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Subject: Re: ..how can i get to know YOU better..time for introductions pls!

Forum: ..how can i get to know YOU better..time for introductions pls!

Okay so my apologies now for the color and sound in the video. It was my first one so I'm a little shy and quiet, but I'll definitely know for next time the do's and don'ts of video post.

Hopefully that's enough about me for now so you can get the just, but I kind of did it in a hurry because I have to leave. I might just pop back around later to say more.

Subject: Re: Has CNET helped you?

Forum: Has CNET helped you?

I don't think that without the wonderful Collegenet that I would have passed that test for reading to gain my Associates degree. I am so very grateful for the practice that Cnet has giving me over the years to prepare me for this test. I would have to admit that I was a baby and started crying as soon as I saw my score. But this site definitely was the first thing that came to my mind after I had passed because of all the hours I've spend reading, writing, and so on. So thank you thank you thank you!!

Subject: Re: Accents

Forum: Accents

I busted out the awesome word without even realizing. That is one word that people from Cali say a lot or just out here on the west coast in general.

Sorry for the bad sound, I'm still setting up my desk and computer from moving rooms in my house. So I haven't gotten to set up the speakers and microphone just yet.

I should of said the world Barbie or BBQ. That's some words that people make fun of me for saying different and having some kind of accent when I say it. Maybe I'll say them next time.

Thank you again to Leanna for getting people on the webcam and coming out of hiding. It's pretty neat to see everyone and put the names to faces.

Subject: Re: Show off your pet(s)!

Forum: Show off your pet(s)!

So just in case you couldn't hear the names, there is Gidget which is the oldest toy poodle at 5. Then Kira, which is the tan one that is 4. Next you have Moon Doggie, or like we call him Moony. He's the tea cup poodle that's two years old that's 2 pounds and will never be any bigger than that. Last but not least, Chewy is the Yorkie that is the newcomer to the family. He isn't even a year old just yet and he's the wildest dog we ever had. His nickname Chewy fits him well because he does in fact chew everything!

Oh dear, I didn't even notice you see Kira in the background jumping on the bed. I guess she wasn't done being on camera just yet.

Subject: Re: Ask me anything!

Forum: Ask me anything!

Forgot to say that your sound and picture quality in your video was just fine! Actually your sounds was pretty awesome. I'm jealous. Mine seems to be kind of muffled a little? Hmm weird. I'll try to fix that. Maybe I'll try a video from my laptop next time to see if it's any better! Anyway, have a great Friday!!

Subject: Re: Was it hard for you to make up your mind?

Forum: Was it hard for you to make up your mind?

I'm sorry for the getup all. It's western night tonight and I was all ready to go until I realized I needed to do two more post. So here I am cow girl styles and all!

Hopefully the sound is okay. I messed a little bit with it before and then completely knocked it off it's stand. So I'm just hoping you can hear me at all. Darn klutzy me.

Subject: Re: Have you ever considered changing your name?

Forum: Have you ever considered changing your name?

Dare_2_Dream the name and me! will be around for quite some time. I love my name here on collegenet and don't believe I'd ever change it. It fits my personality perfect, people and friends here on Cnet know me by that, and I think I even quite know myself by that. I think if I changed it now I'd even confuse myself a little.

Subject: Re: Being happy... is that enough?

Forum: Being happy... is that enough?

I definitely feel you have right attitude when it comes to saying although you're happy you can still be ambitious. Everyone is always going to want to be happier or have more happy days in their lifetime. To strive for those days is definitely part of being an ambitious person. It's absolutely something you need to be in order to keep yourself continuously happy instead of just momentarily happy. Although both of those are great!

Hopefully what I said in the video made some sense, I feel as if I starting just rambling at the end because I see that timer start getting low. I really think these videos should be like 5 minutes because I can for sure use those full 5 minutes up! Great forum as usual Cari!

Subject: Re: Mr. and Mrs. Right

Forum: Mr. and Mrs. Right

Keeping an eye out, not looking. Major difference. I'd say there's no one right now but who knows what can happen and will happen. I'm always keeping and open mind to what's out there and what can come my way. You just never know.

What I do know though, is that if you make this really long list and no one stacks up to it, then you're probability of having one person for every single listed item is going to be pretty low. So I'll have my couple of items to keep an eye out for and the rest, we'll see if I like them when they come my way.

Subject: Re: What would you do with $20,000?

Forum: What would you do with $20,000?

Getting $20,000 would be a life changing moment for anyone. In fact, it would be one of those moments in which you don't really know how to feel, what to think, or even how to respond. It would be a huge sob fest to be completely honest.

As I said in the video though, getting $20,000 to allow me to go to a 4 year college and allow me to accomplish my goal of getting a degree would be a dream come true. I wouldn't know what to do at that moment but cry and even hug everyone around me.

Like I said it's going to change someone's life. It's not often that someone gives people opportunities like this and Collegenet is doing it. Just for that, Cnet wow, you are amazing and I hope you are around someday for even my future children. Without you, there would be many students struggling and you're making dreams happen. Thank you for that. Can't thank you enough.

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