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Subject: Farewell for now. ;)

Forum: Farewell for now. ;)
Hey, CNet. Happy Friday! School got cancelled for today because of the snow. I was pumped when I found out! I went snowboarding with my sister a little while ago, and it was fun. Now we're going to make some hot cocoa.

I don't think I payed close attention to the rules for this site. I didn't know that I had to be a college student (or at least a senior in high school) to reap the benefits of the scholarship prizes. I'm a junior currently, and I haven't decided where I want to go to college yet, maybe Boston University. I don't know, it depends.

I think I'm going to take a break from posting for a while. I'll still vote, but I would like to wait until I could really use the scholarship money.

Thank you for all your support, kind words, and thoughtful responses. :)

Farewell, CNet, for now. :)


Subject: Re: Best thing that's happened to you this year?

Forum: Best thing that's happened to you this year?
Good evening, Jon,

Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Your parents must be so proud! I'm sure your younger self would be, too. It's always good for one to reflect on their year and assess their strengths and areas in which they could use improvement. You seem to have had a year in which all your wonderful strengths manifested themselves into huge accomplishments!

The best thing that has happened to me this year had been earning Bengal Pride for the third year in a row. The Bengal Pride award is bestowed upon students who had superior grades in all their classes. It is an award for excellence in academics and citizenship. It's the highest honor you could receive at my school. This was so fantastic for me because I'd been doubting myself as a student. I thought I had to be perfect in order to be satisfied with my academic ability. I have a 4.1 GPA, so I definitely have faith in myself.

The second best thing that happened this year had been getting my first job! I'm sixteen, and back in October, I took initiative to ask my dad if I could go for na interview to get hired at a banquet hall just a few blocks down from where I live. I walked in, talked to someone in charge, filled out an application, met my boss, and when I listed off the names of the people I knew who work there, I got hired right away! I thought that was amazing! I was eager to start working. On the first day, I picked things up quickly and it looked like I knew everything I was doing despite being new. As I've said before, getting a job was a big deal for me. It made me feel grown up, and I love feeling grown up and self sufficient. I received my first paycheck about a week ago. It was exciting, I earned quite a lot.

This year did, indeed, go by fast. I have no doubt 2019 will be a productive, fulfilling, fun year for you.

Thanks for the forum!
Have a good one. :)

Subject: Re: What excites you right now?

Forum: What excites you right now?
Good afternoon, Jon,

That's so nice! I hope you have a good time with your brother! I'm probably going to be missing my siblings so much when I go to college.

Currently, I'm excited by the likelihood I will be able to film a movie with my friends next week, during Thanksgiving break. We're reading "The Crucible" in English class, and as we were reading it as a class today, I was dreaming up all these original characters and themes that could go into a modern spin-off of the story. Once the production is done, I could upload it to my YouTube channel and possibly show it in class. I'm sure it'd be entertaining.

Here's what I have as far as ideas go:

Dante Schwartz, a math genius who escaped the mafia, moves to Bloomfield where the word soon gets out about his reputation as a former mafia boss. Dante is distraught because he moved to get away from his past life, not watch it unfurl again before his eyes.

People in the town start to accuse his sons, Bennett and Antonio, of certain crimes that have been taking place in their area.

That's all I have so far, but it's looking pretty interesting!

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: Re: Do you make new year resolutions

Forum: Do you make new year resolutions
Good morning!

I sincerely hope your son gets better. Asthma is no joke. It can be a scary thing, particularly for younger children. I pray the change in weather doesn't impact him.

You have admirable aspirations for the new year. You're doing great on Collegenet! I have no doubt you'll be able to pay off school easily.

Personally, I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. I simply set different goals for each day and hope to fulfill those goals to perpetually set myself on a better path. Luckily, I am always surrounded by positive people. I had cut all the negative people out of my life and I've been doing phenomenally ever since.

Though I don't make New Year's Resolutions, my immediate resolutions are to:

1. Defend myself when others put me down. Out of all the kids in my school, I'm the one who gets picked on often. I'd like to start standing up for myself.

2. Start believing in my abilities. My teachers have told me that I'm smart but I don't try hard enough. If I did, they told me I'd excel. The reason why I don't try hard enough is because I have trouble believing in my abilities. I doubt myself. If I stop doubting myself, I think I'd be better off.

3. Reconcile with an old friend. I signed up for indoor track this year, and a friend of mine from elementary school who I haven't talked to in years signed up as well. I intend to establish a close friendship with her again. Her sister went away to college last year and that reminded me of how much I miss her.

