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Subject: Re: Should assault weapons be banned?

Forum: Should assault weapons be banned?
Well said, Tenken.

Regulation, and more of it, may be the only way to dig ourselves out of this mass shooting mess. Acknowledging Ratio's point about the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment and all other Amendments, we probably will never be able to legally challenge and derail U.S. citizen's right to own firearms. It most likely will never happen because our Constitution is the ultimate law of the land. And I agree with the point that if you take away the 2nd Amendment, will that perhaps open the door to take away other Amendments, like the right to free speech? Could be a slippery slope argument, but who knows what could happen.

Going along with Tenken's musings, and what I originally described with the "over-the-counter" background check scenario, we desperately need more gun regulation . Getting behind the wheel of a car is difficult! After licensure, registration, permits, emissions, etc etc, I could have spent that same time easily acquiring an arsenal at my local gun store. If I have the money and my record is clean, I can walk out with a Terminator sized stockpile, no questions asked. I'll take this one step further- I can't rent a car? I can't buy any gun. And person to person sales need to be regulated as well. That's a whole other beast I'm not sure how the country could tackle.

There are certain laws in some states that require you to make private sales through licensed dealers. Other laws require residents of other states to get approval numbers before making a transaction. But, how would you prevent "off-paper" illegal transactions from happening?

Bottom line, we need to make the process of obtaining a gun more responsible. If we can't take away the 2nd Amendment, we need to make it more applicable to the current time.

Subject: Re: Should assault weapons be banned?

Forum: Should assault weapons be banned?
Hello Kate,

I live in Arizona where gun laws are friendly to assault weapons and gun ownership. It’s very easy to go to a gun store here and pick up an AR-15 after a background check that’s short enough for you to wait at the counter.

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend some time with my father-in-law and fire his AR-15 at the shooting range, aka, a hillside in the desert. It’s a powerful weapon and can basically go full-auto if you let the trigger bounce against your finger. Regardless, I can shoot an entire magazine in less than 30 seconds. The shooting goes quick and gets costly fast.

I’ve shot handguns, WW2 rifles, shotguns, and other assault rifles, like the AK-47. I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that there is no utilitarian or defense need that justifies a civilian to own an assault rifle. There’s just no point. Unless, like some doomsdayers would have you believe, an invasion or coup is going to happen, people don’t need assault weapons.

A much better option for home defense is a shotgun or handgun. Assault rifles, if used for defense, would destroy your house. You would cheese grater your attacker and then punch a thousand homes through your living room walls and furniture. The way these things work is designed to kill in combat! Not defend your property.

I’m going to make a bold claim, and I think it has some truth to it because I agree with it in many ways. A portion of this country doesn’t want an assault rifle ban because assault rifles are fun to shoot. Yes! As a responsible gun owner, they are super fun to shoot with. Other than that, they’re just enabling mass shootings to happen.