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Subject: Re: What is your age?

Forum: What is your age?
Hi Slynch!

Looks like there’s a good mix between upper teens and mid 30s here! I’m curious to see more ages as more CNETers respond.

I’m 23! I graduated from college at age 21. The difference between where I was then and where I am now is, as Donald would say, “yuge”. When I was in school, I thought I deserved a good job and that my skills needed to be recognized. After I graduated, though, I found out I was wrong about that assumption. It took me a long time to find a job I liked and nobody in the world seemed to care.

Looking back on that tumultuous year after graduation, I’m so thankful for what I have. The early 20’s are difficult! You do a lot of growing during this time. I’m just over here trying to slow things down! Just like dymphie said, time keeps going faster and faster. Maybe it’s because life gets busier and busier.

Subject: Re: Frustrated

Forum: Frustrated
Hey Fa1th3rs,

I’m sorry to hear your Tuesday was a bumpy one. That sucks you couldn’t get to sleep last night! My boss was telling me today that he couldn’t sleep last night either. Maybe it’s the lunar phase...

Today was mostly smooth! It was stupid busy though, and I’m not a fan of days like that. I’m lucky that I work in an office. That environment typically yields a break or two every hour or so. Nobody is watching over my shoulder and I can take a mental rest if I need to. But on days packed with meetings, that luxury is gone. What an big problem, huh? :P

Something that has been bothering me though, ever since I started working full time, is the lack of free time in my life. I always find myself short on time outside of work. You gotta think, the day is split up into three 8 hour segments. 8 hours of sleep (on a good night, lol), 8 hours of work, and 8 hours for everything else. That last 8 hours is SO fleeting. It’s spent with family, making food for the whole day, hanging with friends, making phone calls to friends at a distance, running errands, working out and taking care of yourself, pursing side hustles or dreams... there’s too much to do in that small small 8 hour sliver!

Ever since I landed the 9 to 5, I’ve had to become stellar at time management. That’s why I workout during my lunch hour, or do CNET on the train! I’m sure if you were to look at anyone’s calendar on here, you’d see back to back activities. Phew! Where does the time go? Here’s to a better Wednesday Fa1th3rs!