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Subject: Re: Gay Marriage

Forum: Gay Marriage
I think society as well as the government aren't open to changes from the way things are traditionally; so that's where the controversy comes in. Marriage is a legal contract that did originally unite for a life-time, a free man and a free woman to become husband and wife. That is the law, still today, in most states. It doesn't make sense that we can call ourselves tolerant of homosexuality in our communities today, yet how can we fully call ourselves tolerant if they are not able to live the same or have the same rights as a married couple. If people want to get married, they should be able to get married. That law was obviously based on the Christian faith, in which the law contradicts the separation of church and state. I am a Christian, but I can not judge what someone else wants to do. How can we have laws that contradict each other? I also think this change will make insurance premiums go up dramatically, but with every change, there are positives and negatives. I kind of agree with Liberty08's statement that "Marriage is a personal thing that belongs in a church with no interference from the government nowadays." I don't necessarily believe it has to be "in a church," as people from all religions, even people who don't believe in God get married, but it is personal. Marriage is not just a union of a man and a woman of the Christian faith. To me, anyway, it's not the piece of paper that matters. It's what is being held as sacred. Our ancestors settled here in America and fought for our freedom, including freedom of religion.

Subject: Re: Why is being gay wrong?

Forum: Why is being gay wrong?
I'm not sure that being "gay" is wrong. I think there are different reasons why people are gay. Here's why I say that...some people, I believe are born like that (perhaps a gene), some have encountered sexual abuse as a child, some people have feelings of resentment towards the opposite sex, some people have had bad or non-existent relationships with their parents, and sometimes, yes, I think influence plays a role in someone's sexuality. Influence plays a role in a lot of things. So, I guess we'll never know until we have studied enough gay marriages or how a couple being gay affects the children being raised within these types of relationships.

People did/do think that interracial relationships are wrong. To me a man is a man and a woman is a woman. I often wonder what makes up the "white" race exactly? Is it just a color? I believe that since my children, being of mixed races, have that influence that comes from me...I teach them that all people are created equally. So, in turn, maybe they will end up with someone of a different race...maybe they'll even be gay?

Do I think being gay is a choice? Sometimes, sometimes not. Some homosexual people are comfortable, some I think go a little out of the way for the attention and controversy, and there are others try to hide it because they are uncomfortable with it. For the people who are uncomfortable with it, that to me signifies that they don't like it and it's hard for them to be who they are in that way, so therefore, it must not be a choice.

I don't think people's sexuality is really any of anyone's business; as long as the sex between the parties involved is consensual. Why does sexual orientation define who we are? There is so much more to a person than their sexuality. So, who knows. If it is wrong in the eyes of God, let God deal with it. I don't say that about just any subject, but just being homosexual isn't hurting anyone!