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Subject: Re: Co-Ed Dorms????

Forum: Co-Ed Dorms????
I wouldn't live in a co-ed dorm, but I don't see anything wrong with them. So many people have to sneak their bf/gf into their rooms for sleepovers (in other words, sex), so regardless of if it is accepted or not, it's being done.

It might encourage some people who are less mature to have sex when they're not ready, and it might encourage more people to pressure their significant other into having sex.

I see upsides & downsides to this. Maybe it could be just for married students? Idk.

Subject: Re: Wedding Rings

Forum: Wedding Rings
It depends on the guy.

With my current boyfriend (We are planning to get married once we clear up our personal issues. SO HAPPY!), it would be a big deal if he didn't wear it. Why? Because he loves jewelry and once he gave me a ring that said love and he got really pissed one day when I didn't have it on (I take off jewelry before showering & just forgot to put it back on).

If it were someone else who doesn't wear jewelry much, then I wouldn't care. Trust is the biggest thing in a relationship, not a ring.

My mom didn't wear a wedding ring for most of her marriage with my dad (they're now divorced) because she lost it one day. Neither one believes in replacing the original wedding ring (bad luck or something), so she just had to do without. She was upset that she lost the ring, but it had no negative effect on the relationship (or is that why they divorced??).

Subject: Re: Should you get married before you are 21?

Forum: Should you get married before you are 21?
I would get married right now if I could. There are certain reasons why I feel I'm not ready, but age & maturity definitely has nothing to do with it.

CMYBIRD, Congrats on having a successful marriage & thanks for the inspiring words on the vote you gave me! I really appreciate it. I hope you have many more happy years to come, and that your kids will be like their mother (smart, but still themselves, of course!).

I think that before people decide to get married, they should be able to make three different lists. They should be able to list:
1) the things they absolutely love about the other
2) the things they absolutely hate about the other
3) the things about the other that annoy them, but that they can live with.

Your lists for 2 & 3 should outnumber your #1 list. If after writing that, you still love the person, then go ahead and get married. If after writing that, you realize that there's too many negative stuff about the person for you to deal with, it's not time to get married.

You should also be able to SHARE your list with the other person. Once you can be open and honest with a person, even about things that may hurt that person, you are in a mature relationship.

The problem is too many people get married because they're "sooo in love," and later they realize that the love is replaced by a lazy significant other who is quickly growing tired of them.

Most importantly, I don't think that people should get married before they are truly ready. And I don't mean money-wise, I mean heart-wise.

Subject: Re: Why is being gay wrong?

Forum: Why is being gay wrong?
Wow D. Culbertson. I'm kind of offended by your post.

I'm pretty sure there's no seat waiting by God for me. And I know for a fact that I'm a sinner. The question posed, though, is why is being gay wrong. If Jesus were here, he would have a WONDERFUL time with gay people. And those who are inspired by his act would find the strength to CHANGE.

Jesus spent time with these people to show that he is not above them. He loves them just the same as anyone else. It even says it in the Bible. How much change can you create if you tell your sister, who knows that you love her, that you love her? You can create more change if you tell the quiet person in class, who no one talks to, that you love her.

It's the same concept. Spending time with these people doesn't show that being gay is right.

That being said, I'll answer the questions posed.

Being gay is only wrong when it comes to religion. The population will not go down if gays marry. If they don't marry they'll still do whatever they want, so why not allow them to have the title as well? If anything it will provide a control for the population which is ever increasing already.

Ruin the sanctity of marriage? Heterosexuals do that all the time. The sanctity of marriage is getting married, not committing adultery, and not getting a divorce! Divorces happen every 2 seconds (that's an exaggeration, lol). Nothing ruins the sanctity of marriage more than that!

Gays/lesbians should be allowed to do WHATEVER they want to do. They should not be discriminated against and homophobia is STUPID.

Anyone who is a true believer of God knows that you must remove the speck in your own eye before you can attempt to remove the speck in another's eye. Love thy neighbor as thyself!

I believe in God. I believe that homosexuality is wrong. Does that justify torturing these people? No. I didn't give them life so I don't have the right to take it, abuse it, or deny them things that they want. Let them sin just as I am allowed to sin. I can marry for the wrong reasons, lie, divorce, etc. Let them do it too!

Subject: Re: let's talk about something a little deeper

Forum: let's talk about something a little deeper
Wow taylor02. I have to say that, as someone who has taken many biology & psychology courses, I have to disagree with you that homosexuality is genetic. It is not. Neither is heterosexuality.

If I didn't believe in God, that wouldn't change either. Some of the more plausible theories is hypo/hyper-androgenization. Exposure to abnormal amounts of androgens (hormones) during pregnancy can affect the brain chemistry of the growing baby and affect femininity/masculinity.

And yes, as a believer of God, he created everything. But the underlying and most important thing (for those who believe in God) is CHOICE.

My personal story is that if there wasn't a God, I'd probably experiment with other women. Women are so objectified in the media that we look at them everyday, compare them to ourselves, and even wonder what it would be like to be with them.

Because I believe in God, though, I wouldn't try that. I don't care if the result would be that I would like it, or that I wouldn't like it. I'll abstain from sex with both men & women until I'm married. I will marry a man, and I will only have sex with the man I marry.

As far as marriage goes, the law that has separated church from state and justified so many ridiculous things in the past should allow gays & lesbians to marry, share benefits, etc. I have nothing against these people. The sanctity of marriage state wise has already been destroyed, so who cares if it is further destroyed? I just don't believe that any churches should join these people together. It should be limited to courthouses or fake churches that don't follow the Bible, Koran, and the Torah.

Anyone who doesn't believe in God has nothing to worry about. These people haven't been called, and when Jesus returns to claim his throne on earth, they will KNOW that God exists. Then they will have a chance to make a conscious choice of whether or not to follow him. The biggest sin is knowing that God exists and choosing to follow the devil (such as Snoop Dogg).

Subject: Re: All Grown Up- getting older

Forum: All Grown Up- getting older
I want to be a Pediatrician. I don't know if it will really happen (just being realistic). I definitely believe I have what it takes, it's just the time period. That's going to be 10 more years of my life, and God willing, I'll be married and have children before then. I don't really want to put my life on hold to be a Pediatrician, even though I really want to, because I've seen the results of being career-happy and not having anyone to share your successes with. I'm on the right path, though. Right now I'm majoring pre-med and plan to do some volunteer work next year pertaining more to "doing medical stuff" as opposed to just visiting with patients (which I've done in the past).