Why is being gay wrong? I'm a straight girl with no deep religious views. I know the difference between right and wrong. Homosexuality is not wrong. It is not exactly right. But heterosexuality is not right either. If anything they are both right, they are both a choice for each person to individually look at it. Or maybe it’s not really a choice. Maybe people are born gay. I really think I was born straight. I just want to know why people think it’s so wrong. So I'll argue a few point people usually bring up.
God Thinks its Wrong
How the hell do we know what God thinks? God loves everyone and he forgives you as long as you ask. So if he can forgive a pedophile, which is possibly the worst type of person, as long as they ask for forgiveness, why can't he forgive a gay? I'm not saying gays need to ask for forgiveness I'm just saying if he really did think it was wrong why couldn't he forgive them? If you think being gay is against god why can't you just get on with your life and let god deal with it when gays get to heaven?
The Population Will Go Down If Gays Can Marry
I saw someone post that on another discussion. That is so ignorant. Homosexuality has been around for centuries it just wasn't talked about because it wasn't a big deal. The next generation will not just decided to be gay because they see gay people married. They won't even always think it’s right if gays are married. Blacks and whites get married all the time but alot of kids are taught that that’s wrong. Its whatever their parents tell them. Even if they think its right they won't just turn gay. They will have to decide who they are on their own just like every person before them. They will merely accept it. And that brings me to..
Gay Marriage Ruins the Sanctity of Marriage
All I have to say is if people are fighting so hard for something, so passionately, just to be like everyone else why can't we let them? Romeo and Juliet fought for their marriage which was considered wrong, and everyone thinks it’s the best love story ever. Two people fighting and dying just to love each other. Why was it beautiful when they fought for a marriage considered wrong but when two men do it its against god? If they fight so hard for it then they really want it and they will mean their vows so much more than straight people who take marriage for granted.