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Subject: Re: Should Porn Be Illegal?

Forum: Should Porn Be Illegal?
Thanks for posting guys!

I was actually tihnking of mentioning that Hamilton and it's a good point!

Everyone post and keep the discussion going! I want to have more thoughts and opinions!

Subject: Re: Death's first touch

Forum: Death's first touch
All my grandparents died before I was was seven.

While I'm sure I felt sad then I was a little girl, so it didn't effect me as much. When I was a sophmore in high school a former classmate of mine died. That really affected me because I had known her all my life and suddenly she was gone.

Subject: Re: Why is being gay wrong?

Forum: Why is being gay wrong?
Technically being gay isn't wrong. The old testament simply says that homesexuals can't commit the act itself.

Personally this probably the only law from the torah/bible that bothers me. It's very difficult for me to have a clear view of what's right and wrong in this situation.

And as a reply to SuperSteve, I disagree. Sure, some people aren't really gay, but are just sexually bored and like to push limits, but other people cannot help their feelings and struggle everyday. There are so many people who are suffering becuase they spend their lives trying to not act on their homosexual urges. I suggest watching a film called "Trembling before God", then decide if it's about choice or not.

Subject: Re: Missing Class

Forum: Missing Class
I'm in high school. Usually I try and get out of class for meetings for college, blood drive, yearbook etc.

I'm have the worst case of senioritis. There was this 3 week period where I left early or just didn't bother showing up to my last two classes everyday. It was awful.

Subject: Re: **BAD HABITS**

Forum: **BAD HABITS**
I also bited my nails it's awful! I wrote aobut my nail biting for a college essay.

Subject: Should Porn Be Illegal?

Forum: Should Porn Be Illegal?
I was searching through old forums and found one asking whether or not prostitution should be illegal. It got me thinking.

Porn stars are paid to have sex with each other. Prostitutes are also paid to have sex with someone. Shouldn't that technically mean that filming porn should be illegal?

I think that porn and prostitution are very similar and they should be grouped together. If one is illegal the other should be as well.


I hope this isn't too racy to discuss.

Subject: Why do you deserve the scholorship?

Forum: Why do you deserve the scholorship?
The title says it all.

Out of all the people on Cnet why do you think you need it most?

I was thinking this might be a great outlet for poeple to get there stories out and recieve votes. Good luck everyone!

I won't say I am most derserving, but it's going to be a difficult struggle for my parents for college. My parents already put me through a very expensive yeshiva elemtary and yeshiva highschool just so I could have a Jewish education and now they'll have to send me to college which will be just as expensive for another four years. Before me were five other siblings my parents sent to school as well. I know 5,000 isn't that much, but it will help a little bit.

Subject: Homosexuality AND Religion

Forum: Homosexuality AND Religion
So I used to think gay people had no right to be religious. Especially as an orthodox Jew I thought it was wrong when two gay people lived together as a couple and still considered themselves to be observing jew (or observing in any other religions)

Then I saw a documentary called "Trembling Before God". This film tells the stories of different people all experiencing the difficuties of being a homosexual in the Orthodox Jewish society.

There were two people in the documerntary that made my heart break. One was a man in his sixties who had been with the same parter for about thirty years. His old and very devout ninety year old father hadn't spoke to him since he came out.

I noticed that the man really missed Judaism. In the streets of Brooklyn before Shabbat he'd talk to many Jews about what they were doing on their weekend. On film he decided to confront his father after thirty years. The ending is a little fuzzy to me. I beleive they eventually reconciled, but I rememeber when the man called his father, it was so painful and heartbraking.

Another man featured in the film was a man who desperately tried to "cure" himself of being gay for twenty years. He remained celibate and saw various rabbi's and therapists. Still after all that time he still felt the "urges".

So after seeing this movie my thoughts have changed comepletely. Since then it's the only law of the Torah that I simply can nt understand. In a modern world with homosexuality be more and more accepted everyday it's harder for me to believe that these people who are just like everyone else- good parents, friends, your boss, your employee, your teachers, etc.- are condemed to hell.