and I wish I was fluent in Polish and spoke Polish at home the way she spoke Chinese... So I think I was speaking quickly but that's how I show my enthusiasm. I'm quite charming, I think that's part of my charm. If she doesn't like it, I can find other places to volunteer where I will be appreciated and treated with respect. It's very important to me that I get treated with respect and if there are people that respect and appreciate me, that's who I will be surrounding myself with. Also maybe there was a bit of a culture clash there with her background being Chinese. Maybe it's super rude to speak quickly, with enthusiasm and cut someone off without realizing.

Sharmaine- Luckily for many people, I have a great deal of self control. Your story is nuts. Thank you for sharing! I guess people aren't much for enthusiasm these days(?)

Avillalp- I definitely agree. It was so awkward that she didn't acknowledge my apology. For the rest of my time with her, I counted like 30 seconds after she spoke until I opened my mouth. Ever since her comment, I was trying to monitor myself and figure out if I was cutting her off. How come she didn't address the issue WHILE I was supposedly doing it?! If I cut her off she could have said, "One minute, let me finish my thought."

Wisekd- I'm a people please too. It's hard not to take things personally. I'm not sure how to get over that.

Bjelly- Agreed!

Princess- Come to think of it, I don't think I'm much for criticism at all. I don't like the negative vibes that flow when someone is criticizing someone and I'm in the room. If I want somebody's criticism, I will ask them for their honest opinion. I will ask somebody close to me, whose opinion I trust. Who in the world meets somebody and in less than an hour is criticizing them? Who is this woman? A judge? A police officer? Simon Cowell?

Tryin- I wish I weren't offended so easily.

CE- I'm not a submissive person but I feed off of other peoples' happiness and their satisfaction with me. I don't really criticize people and try not to hang out with people who I can say bad things about.

Dare- Thanks, I think I acted professionally.

Subject: The Best Form of Government

Forum: The Best Form of Government

This is a forum for the history buffs, the critics, the protesters, the politically active, the people interested in politics...Gather here!

England was celebrating their Queen's 60th year on the throne and I saw a few minutes of it on TV. It got me thinking about which form of government is the best. In America, I think our curriculum is very "rah rah! democracy and yay for breaking away from England." That type of curriculum doesn't leave much room for considering other political systems and the pros and cons of each. I went on a travel course to Greece and we learned about how politics worked in Athens and how America is not a democracy and Athens was a direct democracy. Some say that America is a Republic...

I am no expert in politics, I don't think it was taught very well in school. I would like to understand politics better, especially since I am eligible to vote now.

I am asking you to post based on personal opinion, historical events, literature you've read, films you've seen, material you learned in class and anywhere else you can gather wisdom from. I am asking you to critique different forms of government all over the world and all throughout history. Is there a certain form of government you admire? A certain form of government you despise?

1. Ideally which form of government (or lack thereof) is the "best" form of government?

2. Which form of government is best in its concept?

3. Which form of government is the best when it is actually practiced?

4. If you could make some improvements to government, which improvements would you make?

Subject: What Do You Think of Open Relationships or FWB?

Forum: What Do You Think of Open Relationships or FWB?

Would you ever be in an open relationship? Have you been in one? Did it work for you?

I used to be a straight out exclusive relationship girl. When I had a boyfriend, I'd invest a lot of time talking to him every day and spending one full day with him a week. I can't really invest that in someone right now because my mom is very ill, I'm volunteering twice a week, applying for scholarships and trying to neat up the house. Come September, I'll be back to school, taking maximum credit load, hopefully interning or volunteering in my field and maybe even working. If I were in an exclusive relationship my boyfriend may be shortchanged here.

The guy I'm talking to told me he likes/liked me, lives close to a four hour drive away, works full time, plans to be in law school soon, has a track record of cheating (I think it's attributed to the fact that he doesn't like being alone and is bad at breaking up with people).

My idea is to give it a try with him but I think it's going to be different than my last relationship because I'm going into my junior year of college now and my life circumstances have changed. I'm thinking we talk pretty regularly, see each other for a weekend once or twice a month but be able to see other people too. He's had many girlfriends and sexual experiences. I'm not ready for that, but expecting a guy with a track record of cheating who lives in a different city and likes his sex to be celibate is setting myself up for failure. So what if he was able to have sex with other people, if all people involved know the situation? And then if I want physical things with him, he has to be tested for STIs first?

I used to be dead set against playing the field, friends with benefits, open relationships etc. but it seems doable in this situation. Worst case, we end it and know each other much better than we used to. Best case, it works out and maybe in the future it is exclusive.

Subject: Re: What is Success?

Forum: What is Success?

Tough question but a good forum. The conversation you had with your friend is my kind of conversation, But I'd put some flirting in there as well. :-P

I think I'm successful. I've faced obstacles in my life and I could have managed/"managed" the pain and stress in a destructive way, but I've never done that. I'm big on doing well in school. I'm close to a 4.0 GPA. I have a 3.86 cumulative GPA. I do all of my school work, study and attend classes. I've got hobbies and a great social circle. I have loved and been loved. I've worked, I've traveled and I've volunteered. I have changed peoples' lives. I'm a successful person. But I am not going to rest on my laurels. There's a lot more that I want to accomplish and I'm working on it.

Princess- Great post!

P.S. I know Woody has a lot to say on the subject, I wonder if he'll chime in

Subject: Re: You Said What About My Boyfriend?!

Forum: You Said What About My Boyfriend?!

at the end of the video I wanted to say , "If somebody was saying negative things about someone I loved, I would tell them, 'Listen, this is somebody I love and care about very much. I want us all to get along and be civil. It hurts me when you criticize someone I love and I don't appreciate it. You need to respect the people that I love and care about." But I ran out of time.

Anyway, the fact that the criticism got so far and it seemed me did nothing to stand up for me broke my heart.

Another situation: one of my close friends told me my best friend was a bitch. I don't like my friends bad mouthing one another. So I drifted away from my relationship with the close friend and remained with the best friend. About a year later, my best friend turned on me, spread rumors about me, prank called my house, made it her business to be in my classroom when it was not her class. It was only after this awful betrayal, that I realized my close friend was just looking out for me. I didn't want to listen to what she said though. I was blinded by my closeness with the girl she called a bitch. Next time I'll take what my close friends and family say into consideration a little more instead of right off the bat doing what I want to do without seeing the situation from any other angle.

Subject: First Impressions and Judgments Proven Wrong

Forum: First Impressions and Judgments Proven Wrong

I know it's nice to judge other people but you have to admit that there's a certain vibe you get from somebody and a first impression that you have of them. Sometimes we can be pleasantly surprised when our first impressions, judgments and predictions about people are proven wrong and the people are actually better than we perceived them to be. Sometimes we are disappointed because the person did not live up to our perception of them.

I gave you all an example in the video.

Here's another one. I used to write off anybody that did drugs recreationally because it wasn't my thing and antidrug programs taught us drug users are bad influences and bad people. So not true. Good people do drugs too.

Do you have any examples of your own?

Do you try not to judge people?

Are you quick to pass judgment?

Has anybody misjudged you?

Have you ever proved someone who judged you wrong? How?

Have you ever asked someone you know what their first impression of you was? It's really interesting to find out. Sometimes it's laughable.

My first impression of my now best friend was she was so shy and quiet and I didn't know how to pronounce her last name. I was like, "How in the world are we going to be friends?" Now, not only are we friends but we are best friends and we'll be roommates next year.

This candidate's