I hope 2019 is your year!
Thanks for the forum!
Have a blessed day. :)

Subject: Have you had your IQ tested?

Forum: Have you had your IQ tested?
Hey, CNet! Have you ever had your IQ tested by a psychologist? You don't have to share your score, but what was the test like? I'd never taken one before, so I'm curious as to what the test is comprised of.

Do you believe IQ is fixed or fluid?

Personally, I think one's IQ is fixed, meaning it pretty much stays the same for the rest of one's life. However, one's intelligence can change drastically depending on how hard they work their brain throughout their lives. Furthermore, there is a plethora of intelligences that aren't really reflected in IQ score.

Subject: Re: Something you used to do but no longer do

Forum: Something you used to do but no longer do
Good morning!

Great forum!

I used to be really into things of academic nature, like math, science, and history. That being so, I'd spend my days and even some of my evenings reading books and watching informative videos related to all three subjects. My teachers would be astounded at how much I knew.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of science and math and the principles thereof I applied to my projects for those two classes was not enough. The S.T.E.M. award went to someone who lied and cheated their way through the year. I was devastated, to the extent I never touched another book about science or math again. I stopped watching videos about history and all things academic. I felt it wasn't worth it.

If I kept up these rigorous studies, I probably would've been thriving in high school so far. It's a real shame I had relinquished the qualities and interests I used to have because of some fraudulent award system.

Luckily, I have acquired many more interests now, and I'm enjoying the greatly.

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: Re: Limit your calories or up your workout

Forum: Limit your calories or up your workout
Good morning!

I don't diet, though I would like to. It can certainly have its benefits. To compensate for my routine consumption of hearty, often fattening foods such as pasta, empanadas, fish, Ramen noodles, etc, I work out a lot, as often as I can. I do crunches, sit ups, twists, leg-ups, planks, and more in between and before and after homework assignments.

The feeling I get afterward is rewarding. I could feel my abs getting tighter, I could also feel more oxygen flow to my brain. (Working out is a good way to naturally oxygenate one's brain, not many people know that.)

This is how I stay in fairly good shape. I'm still pretty heavy, probably because a lot of my weight is muscle mass. I still have chubby cheeks as well, making me appear younger than I am. I'd like to get rid of the excess fat on my body by dieting.

If your intent is to lose weight specifically, then dieting is absolutely necessary. I'd suggest the military diet if you are planning to lose weight fast, but it is important to choose the diet that fits within your budget and preferences.

I hope this helps!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: I forgot to post a forum! Haha.

Forum: I forgot to post a forum! Haha.
Hey, CNet! Have you ever forgotten to post a forum of your own?

Yesterday, I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and replied to five forums. I couldn't help it, they were all so good, as they always are!

Have you ever posted the maximum of five times without using one to post your own forum? How did you feel? Did it affect your votes?

I laughed when I found out I'd forgotten to post a forum. Fortunately, it didn't affect how many votes I received at all. I was still one of the top candidates.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


Subject: Re: Favorite thing about your job?

Forum: Favorite thing about your job?
Good afternoon, Dan,

I love my job! I work at a banquet hall with all my friends, and we always get things done while having a great time. I get along with my coworkers, my boss, everyone!

1. Food and drinks- We're usually in the kitchen upstairs when we're not getting plates and scooping ice to bring to the soda machine. The food is prepared in the kitchen, and the soda machine is right across from where we stack the plates. We're allowed to get drinks from the soda machine whenever we'd like. The soda machine has Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, ginger ale, water, lemonade, and sprite. When there is leftover food, we get to eat some of it. There is a LOT, so if my coworkers and I ate it all, we'd probably explode! My favorite dish is the penne vodka. I also love ravioli, fries, and fried calamari. The foods from the cold buffet are really good as well, particularly the mushrooms and the tomatoes with mozzarella. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

2. There's a piano- My boss and coworkers are all familiar with the fact that I'm a pianist. After we get everything cleaned up after an event, I get to play them a song or two. They enjoy it.

3. My friends and I have a great time!

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: Re: I Need More _______ & Less _______.

Forum: I Need More _______ & Less _______.
Good afternoon, Thankful,

Great forum, as always!

"I need more self restraint and less guilt."

That sounds paradoxical for sure, but the reason why I've been feeling so guilty lately is because I made a bad decision on behalf of my lack of self restraint.

I'm working on myself, I am trying to make things better. It is important for one to assess their mistakes and avoid making them again.

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)