Wow D. Culbertson. I'm kind of offended by your post.

I'm pretty sure there's no seat waiting by God for me. And I know for a fact that I'm a sinner. The question posed, though, is why is being gay wrong. If Jesus were here, he would have a WONDERFUL time with gay people. And those who are inspired by his act would find the strength to CHANGE.

Jesus spent time with these people to show that he is not above them. He loves them just the same as anyone else. It even says it in the Bible. How much change can you create if you tell your sister, who knows that you love her, that you love her? You can create more change if you tell the quiet person in class, who no one talks to, that you love her.

It's the same concept. Spending time with these people doesn't show that being gay is right.

That being said, I'll answer the questions posed.

Being gay is only wrong when it comes to religion. The population will not go down if gays marry. If they don't marry they'll still do whatever they want, so why not allow them to have the title as well? If anything it will provide a control for the population which is ever increasing already.

Ruin the sanctity of marriage? Heterosexuals do that all the time. The sanctity of marriage is getting married, not committing adultery, and not getting a divorce! Divorces happen every 2 seconds (that's an exaggeration, lol). Nothing ruins the sanctity of marriage more than that!

Gays/lesbians should be allowed to do WHATEVER they want to do. They should not be discriminated against and homophobia is STUPID.

Anyone who is a true believer of God knows that you must remove the speck in your own eye before you can attempt to remove the speck in another's eye. Love thy neighbor as thyself!

I believe in God. I believe that homosexuality is wrong. Does that justify torturing these people? No. I didn't give them life so I don't have the right to take it, abuse it, or deny them things that they want. Let them sin just as I am allowed to sin. I can marry for the wrong reasons, lie, divorce, etc. Let them do it too!