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Subject: Re: Do you stay in touch with your childhood friends?

Forum: Do you stay in touch with your childhood friends?
Hi Grace!

You're totally right about college friends. In my experience, some of the coolest people I've met I met in college. Several of them are still my close friends. The sad thing about my college friends, though, is that most of them moved to different places than I did after school. We went to school in this little mountain town called Flagstaff. Nobody stayed there because there isn't much work outside of the university.

Now I get to see them mainly on holidays when they come back to Phoenix (many of their families are here) or on special events. Reaching back much farther into my life, I don't know any of my childhood friends earlier than high school. My family was kind of like Raneem's family. We moved a lot and I lost the groups of friends I acquired at each place. If texting and phones had been available to me at that time, there may have been a possibility of keeping in touch.

I have one friend from high school that I still keep in touch with pretty often. He was my best man during my wedding in October and is my best friend in many respects. It sucks though because he lives in Seattle, so I rarely get to see him. Ugh, why can't the world be a smaller place? People say "its a small world" but I don't buy that. If you live away from friends or family more than 100 miles, you're not going to see them much at all!

Subject: Re: What is your age?

Forum: What is your age?
Hi Slynch!

Looks like there’s a good mix between upper teens and mid 30s here! I’m curious to see more ages as more CNETers respond.

I’m 23! I graduated from college at age 21. The difference between where I was then and where I am now is, as Donald would say, “yuge”. When I was in school, I thought I deserved a good job and that my skills needed to be recognized. After I graduated, though, I found out I was wrong about that assumption. It took me a long time to find a job I liked and nobody in the world seemed to care.

Looking back on that tumultuous year after graduation, I’m so thankful for what I have. The early 20’s are difficult! You do a lot of growing during this time. I’m just over here trying to slow things down! Just like dymphie said, time keeps going faster and faster. Maybe it’s because life gets busier and busier.

Subject: Impulse to quit your job?

Forum: Impulse to quit your job?
Do you ever have those work days where afterwards you feel like quitting? "Ah, writing up a two week notice would feel so good right now" is the thought that crosses my mind from time to time. For those of you that have, have you ever acted on the thought and got a new job?


For context, I work at a small private university. I was hired on as a video producer back in March. Since then my position has evolved into a social media manager role. I volunteered to take on the social media of the university because that's what the organization needed at the time. They let their social media manager go because his performance wasn't satisfactory. Since I took on the social media stuff on top of my other responsibilities, I've been pretty stressed. My workload is too much and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight - at least that's what my supervisor told me last week. I'm just feeling frustrated >:-[

Subject: Re: Switching majors!

Forum: Switching majors!
Hey Kyle!

Congrats on making the switch! It’s good that you’re following your heart and cutting a new path. It can make a person feel truly unhappy if they keep working on something because they feel like they have to. It’s important to feel a career out and do some test runs. That’s what going to school is for!

Almost every college grad I know has, not regrets necessarily, but hindsights on their degrees. Many people choose to do something and realize that it’s not the right fit. My close friend has a science degree but actually yearns to be a lawyer! My sister has a film degree but wants to be a paralegal. I have a film degree as well and find myself wishing I had an environmental Science degree. The grass always seems to be greener.

A degree does not determine destiny, however! You can do whatever you want. A degree merely qualifies you on an official level. If I truly want to get involved with environmental science, I can find a different way. I can use my filmmaking skills to go on the front lines of environmental documentaries or work at a laboratory that needs specialized video work.

When I was in my undergrad, I didn’t take the plunge and switch my major because I was a bit too late in making the decision. I was already in my junior year. Instead, I claimed a minor in environmental sustainability. That hasn’t done much for me professionally, but I enjoyed the program while I was in it.

As for marketing, that’s awesome! I currently work in the marketing department for a private university. I can tell you that it is engaging, rewarding work. You’re constantly given the chance to tell stories to inspire people to make a change. If you believe in the product or service that you’re advertising for, you’ll have a great sense of purpose.

Subject: Re: Did You Share Rooms With Your Siblings???

Forum: Did You Share Rooms With Your Siblings???
Hi Unique!

