Aloha Becky,

I'm not sure how old I was, it was definitely early elementary school, but I was hanging with my older brother during the summer months. We rode our bikes to his friends house and started talking about Christmas somehow...long story short I told him how we saw Santa on our roof last year at Christmas. He said "that's impossible, Santa isn't real". I didn't believe him, at the time I thought he was just saying that because he was jealous we saw him and he didn't. Well, my brother was not having it! He rushed us home and called my mom into one of the bedrooms to talk with her. I continued about my day like nothing happened. She played it off like he was just being silly. The next Christmas, my mom told me and was crying as she did. She said she was sorry someone ruined the surprise so early for me. I think she was more hurt than I was!

Thanks for the forum.