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Subject: Quantity or Quality?

Forum: Quantity or Quality?
Hey, CNet! Happy Saturday! Do you observe the philosophy "quantity over quality?"

Put simply, do you think how much you produce is more important than how good it is in terms of quality?

For example, I am a music producer. I'd prefer to produce an abundance of good songs as opposed to just one, phenomenal song. The more, the better.

Besides, it's far more impressive to have many songs on your Soundcloud/YouTube as opposed to just one or two, regardless of how great they are.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel, if you'd like to check it out:

Thank you!
Have a good evening! :)

Subject: Re: What's Something You Can't Go A Day Without Doing?

Forum: What's Something You Can't Go A Day Without Doing?
Good afternoon, Unique,

Regardless of how busy my days are, I always find time to play the piano. If I go too long without playing the piano, I get "piano withdrawal," which is quite unpleasant.

When I get to practice piano, I run through scales, arpeggios, original compositions, and some other songs I've been practicing. It's the best feeling to express all my pent up thoughts and emotions through music. It's therapeutic. You can't go wrong with free daily therapy!

Thanks for the forum!
Have a great day. :)

Subject: Piano warmups!

Forum: Piano warmups!

(Excuse my little sister's unicorn notebook on my bookshelf. Lol.)
Here is a video of my demonstrating some of what I do to warm up.
In this video, I'm playing some of Claude Debussy's "Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum."
However, I'm also playing part of my original song "Cursatio Continuum." (That's the song you hear in A Minor.)
I was very nervous while recording this, that's why I pause a bit, and why I have to redo some parts toward the end, when it gets really fast and intricate.
Some of the audio got cut out, I'm not sure why.
I'll post a video forum tomorrow, too! I think they're fun! :)
Have a good evening!

Subject: Re: What is your favorite style of music?

Forum: What is your favorite style of music?
Good evening, Katelyn,

You've been doing so great on CNet! I've seen several of your forums on the hot topics page this week. :)

My favorite style of music is classical piano. I enjoy listening to composers such as Claude Debussy, Franz Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven, and Rachmaninov.

I am a pianist and I compose original music. I also love to play some songs by the composers I listed above. I intend to play pieces by those aforementioned composers for my job. I work at a banquet hall, and one of my coworkers told my boss that I play the piano, and that night, after we cleaned everything up, I played the piano for my boss and my coworkers. Their reaction was amazement. I was very happy. :)

My favorite piano song to listen to currently is "Rage Over A Lost Penny" by Beethoven. It's delicate, dynamic, it does a lot of alternating between forte and mezzoforte.
Another beautiful song I love to listen to is "Italian Polka" by Rachmaninov.
To me, every note, melody, and phrase in a piano composition tells a very unique story. :)

Thanks for the forum!
Have a good one. :)

Subject: Re: Best Movie Soundtrack

Forum: Best Movie Soundtrack
Good morning Jess,

My absolute favorite movie soundtrack of all time would have to be from the movie Tron Legacy. The music is by Daft Punk. They are basically musical robots. The electronic music they make never fails to hypnotize me.
The songs of the Tron Legacy soundtrack have beautiful melodies and insanely catchy beats. My favorite songs are "The Grid" and "Derezzed." The song called "The Son of Flynn" is really good as well.
The synthesizers, audio effects, an the general sound of the soundtrack appeals to my ears. :)

Thanks for the forum!
Have a great day. :)

Subject: Re: Calling All Disney Nerds!!

Forum: Calling All Disney Nerds!!
Hi Dani,

My favorite Disney's movies are Mulan and Hercules. As a little kid, we had a sing-along CD that my parents would play for me all the time. I watched attentively as the lyrics appeared on the screen with the music and the animations. My favorite songs were "You'll Bring Honor To Us All" and "I Won't Say I'm In Love." Those two songs had the most entertaining animations to accompany them. Suffice it to say, I think Mulan and Hercules have the best soundtracks and storylines. Growing up, I'd been able to empathize with both Hercules and Mulan. Like Mulan, my family put a lot of pressure on me to be something I wasn't, particularly when it came to academics and sports. Like Hercules, I was once considered a "zero", a "no one", but in middle school, everything changed. I became athletic, I got straight A's, and I had lots of friends who adored me. Aside from the music and visuals of those two movies, the reliability to the characters made them stand out to me.
My entire family loves all things Disney! We go on Disney trips on an annual basis, sometimes even twice a year!
I'd like to be a voice actor in a Disney movie one day. I think that'd be cool. :)

Thanks for the forum!
Have a wonderful day. :)

Subject: Re: What do you do when you're bored?

Forum: What do you do when you're bored?
Hi Susannah!

When I'm bored, I work out, play the piano, or simply read, anything. I read articles online, informative Instagram posts, books, it doesn't really matter. Playing the piano is my favorite thing to do when I'm bored. I can play very fast, and I usually play all the songs I've been able to learn by ear. I play original pieces and often come up with new ones on the fly. It's like everything else goes away when I play the piano, all my worries and doubts, and all the clutter in my mind suddenly fade from existence with every note I play.
Thanks for the forum!
Have a splendid day. :)

Subject: Re: What are you obsessed with?

Forum: What are you obsessed with?
Hello, Jon!

Currently, I'm obsessed with playing the piano. I've been composing my own songs since I was twelve and my compositions have become increasingly complicated since then. I had taught myself how to play really fast without lessons. However, I still need to get a few finger techniques down if I want to become a virtuoso, which is one of my many goals for this year. I intend to join a band soon, I'm going to enter every talent show in my town with my sister for whom I play the piano while she sings the songs we co-write, and I'm going to perform a new original composition for this year's piano recital. (I'm taking lessons this year because I need to learn the techniques that'll make me a better piano player.) Being known as the "piano kid" is a real self esteem booster because it gives me a sense of definite purpose, I couldn't ask for more. :)
Have a fabulous day!

Subject: Are you a self-taught musician?

Forum: Are you a self-taught musician?
If so, what instrument(s) do you play? How did you teach yourself? What motivated you to do so? How long have you been playing your instrument of choice? How old were you when you first started? Are you in a band? Have you participated in talent shows?
I'm self-taught at the piano, drums, harmonica, and violin.