My family moved around a lot when I was younger! My parents fixed and flipped houses, so we were always picking back up and starting again in a new house while my parents worked on it. Because the house as always in project mode, my sister and I were usually confined to one room to share. We rocked bunk beds typically! The one thing I learned after years of sharing a room, is that the shared room isn't anybody's room, really. Its just a place to sleep and privacy isn't something you get to enjoy. Fortunately these shared room experiences were before I got into my teenage years. That would have been a disaster.

The difference between sharing a room and having your own is night and day. You can find shelter, a break from the fam, or just some much needed alone time in your own room! And, in my case, you can let it get as messy as you want ;)

When I went to Northern Arizona University for my undergrad, I stayed in the dorms freshman year. An acquaintance and I from high school decided to room together, so I didn't have a random placement. What's sad is that even this arrangement didn't work out. By the end of the year, because we were crammed in a small dorm, my roommate and I didn't like each other too much. That's not our fault though! I think dorms are not functional at all. How can you expect two grown people to share a single 10'x10' bedroom? AND do it for an entire school year! That's just wrong.

If you can manage to make it happen, I'd highly recommend roommates but only under the guise of having your own bedroom. While dorms can be fun and you meet cool people, the cool ones are not the guy or gal that shares a bedroom with you. You end up hating them, or at least that's what happened in my case. Just like when you live with your family, your own bedroom can keep you from ripping your roommates' heads off.

Subject: Re: Did you study for SAT/ACT?

Forum: Did you study for SAT/ACT?
Hello Becky,

Good for you guys for prepping for college early in high school! It’ll make his life so much easier when the craziness of senior year comes around. Personally, I remember stressing over my SAT and ACT tests because I wanted to do well. I was vying for merit tuition scholarships at Northern Arizona University at the time.

My parents purchased regular study and practice books for me that, in my opinion, were a waste when used alone. They were dry, disconnected from the coursework I was simultaneously enrolled in at my high school, and I had nobody to talk to when it came to tackling complex problems (especially math) that I didn’t understand.

If I could do it all over again, I would have purchased the books and enrolled in an extra study group or tutor service. I think my parents and I were looking at dollars and cents, though. I do believe it’s worth it, however!

In the end, my scores were slightly above average. I don’t remember which test was preferred by the colleges I applied to. What I do remember, though, is that during the admissions and financial aid process at NAU, they looked at much more than my SAT and ACT scores. I remember that being only a base line requirement. What really ended up winning me financial aid and acceptance were the grades on my transcript and the extracurricular and volunteer hours I had put in in high school.

Best of luck to you guys! Above all, just take it easy! Sophomore year is a good practice run for these tests.

Subject: Re: Do you sort your laundry before washing?

Forum: Do you sort your laundry before washing?
Hey Kyle,

Have a great Thanksgiving break! Nice thinking doing some laundry at school before going home. I bet your parents will appreciate that! :D I remember when I was living in a dorm my freshman year of college - the laundry room was the Wild West. If you found an available washer, you were in luck! And then, if there weren't soggy neglected clothes sitting in all of the dryers, a miracle had occurred. I would do my laundry at odd hours during the week so I didn't have to deal with that too much. Also, right when I started school, they had replaced the machines with ones that could text you when your load was complete. That was definitely handy.

Now that I have my own washer and dryer in my house, laundry is no less burdensome. My wife and I generate a lot of dirty clothes over the course of a week! Because of this, I don't care to separate them based on color in the interest of doing other things with my precious weekends! But get this! We live in the Phoenix metro area. It get HOT here, like dumb hot. During the summer, cold tap water is actually very warm coming out of the faucet. So this last summer I actually ruined a whole load of clothes by not sorting them! D-: I had faith that the cold tap setting on the washer would be fine for a mixed load, and then the horror! The warm water seeped all the colors of the dark clothes into the light ones. Turned my socks pink, stained my favorite t-shirt, dyed white towels shades of blue! It was awful.

Take that story as a warning all you CollegeNETers! Even if you think the water is cold, during the summer, it might not be.