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Subject: Re: Do you put your ketchup in the refrigerator?

Forum: Do you put your ketchup in the refrigerator?
Aloha Kyle,

We keep our ketchup in the refrigerator. I feel like most things have to be kept cold once they are open to slow the growth of mold and bacteria. Like you pointed out, ketchup in the home doesn't move nearly as fast as a restaurant. Keeping it out is probably fine but will shorten the life of ketchup by some degree.


Subject: Re: Describe Your Family In 3 Words???

Forum: Describe Your Family In 3 Words???
Aloha Unique,

Only 3 words?!?!

I guess I will have to go with:

crazy, loving, loyal

Thanks for the post.


Subject: Re: How do you like your potatoes?

Forum: How do you like your potatoes?
Aloha Julia,

The first thought when I first read the title “how do you like your potatoes?” Was “in my mouth”. I too love potatoes, it doesn’t matter how they are cooked really. But I suppose my favorite is a twice baked potato. They are just so good, especial a little cheese on them!!

Subject: Re: Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

Forum: Do you make New Year's Resolutions?
Aloha Jon,

I think I have tried to make a few New Years resolutions in the past, none of them were obviously that life changing since I can't remember them. But this year I think I will make one and keep track of it. I have always wanted to push myself physically. So I think this year I will try and set benchmarks for myself to reach every 3 months. By the end of the year I hope to be closer to what I picture myself looking like.

Good luck with your resolution, hope to hear more about it once you decide on one.


Subject: Re: Can you swallow pills?

Forum: Can you swallow pills?
Aloha Grace,

Luckily I am able to swallow pills without any problems. I thought not being able to was a problem only faced by children but have actually been hearing about more and more adults that are unable to as well. There was one athlete I coached who had to take medicine (she had a severe headache), she couldn't swallow the pill so we had to crush it up and sprinkle it on something for her to eat. It was a production to say the least.

I absolutely hated the taste of liquid medicine. I remember one time during flu season, my brothers and I were all sick. My poor mom had to deal with 3 sick elementary aged boys at the same time. One night after picking up the medicine, she lined us up and started to give it to us one by one in that little plastic spoon/measuring cup. I could smell it as soon as she opened it and it made me gag. It was that awful bubble gum flavor. I put up a fight and said I would puke if she made me take it. Well she made me and the second I tried to swallow it.....I gagged and threw up all over the kitchen. I remember looking at my mom and saying "I told you I was going to throw up if you made me take it". Needless to say, she was not amused. I laugh about it now :P

Thanks for the forum.


Subject: Re: Do you keep track of your weight?

Forum: Do you keep track of your weight?
Aloha Raeanna,

I weigh myself every now and again, definitely not enough to remember how often. I usually can guess my weight pretty accurately. I pay more attention to my body than the scale. By that I mean, I know when I have been eating unhealthy or slacking with exercise. To me, how you feel and how healthy you are is what is important, not how much you weigh. Everyone is constructed differently, what is healthy for me isn't what is healthy for others.


Subject: Re: Do you prefer to shower or take a bath?

Forum: Do you prefer to shower or take a bath?
Aloha Katelyn,

I usually shower for time constraints like you mentioned. I also feel like I have to shower before taking a bath, otherwise I am just sitting in dirty water. I honestly haven't had a bath in a really long time. I had to take baths after my surgery but those weren't really relaxing baths. I do like the idea of having a nice warm bath though, especially during the winter months.

Thanks for the forum, hope you enjoyed your bath!


Subject: Re: Diet Ads

Forum: Diet Ads
Aloha Shannon,

You are so right! This is definitely a strategy used in diet ads all the time. It can definitely play with the psych of some people after seeing enough ads showing what "overweight" is. Each person is different, each body is different, it's a shame we must all fit into these molds set by society to look a certain way.

Thanks for the forum.


Subject: Limit your plastic usage?

Forum: Limit your plastic usage?
Aloha CNET,

Do you consciously limit your plastic usage? If so, how? What are some things you do?

I am always trying to limit the amount of plastic I use. As an environmental biology major in undergrad, I have grown to hate plastic. There are things that are just so hard to avoid, toothpaste containers, deodorants, food packaging, the list could go on.

So I’m trying to find ways to rid plastic from my life. I figured I could use the collective ideas from all my Cnetters to broaden my tactics.

Thanks for your insight, definitely looking forward to reading the responses.


Subject: Re: Popcorn-butter, salt or plain?

Forum: Popcorn-butter, salt or plain?
Aloha Becky,

Thanks for your response on my forum. I knew I wasn't alone in being asked to stay extra so I appreciate your input! It definitely helped!

Now for the good stuff...popcorn!

I love popcorn, I recently rediscovered it as a snack and it's one of my favorites now. I usually like a little butter and even less salt. There are definitely days that require more salt and butter though, that salty and fatty combination just appeals to our taste buds way too well! Those are usually saved for when I'm watching a movie with friends. For the more regular snacking popcorn its light butter and light(er) salt.

Thanks for the forum.