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Subject: Re: Why is being gay wrong?

Forum: Why is being gay wrong?
i personally dont think that it is wrong if some is gay. i work with so many people who are gay or lesbians and there is never a daul but these people who i work with i have so much resepect for.

i dont think its right for someone to tell there child or whoever it is around them that being gay is wrong. i just see it as whatever floats there boat. alot of these people were straight at one time. have kids and were married. but they just werent happy.

i think that everyone should have the oppertunity to fall in love with someone. and if that person is the same sex, then more power to them. they found something that so many people look for all there live. and they dont see there partner as o my god there the same sex as me. but aa an equal and someone who they love.
thats just my opinion

Subject: losing your kids

Forum: losing your kids
Do you think it is right for someone to take a child away from there parents?

i understand in some situtation that its the best thing for the child. but i have a co-worker i work with who you can tell loves her kids to death. she is always talking about her two daughters that she has. and must of showed me the pictures that she has of them in her wallet at least 5 times this month alone. she hasnt seen them in months or hasnt been able to talk to them because her family doesnt allow her daughters to talk to there own mother. how fukd up is that.

this lady is a great person, a good worker, and caring. but she has some screws loose in her head if you know what i mean.

i would like to know what you guys think.

Subject: how do you stop loving someone

Forum: how do you stop loving someone
I recently broke up with someone that i was with for three years. We both grew up together, and go to the same college. BUt our relationship had alot of problems.

Our families didnt like each which was the major problem. And it was hard to see each other at least once a week since we both worked and went to school. And it seemed as hard as we tried to think positive and to keep the relationship going it just didnt work.

i dont want to give up just because i know that we both love each other. and its hard for me to keep on talking to this person as if we were never together and we dont have a history together.

at times i just want to end all ties with each other and not talk to this person. but yet when i do try i just miss talking to them. hearing there voice and how there day went.

So i am asking you guys what should i do. show i just move on, not talk to this person anymore? or keep on trying?